The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: The Invincible Way of Double Pupil

The Snow Spirit Lord completely relaxed her body and mind before collapsing onto the bed.

Small, white, and delicate.

[Actually, I am 23 years old!]

The Snow Spirit Lord looked as vulnerable as a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Actually, that's exactly the case.

If Bai Lian has a malicious intention, she could easily intrude into the Snow Spirit Lord's divine sense and enslave her.

The human soul possesses a series of automatic defense mechanisms.

Usually, cultivators cannot eliminate this line of defense.

The Snow Spirit Lord acted in this manner for two reasons - firstly, because she feared that Bai Lian would not trust her explanation and would hurt her again, which she could not endure.

On the other hand, she believes in Bai Lian's "nature," although it would be more accurate to describe it as "the heart of the Immortal Emperor."

As an Immortal Emperor, Bai Lian has various ways to handle her, so it makes no difference whether she is vigilant or at ease.

With this thought in her mind, the Snow Spirit Lord surrendered herself entirely to Bai Lian.

As Bai Lian's soul gently probed her mind, she patiently directed him towards the locked-away memories.

Go deep.

Chasing the dream!

Holding a long wormwood.

Swaying towards greener grass.

Therefore, in the wonderful world of dreams and reality, Bai Lian returned to the past.

Thousands of years ago.

Snow Sea is a frigid location that remains ice- and snow-covered throughout the year.

Even Eskimos find it challenging to adjust to this austere environment, making it an arduous feat for regular people.

The last remaining individuals in this place are a cluster of farmers!

Initially, the Wuheng Snow Valley was a diminutive sect.

However, smaller sects also experience their own periods of prosperity.

On a specific date.

A fierce monster was being fought by one of the former Snow Spirit Lords of the Wuheng Snow Valley.

The war was extremely gruesome.

Blood flowed, foam flew, and water poured on the glacier!

The Snow Spirit Lord had been beaten down by the monster, leaving her weak and on the verge of fainting.

When the monster jumped up, she fought back by biting its neck.

Please, eat and drink.

Despite its fierce nature, the monster eventually fell down after a prolonged struggle.

In the end, it was nothing but a monster.

Once the Snow Spirit Lord had fully digested the essence of the monster, her body began to transform.

"Oh, my eyes!"

She covered her eyes and rolled on the ground in agony.

It took the Snow Spirit Lord half a day to recover control of her body.

She stood in the snow.

Her right hand fingers covered her eyes.

As she moved her hand to the right, the silver light slowly leaked out.

She has changed!

The white of her right eye turned black.

The water-blue pupils in each of her eyes split into two.

Even after thousands of years, Bai Lian still felt like her soul was taken away when she looked at the Snow Spirit Lord.

She was shocked.

This is the power of the law of Heaven and Earth. When it is strong enough, it can even kill someone just by being remembered!

A name involuntarily comes to Bai Lian's mind--

[Qianhuan Real Eyes.]

This is an extremely rare and special constitution!

The power of Qianhuan Real Eyes caused the Snow Spirit Lord's strength to increase at an incredible speed.

In just one hundred years, Wuheng Snow Valley had risen to become a top sect, and the Snow Spirit Lord had become the feared supreme illusionist.

But the good times didn't last long.

As it turned out, the Snow Spirit Lord's Qianhuan Real Eyes were not her natural ability.

She was unable to provide enough energy for her eyes to develop.

Eventually, her cultivation base collapsed, making it impossible for her to ascend to the Immortal World.

Over a decade later, she passed away with a smile on her face.

She started off as a nobody, but ended her life in glory.

Even after her death, she remained the overlord of the Snow Sea!

It was five hundred years ago.

Around the time when An Lan first joined the Duxian sect.

Once again, the Wuheng Snow Valley has produced a "supreme illusionist"--

That was the mother of the current Snow Spirit Lord, who was the former Snow Spirit Lord.

Born with a Qianhuan Real Eye and exceptional talent, one of her eyes possessed extraordinary power.

In the Wuheng Snow Valley, people believe that the valley will regain its former glory.

Unfortunately, the former Snow Spirit Lord had an issue with one of her eyes.

It was not a blessing, but rather a curse!

The cost of activating the Qianhuan Real Eye was too steep, and even the resources of the Wuheng Snow Valley were insufficient to cover it.

Since it cannot be activated, let it be.

But this also proved unsuccessful.

The Qianhuan Real Eye consumed a considerable amount of her spiritual Qi every day.

Due to the presence of this eye, the previous Snow Spirit Lord couldn't recognize her talent.

Eventually, the previous Snow Spirit Lord had to figure out how to eliminate her Qianhuan Real Eye.

However, she was hesitant to destroy the eye and chose to seal it instead.

It happened sixteen years ago.

On a cold, windy night with snowflakes fluttering about.

The former Snow Spirit Lord abruptly entered the room of the current Snow Spirit Lord.

She was dying.

Her face was ashen, and she reclined on the wooden chair with vacant eyes.

She squeezed her daughter's small hand and said sorry.

"I'm deeply sorry, Xuezhan. I regret having brought you into this world. It's entirely my fault. My selfishness is what caused all of this."

