The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 33 Part 1

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Chapter 33: Bai Lian, the Immortal Emperor and Natural Saint! (1)

Most people are born with various expectations.

Some parents wish for their children to lead a secure life.

Some parents aspire for their children to be promoted and achieve financial success.

Some parents dream of their children becoming great emperors who will be revered by the world.

Some parents wish for their children to fulfill their unaccomplished aspirations.

Xuezhan was born with the latter expectation.

A long time ago.

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Under the light of the sun and the moon.

In the endless snowfield with thousands of miles of ice and snow stretching out.

After all kinds of strange essential factors had come together.

A Spirit of Snow, pure white in color, was born.

This was an absurd drama filled with a variety of coincidences.

Just as the ancestors of the human race gradually grew from ignorance to become the masters of the world.

If you want to give it a name, there can only be one:


If this miracle were to have a color, it would have to be white.

In a word, the Snow Spirit, nameless, began its journey of life.

It floated out of the glacier like a dandelion being carried by the cold wind.

However, unlike a dandelion, it had no ambitions of its own.


What is that?

It doesn't need to land in order to sow and reproduce.

It kept floating and floating.

It had witnessed many things on the road.

There were pine trees covered in frost, snow wolves licking their wounds in solitude, white foxes fighting for food, and snow leopards that somehow stuck together…

Despite how lonely those [Things] were at that time, the Spirit of Snow could always find a likeness to them after wandering for a while.

After a month.

After a year.

After ten years.

After one hundred years.

The Spirit of Snow had anticipated the presence of a group of Spirits of Snow on the other side of the mountain and sea.

They are energetic and intelligent.

They are mischievous and easily affected.

Therefore, the Spirit of Snow searched in various directions but could not find another Spirit of Snow.

A dream remains a mere dream.

In her world, she was the only individual.

Then she had a moment of clarity.

She is the only one who truly feels lonely.

She started pondering over the importance of her existence in the world.

However, it appears entirely without meaning.

Can she single-handedly make the world a better place?


She had never been accepted by anything she was ever close to.

Although her arrival would bring a ray of light, it was still bitterly cold.

When she appeared.

The deer, which was taking a leisurely walk, suddenly ran away at high speed.

The animals immediately split up and scattered in all directions.

Since I can't make the world better, let me destroy it!

But soon the Spirit of Snow found herself too weak to continue.

She attempted to freeze an entire river in order to deprive the creatures on either side of water, but instead, only managed to freeze a small patch of four-foot circumference. Surprisingly, no fish were affected by this act. This resulted in the formation of a bridge deck that allowed the creatures on either side to run across it joyfully.

She took aim at the massive snowball on the mountaintop, hoping to create a massive avalanche that would bury all the creatures in the surrounding area. However, she couldn't figure out how to dislodge the snowball and set off the avalanche.

Too weak.

This cannot be accomplished.

The Spirit of Snow retreated sadly into a crevice atop the mountain.

Let's hurry up and hope for a heavy snowfall.

The rock crevices were completely blocked by snow after an overnight snowstorm.

The Spirit of Snow shrank into a rock crevice, guarding the light emitted from her body.

She wasn't bored.

Anyway, she had always been shadowboxing.

It's good for her to live like this since she has no friends.

The wind outside the crack in the rock kept starting and stopping.

The Snow Spirit lost track of time.

It must have been a long time, but one day she heard a rustling sound outside.

The snow had been cleared away.

The rock crevice was once again illuminated by sunlight.

On a dark night, when only the white light emanating from her body illuminated the surrounding area, the Spirit of Snow encountered the former Snow Spirit Lord.

A small white ball.

A slightly bent tall figure.

It was a silent night.

The delicate hand gently reached into the dark crevice.

Ice and snow are melting.

Water gushed out of the crevice.

The Spirit of Snow was also forced out.

When she didn't know what had happened, she was tightly embraced by the previous Snow Spirit Lord.

For the first time, the Snow Spirit felt warmth.

This is the first thing that won't be afraid of her upon seeing her.

So, will she have any friends who will remain close to her?


When that brilliantly bright image came to a halt, Bai Lian had a sudden new idea.

Reality can be truly cruel!

The Snow Spirit considers the former Snow Spirit Lord as a friend, but the latter yearns to be her mother!

Is it alright for you to deceive the innocent Snow Spirit?

Isn't this simply absurd?

The crux of the matter is that the former Snow Spirit Lord did indeed succeed.

The Snow Spirit was brought into the magical array.

She thought it was her bath.

As a result, it turned out to be a brainwashing session, not a bath.

Her memories were brought out, and she was placed into a new body.

After a series of actions that Bai Lian couldn't comprehend but found exhilarating.

"Hey, child!"

Xuezhan was born, daughter of the Snow Spirit Lord, eldest daughter of Wuheng Snow Valley, owner of Qianhuan Real Eyes, and an artificial life.

The Snow Spirit Lord pinned all her hopes of activating the Qianhuan Real Eye on Xuezhan.

The Snow Spirit has limitless potential for growth.

In particular, her mental strength surpasses that of ten Snow Spirit Lords combined.

The former Snow Spirit Lord didn't erase Xuezhan's memory while she was still the Spirit of Snow. Instead, she concealed it deep within Xuezhan's soul, to be revealed only once she reached the Mahayana Stage in her cultivation.


Now Bai Lian understood.

Xuezhan is not pretending to be pitiful; she is truly in a miserable state, even without realizing how much she is suffering.

Despite realizing the sinister motives of the former Snow Spirit Lord, she was unable to resist.

This is how the law of the jungle works in the world.

While the majority of the East Divine Land is peaceful right now, the imminent arrival of the Heaven and Earth Disaster will bring forth a swarm of "demons and monsters".

People will no longer be people.

In order to survive, acts such as killing, stealing, and human sacrifice will emerge one after another.

How can Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, who is known for her righteousness, just sit there and ignore them?

[I will destroy the Wuheng Snow Valley right now!]

Bai Lian was about to leave Xuezhan's body when she suddenly realized that something was amiss.


Bai Lian found Xuezhan, who had just disappeared.

The little girl stood still like a statue amidst the chaotic sea of her divine sense.

Bai Lian's voice had no effect on her, as if she hadn't even heard it.

Bai Lian came to her immediately.


She gently placed her right hand on Xuezhan's shoulder.

But in that moment, Xuezhan's body shattered into countless pieces like broken glass, accompanied by the sound of clattering.

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