The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 31 Part 1

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Chapter 31: Victimize the Vulnerable and Cower Before the Powerful (1)

The Snow Spirit Lord gave a shy smile.

Her face looked frozen like a red apple in the cold wind.

As she told her age of only eight years, she anxiously kneaded the hem of her coat.

Bai Lian felt only…



This isn't cute at all!

Bai Lian raised her right fist high and landed a hard knock on the Snow Spirit Lord's head.



Piercing screams filled the sky.

The Snow Spirit Lord was knocked to the ground with a single punch.


It was the sound of wooden floors breaking.

How could a simple wooden board withstand the pile driver like impacts of Bai Lian?

In the two-foot-wide pit, the Snow Spirit Lord's feet sank into the mud, causing her to huddle together and hold her head in her hands.


Extremely angry!

However, despite her anger, she refrained from jumping out of the pit to hit Bai Lian's knee.

In fact, it's not that painful.

Calm down, I am capable of winning!

The Snow Spirit Lord slowly lifted her head, her eyes glistening with tears as if they were about to spill over.


I give up! Please don't punch me!


She stopped resisting.

This is the strength of the White Emperor!

Bai Lian, standing above, remained unmoved.

Are you pretending to be pathetic?


Bai Lian has a very strong resistance to this kind of behavior.

She is not affected by such attacks.

She was well-prepared.

Before beginning, she used her Divine Sense to scan the little girl who called herself the Snow Spirit Lord several times.

This little girl's body is very "weak." Bai Lian can easily push her down.

Moreover, the cultivation base of this little girl is not very high, and she has barely entered the Golden Core Stage.

An eight-year-old child at the Golden Core Stage?

Bai Lian had never seen anyone so talented before. However, even though the Snow Spirit Lord was talented, she was still only at the Golden Core Stage.

Bai Lian can defeat 100,000 girls like her in a single day without getting tired!

"Go ahead," Bai Lian said, looking down at the Snow Spirit Lord while continuing her attack. She appeared especially tough, and her voice was frigid. "Where is the real Snow Spirit Lord? Don't try to dodge the question. I have a hundred ways to make you wish you were dead!"

The Snow Spirit Lord in the hole trembled.

It was the middle of the night when Bai Lian's body blocked the candlelight. From the little girl's perspective, Bai Lian appeared as a fearsome and intimidating demon towering more than ten thousand feet tall.

After all, White Emperor Bai Lian is the one who can outsmart Ji Shi with her tricks!

The Snow Spirit Lord believed that Bai Lian could easily make her kneel down and beg for mercy.

"I didn't lie to you, I swear! I am truly the Snow Spirit Lord!" she said, in a hurry.

How foolish!

Bai Lian was skeptical.

If you really are the Snow Spirit Lord, then who could have been the person who battled the Lord of the Hades Hall 22 years ago?

The timing is completely off.

If this girl is actually the Snow Spirit Lord, then she must have possessed the strength of an Immortal Emperor in her past life.

"A liar will swallow a thousand needles!"

Bai Lian gave a smile to the Snow Spirit Lord.

She had plans to teach the little girl some more lessons, and the first thing that came to her mind was how "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" used to torment her Martial Sisters in the game.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" was proficient in using different types of secret medicines.

As she watched the woman squirming in agony and begging for mercy, "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" couldn't help but laugh gleefully.

She would often caress the victim's back and ask mockingly, "Do you want more? Pleead with me for mercy!"

However, is it ethical to administer secret medicine to an eight-year-old child?

No. It's too bad!

Bai Lian resolved to use a less aggressive form of intimidation.

Her soul surged with power, drawing the Snow Spirit Lord out of the pit and gently settling her onto the bed.

"What's your plan?"

The Snow Spirit Lord trembled.

Bai Lian arrived with a stick that had just been pulled out of her chest.

The Snow Spirit Lord gulped.

The stick is both long and hard, whereas Bai Lian's body is frail, and her soul was seriously injured not long ago. Any exertion of strength would quickly become too much for her to handle.

The Snow Spirit Lord swiftly pleaded for mercy, "White Emperor Bai Lian, I was mistaken. I should not have attempted to manipulate you or deceive you. I was utterly wrong."


Bai Lian sat at the edge of the bed, her expression cool and detached.

She extended her left hand and firmly grasped the Snow Spirit Lord's right leg, placing it on her own thigh.

The Snow Spirit Lord's pupils shook violently as she panicked.

"No, no!"

How could she endure such a cruel attack at such a young age? If that stick hits her leg, it will surely break.

Bai Lian disregarded the Snow Spirit Lord's words.

She removed the Snow Spirit Lord's shoes and socks before playfully pinching the exposed little foot.

They're small, tender, and white.

Due to the cold air and fear, the Snow Spirit Lord's feet became stiff and despite her efforts, she couldn't shake under Bai Lian's overwhelming Divine Sense.

Bai Lian picked up a stick and accidentally struck the foot of the Snow Spirit Lord.

Divine sense stimulation coupled with heightened sensitivity!

The stick spun rapidly, resembling a drilling machine.

The Snow Spirit Lord, who had just been attacked, burst into laughter despite being unable to move. Her soul had suffered severe damage and she was unable to even shield her senses.


Please explain quickly.

"Yes, ha ha, I cannot afford it. I lied to you… Oh ha ha… I am twenty-three years old this year."

The Snow Spirit Lord's voice was intermittent and accompanied by many indulgent laughter.

However, Bai Lian was still able to hear it clearly.

Twenty-three years old?

That seems reasonable. The age of cultivators can often be deceiving based on their appearance.