The current Snow Spirit Lord's name is Xuezhan.

She was petite.

As petite as she is now.

She lacked liveliness.

As uninteresting as she is now.

She couldn't comprehend a word her mother said and Bai Lian, who was also listening, was equally befuddled.

However, upon hearing the former Snow Spirit Lord's grievance, she began to comprehend the challenges that Xuezhan was going to encounter.

The first issue was the chaos within Wuheng Snow Valley!

Wuheng Snow Valley's power rested entirely upon the former Snow Spirit Lord, whereas Hades Hall possessed more diversified strengths.

With the passing of the former Snow Spirit Lord, all responsibilities fell upon Xuezhan, who at the time, was a mere seven years old.

Isn't it insane to entrust a massive sect to a seven-year-old child?

However, that was the former Snow Spirit Lord's true intention.

She had devised a plan.

Since birth, Xuezhan exhibited exceptional aptitude in spiritual strength.

She presented Xuezhan with three distinctive puppets, including herself, for her to establish contracts with. Then, she entrusted Xuezhan to "take over" her role and safeguard the Wuheng Snow Valley until the next generation of protectors was fully capable.

"Don't worry, Xuezhan. As long as you keep it to yourself, this secret will remain secure. I have already handled everything within the sect. You can just sit there and the Elders will take care of everything."

Honestly, Bai Lian found this plan to be quite commendable.

Due to Xuezhan's mother's prestigious status as the former Snow Spirit Lord, Xuezhan could intimidate other sects by occasionally presenting herself in public while controlling her mother's body.

The precondition is that Ji Shi has to be eliminated!

Nonetheless, Ji Shi was still breathing.

Xuezhan has inherited everything that belonged to the former Snow Spirit Lord, including the death threat from Ji Shi.

Compared to Ji Shi, the Lord of the Hades Hall was nothing.

How could Xuezhan, a seven-year-old, possibly compete with Ji Shi?

Her only option was to continue pretending to be obedient in front of Ji Shi.

Luckily, Ji Shi spent all day in the bamboo forest and since the soul of Xuezhan perfectly matched the body of the former Snow Spirit Lord, Ji Shi never suspected that a switch had taken place.


I'm correct.

At that moment, Xuezhan - the little girl who guided Bai Lian through her memories - turned back to glance at Bai Lian, who stood beside her.

That's right.

Bai Lian nodded without saying a word.

She had seen all the secrets that Xuezhan possessed.

I have no reservations.

This is much more serious than merely seeing her naked body because in the cultivation world, the soul holds greater significance than the body.

Here, the most intriguing form of connection is the coupling of souls, not bodies.

Xuezhan clasped her chest tightly and fixed her gaze on Bai Lian, "I had no intention of going back on my word. If I wanted to renege, why would I have told you my stance?"

Bai Lian was aware that she had misunderstood Xuezhan, but she had no intention of offering an apology.

While it was her fault that Xuezhan had cried, it was only because Xuezhan hadn't been completely truthful with her.

Naughty children are meant to be disciplined and adults should be disciplined even more strictly.

"Please give me the Immortal Spirit Stone in first."

Bai Lian addressed Xuezhan and said,

At that moment, she was taken aback to discover that Xuezhan was nowhere to be found.

Where has she gone?

Bai Lian glanced around.

Since she was still within Xuezhan's soul and could evoke a reaction with a single strike, she had no concerns that this could be a set-up by Xuezhan.


Suddenly, a light door appeared in front of her.

Bai Lian approached in a state of confusion.

As soon as she stepped through the door, she realized.

She realized that these were not Xuezhan's memories, but instead those of the former Snow Spirit Lord!

This could be the very thing that the former Snow Spirit Lord buried deep within Xuezhan's soul, and even Xuezhan herself had never laid eyes on its contents before.

Now it is laid bare in front of Bai Lian.

That is the truth that was buried in the past.

It was twenty-three years ago today.

It was snowing heavily outside the window.

In an unremarkable bamboo room, the former Snow Spirit Lord retrieved the Qianhuan Real Eye from the sealed box.

She wasn't sure if the road was possible, but she had to take the chance. The Qianhuan Real Eye, with its invincible power, couldn't remain buried here.

Feeling uneasy, the former Snow Spirit Lord inserted her Qianhuan Real Eye into the magic array before her.

The wind blew and the clouds gathered.

A soft white light emanated from the magic array, filling the entire bamboo house in an instant.

Bai Lian was unable to see anything.

She could only hear a faint noise in her ear.

After a while.

Suddenly, a loud cry came from the magic array.


The voice pierced through the white light and the heart of the former Snow Spirit Lord.

"My child, my child!"

Nervously stepping forward, she held the newborn child in her arms.

As she gazed at the child's unique right eye, tears filled her eyes.

It's done!

Reaching out, the former Snow Spirit Lord playfully tickled the child's nose.

"Starting today, you are my daughter and your name shall be Xuezhan!"

Artificial life? Is it really possible?

It was discovered that Xuezhan wasn't born, but created!

No wonder her father never appeared in her memories.

Bai Lian was shocked.