The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 31 Part 2

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Chapter 31: Victimize the Vulnerable and Cower Before the Powerful (2)

For example, take An Lan. Despite her appearance resembling that of Bai Lian's sister, she is over 500 years old in this life alone and has lived for thousands of years in her previous life.

However, being 23 years old doesn't necessarily correspond to the actual age of the Snow Spirit Lord. It's implausible to believe that the Snow Spirit Lord could have beaten the Lord of the Hades Hall to death at the age of one, isn't it?

Bai Lian asked with a menacing expression, "Where is the real Snow Spirit Lord? If you refuse to divulge the information, I'll have to give your other foot the same treatment!"

"I… hahaha…"

The Snow Spirit Lord was prepared to clarify, but the wave of emotions within her caused her to choke on her words.

She was drenched in sweat, and looked as though she had just been pulled out of a river.

The magnitude of this stimulation left her feeling more defeated than the impact of Ji Shi's attack.

She holds the title of Snow Spirit Lord at Wuheng Snow Valley!

Ever since taking on this role, she had earned immense respect from the residents of Wuheng Snow Valley.

There are only a handful of people throughout the Snow Sea who would dare to show her any form of disrespect.

But Bai Lian…

The anger of the Snow Spirit Lord was palpable.

While she didn't lie about her identity, Bai Lian remained skeptical of her claims.

Although she wanted to explain, her increasingly sensitive body made it impossible for her to even utter a complete word.

Please stop!

She could not bear it.

I apologize.

I stand corrected, I was completely mistaken.

The Snow Spirit Lord's thoughts were jumbled.

Numerous familiar faces flashed through her mind. As a loving face swept across her thoughts, she felt as though she had fallen into an icy cave and burst into tears.

"I'm crying… for Mom… I'm crying…"

Tears sprang forth.

Bai Lian was taken aback.

She found the word "shot" very fitting.

The tears of the Snow Spirit Lord were like two tiny streams of water!

They even trickled down the Snow Spirit Lord's mask.

But this was only the start. As the Snow Spirit Lord's cry grew louder and louder, she turned into a wellspring of tears.

More and more water streamed out of the Snow Spirit Lord's eyes and in a flash, Bai Lian found her feet submerged.


What on earth?

After sensing the unusual changes in the air, Bai Lian finally understood the reason.

This is the result of the sudden disorder in the Snow Spirit Lord's Light and Heavy Water ability, and the house will be swept away as a result!

She used her spirit Qi to quickly evaporate all the water around her.

Bai Lian had a headache.

She gave her forehead a hard pat.

This isn't a performance, right?

If Snow Spirit Lord persists, she might get to ride on their waist.

However, the Snow Spirit Lord wept…

Bai Lian didn't want to do it in such a circumstance.

Seeing the Snow Spirit Lord reminded her of her fifth Martial Sister who was still missing.

Let's go.

I'll believe you this time.

"Please don't cry."

She comforted the Snow Spirit Lord and put socks on her feet.

Even after putting on the shoes and socks, the Snow Spirit Lord was still upset. Bai Lian had to retrieve some snacks from her chest to calm her down.

"These things…"

Some examples of snacks are candies, candied fruits, biscuits, and spicy sticks.

"Wait a minute, this is not right."

In a hurry, Bai Lian hastily stuffed the secret medicine back from where she had taken it.

She piled all the snacks around the Snow Spirit Lord, tempting her with treats.

As it was situated nearby, Bai Lian could catch a glimpse of the Snow Spirit Lord's eye that was previously hidden by the eye mask.

She paused for a moment, motionless.

The eye was devoid of any emotions or light, appearing to be a dull gray.

In other words, the Snow Spirit Lord is not truly a Chūnibyō. Could it be possible that she is genuinely suffering from an eye problem?

"Please leave, please leave!"

Suddenly, the Snow Spirit Lord howled and raised her hands, striking Bai Lian's chest.

Pa pa pa.

Her punches caused Bai Lian's chest to violently shake!


Bai Lian's expression turned stern.

Although she had planned to defeat the Snow Spirit Lord once more, she ultimately decided against it.

Impressive skill!

There was a soft thud.

The Snow Spirit Lord let out a loud "ah" as she recoiled with her slightly swollen fist.

Bai Lian breathed a sigh of relief.

The Snow Spirit Lord finally stopped crying, but she turned to the side and faced away from Bai Lian, her cheeks puffed up with anger.

When Bai Lian pushed the snack towards her, she turned away once more.

Bai Lian pushed the snacks over with reluctance once more.

The Snow Spirit Lord couldn't help but shout, "I'm twenty-three years old. Does White Emperor Bai Lian think that I still look like a child?"


Who was the girl who pretended to be eight years old just now?

Bai Lian remained silent while the Snow Spirit Lord began to speak.

Now she was eager to prove herself.

"Although it may sound strange, I am the Snow Spirit Lord. I took over this position formally 16 years ago. I am the only one in the Wuheng Snow Valley who is aware of this!"


Continuing the conversation, the Snow Spirit Lord added, "The Snow Spirit Lord recognized by outsiders is my mother."

"Did you really turn your own mother into a puppet?"

Bai Lian's eyes widened in surprise.

As soon as Bai Lian spoke, the Snow Spirit Lord stood up suddenly and moved to scratch her. However, upon realizing that Bai Lian was a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, she hesitated and withdrew.

I cannot afford to anger her!

"How could I even think of that! My mother… let's not talk about it…"

The Snow Spirit Lord appeared resolute.

She settled herself before Bai Lian, emanating a sense of dignity.

"Come inside and see it for yourself!"

She reclined and fully opened the sea of her divine sense to Bai Lian.

You allowed me to do this!

After confirming that the Snow Spirit Lord wasn't being deceitful, Bai Lian's Divine Sense entered her body directly.