The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 33 Part 2

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Chapter 33: Bai Lian, the Immortal Emperor and Natural Saint! (2)

The falling snow was light as a feather.

After the ticking sound, Bai Lian's foot sole began to ripple in circles.

Xuezhan is gone.

Her divine sense also began to churn like the sea.

Bai Lian stepped back half a pace and lifted her chin slightly.

What's happened?

Swiftly, she withdrew from Xuezhan's divine sense and returned to her own body.

The bamboo house remains dim.

Despite having been washed with water, the scent of medicine still lingered strongly in the room.

To Bai Lian's relief, Xuezhan was still alive.

However, she was extremely feeble and her complexion had turned even more pallid.

After a brief exploration, Bai Lian discovered the reason.

One possible modification could be, "On one hand, this was due to Xuezhan's soul having been severely wounded in the previous battle, being as fragile as a flickering candle in the wind."

On the other hand, due to the impact of the Qianhuan Real Eyes, Xuezhan's body couldn't mature, let alone having been gravely wounded and near death.

Bai Lian came to the realization that Xuezhan's life was limited, and despite administering Medical Pills, she would only survive for another hour or two.

Could this mark the end of the Spirit of Snow?

The bamboo bed rocked gently, emitting a creaking sound.

Thereupon, a muffled gasp ensued.

"Hmm --"

Xuezhan was the one who tried to rise from the bed with difficulty.

She squinted and rubbed her Qianhuan Real Eye with the back of her hand.

"White Emperor Bai Lian, I became a little weary and accidentally dozed off earlier."

Xuezhan's two short legs swayed around the bed for a moment before landing gently.

The knee-high white socks suited her perfectly.

Bai Lian pondered to herself.

Xuezhan said, "Please wait a moment, White Emperor Bai Lian. I'll go get the Immortal Spirit Stone."


Bai Lian took a step forward.

Xuezhan shook her head and then walked to the next room alone.

Her steps were heavy, much like the weight on Bai Lian's heart.

[She will soon drift off to sleep.]

As if unaware of her surroundings, Xuezhan leaned against the wall with her right hand as she walked slowly. She disappeared from Bai Lian's sight after passing through the door.

The night was silent for a few seconds before it was suddenly broken by a loud "clatter".

Bai Lian hurried over immediately.

"What happened?"

Xuezhan was standing next to the wooden frame.

Although her right hand trembled slightly, she was not hurt.

Bai Lian's gaze shifted downward.

A pottery pot fell to the ground, its pieces and medicinal herbs scattering irregularly at Xuezhan's feet.

Her right foot's white stocking was stained with brown dirt in several places.

"White Emperor Bai Lian, there's no need to worry; it's just a minor issue."

Xuezhan bent down to pick up the herbs.

Bai Lian collected all the medicinal materials and placed them in front of Xuezhan.

Then, using her right finger, she gently pointed and a column of water whipped Xuezhan's socks.


Xuezhan was slightly stunned, feeling as though someone was gently stroking her leg.

However, this peculiar sensation came and went rapidly.

As the water receded, Xuezhan noticed the dirt on her previously soiled white socks had vanished.

Bai Lian nodded in contentment.

This is a walk in the park for her.

The [Quick Cleaning] spell she came up with is multiple times more powerful than the usual [Dust Removal] spell. Not only that, it is almost double the speed too.

"Put that away and avoid making such mistakes in the future."

Bai Lian gave the medicine to Xuezhan.

For some inexplicable reason, her nose suddenly became runny after picking up the repaired pottery pot.

Bai Lian's recollection of what she saw was indeed accurate, as it was a memory deeply ingrained in her soul.

It is evident that she targeted White Emperor Bai Lian out of her own selfish motives, but despite her anger, Bai Lian merely inflicted a minor injury with a stick and refrained from killing her, unlike Ji Shi.

Now White Emperor Bai Lian even…

Perhaps this is what being a Natural Saint means.

Xuezhan believed that if she had disclosed everything to Bai Lian from the onset, Bai Lian would have definitely explored avenues to aid her.

As a result, she was overwhelmed with guilt.

Deceiving others can be toxic.

How can the radiance emanating from the Spirit of Snow be compared to the serene moonlight of Bai Lian?

It would have been wonderful if White Emperor Bai Lian had been the one to rescue her from the crevice.

However, that is not feasible.

During that period, Bai Lian had not yet come into existence.

Silently, Xuezhan placed the pottery pot on the lower tier of the wooden frame.

Regardless, I won't be needing it anytime soon, so let's just place it on the table.

From the shelf, she retrieved a metal box and handed it to Bai Lian.

"White Emperor Bai Lian, I have the Immortal Spirit Stone with me."

Bai Lian opened the box.

A strong gust of Immortal Spirit Qi hit her face.

She felt rejuvenated.

This will ensure Master's safety.

The thought of An Lan warmed Bai Lian's heart.

She gently shook the box in her hand. "Thank you," she said.

Xuezhan's eyes brightened momentarily before quickly darkening.

"White Emperor Bai Lian, I'll do my best to fulfil your other requirements as well," he said.

"This is enough," Bai Lian said as she shook her head.

"I hope that White Emperor Bai Lian will regain your Immortal Emperor's strength at the earliest," Xuezhan said.

"I'm not a reincarnated Immortal Emperor," Bai Lian sighed.

"I understand," Xuezhan said.

What is it that you know?!


Bai Lian remained silent.

This rumor is only known by Xuezhan, Ji Shi, and the turtle.

If the turtle doesn't spread the rumor, no one will accuse her of being a reincarnated Immortal Emperor.

This should be a happy occasion, but Bai Lian isn't feeling joyful.

She let out a secret sigh and then waved her hand to dismiss the three puppets outside, returning them to Xuezhan.

"Do what you think is best."

"These Medical Pills have the ability to heal wounds on the soul."

"But be careful not to overeat."

Xuezhan nodded in silence.

That's great.

After Bai Lian remained silent, she suddenly asked, "White Emperor Bai Lian, have you heard that people with two pupils are usually considered Saints?"


Bai Lian appeared slightly surprised.

Haven't medical researchers claimed that having double pupils is an early sign of cataracts?

"Perhaps it's just a rumor."

Xuezhan said so.

Most likely.

Bai Lian's eyelids twitched slightly. Rumors can be incredibly damaging.

She helped Xuezhan back to bed.

She intended to accompany Xuezhan until the end of their journey, but Xuezhan used the excuse of needing rest and being uncomfortable with being watched to dismiss Bai Lian.

The wind and snow make Bai Lian feel chilly.

"Shall we leave now?"

The turtle, who stood by Bai Lian's side, said to her.

Bai Lian shook her head gently and asked, "Would you like to wait?"

"Of course."

As a turtle, it's very good at waiting, the turtle said gently.

It simply said, "The child is dying."

"I'm aware."

However, what can she do?

She is not a legitimately reincarnated Immortal Emperor.

After all, she is simply an ordinary person who got lucky.

After a while, the lights inside the bamboo house suddenly went out, followed by a loud noise from within.

Bai Lian hurried towards the bamboo house once more.

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