The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 30 Part 2

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Chapter 30: The Eight-Year-Old Snow Spirit Lord! (2)

Select Task 2.

"Then, please do so, Master Turtle."

"No!" The turtle's expression shifted slightly. "Fairy Bai Lian, you are a renowned Immortal Emperor in the Immortal World. Although I have lived for a long time, I wouldn't dare refer to myself as a 'Master' in front of such a distinguished figure!"


Damn it!

Now, Bai Lian also had the urge to rip the turtle's head off.

However, knowing she couldn't defeat the turtle, Bai Lian reluctantly redirected her anger towards the Snow Spirit Lord instead, causing them to pass out.

"Just wait."

Bai Lian gracefully leaped in front of the youngest Snow Spirit Lord.

"Come on, wake up," she muttered, annoyed. "You still owe me a top-quality Immortal Spirit Stone, so get on with it."

She firmly grasped the Snow Spirit Lord's collar in her hand.


Bai Lian continued to shake her, but eventually realized that something was amiss.

The Snow Spirit Lord is no longer among the living!

She condensed her Divine Sense into the shape of a needle and thrust it into the body of the Snow Spirit Lord.

After a while, Bai Lian withdrew her Divine Sense with a composed expression.

Subsequently, she repeated the same process on the other two Snow Spirit Lords.

No mistake!

All three Snow Spirit Lords are "dead" without a soul in their bodies.

"Did Ji Shi's attack destroy her soul?"

Bai Lian denied this speculation.

That's impossible.

If the Snow Spirit Lord's soul was actually destroyed, she wouldn't be completely unaware of it.

In that case, there is only one possibility.

The three Snow Spirit Lords present are all merely "puppets" of the real Snow Spirit Lord!

"You really are!"

Bai Lian believed that the youngest Snow Spirit Lord was the true Snow Spirit Lord, but she still had the wrong assumption.

Bai Lian comprehended.

It's possible that the Snow Spirit Lord deceived her and may not have had any Immortal Spirit Stone to begin with.

Is this acceptable?

No, it's not possible!

Bai Lian quickly retrieved a jar of secret medicine and intended to apply it on the bodies of the Snow Spirit Lords.

But suddenly, she remembered that she was riding on the back of the turtle.



Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's towering figure almost gave way!

Silently, Bai Lian returned the secret medicine to her chest.

"Master Turtle," she said, "I wish to travel to the Wuheng Snow Valley."

The turtle nodded and said, "Let's begin now."

It could sense the vibrations emanating from the Wuheng Snow Valley.

However, that is inconsequential.

No one in the entire Snow Sea poses a threat to it. Protecting Bai Lian would not be a difficult task for it.

The turtle started moving towards the nearby dry land.

To simplify matters, it intentionally shrinks its size by a thousand times.

Black magpies flew together in the snow.

At this point, the sea had finally regained its calm.

During this period, Bai Lian kept busy by placing several seals on the Snow Spirit Lord's puppet to ensure that it would not unexpectedly become a source of trouble.

Halfway through, a gray bird darted its wings as if it were an arrow.

Bai Lian promptly raised her fist.

"Wait, Fairy Bai Lian. It's me, the Snow Spirit Lord!" The bird spoke quickly.

The Snow Spirit Lord is a bird?

The Snow Spirit Lord explained, "I am currently very weak, and I am unable to control my puppets. Therefore, I am temporarily controlling this bird to inform you."

I see.

Bai Lian nodded and said, "Okay, I'll take your word for it."

Guided by the gray bird, she and the turtle circled around to the snow mountain behind the Wuheng Snow Valley.

The stream was covered with a thick layer of ice.

A happy yellow dog ran on the ice.

Beside the stream stood a bamboo house with thick smoke billowing from its small chimney.

"Wait for me here, Master Turtle."

The turtle gave a nod.

Bai Lian strolled along the stone path.

The door of the bamboo house was half-open, not closed tightly.

She pushed the door open and entered the room, which was dimly lit and filled with the strong scent of medicine.

After sweeping around, Bai Lian finally came across someone.


The inner room.

A little girl sat on a bamboo and soft cane woven chair!

The girl wore a pure white coat and wrapped up like a rice dumpling.

Not only that, she wore a white gauze-like eye mask that covered half of her pale yet beautiful face, resembling a porcelain doll.

"Chūnibyō" is a Japanese term commonly used to refer to early teenagers who develop grandiose delusions, yearn to be unique, and believe that they possess concealed knowledge or powers.

Bai Lian inquired softly, "Little sister, may I know where your parents are?"

Despite harboring resentment towards the Snow Spirit Lord, she refused to vent her anger on a child.

The little girl dressed in white rose from her seat, propping herself up with her arms.

Pointing at herself, she introduced, "I am the Snow Spirit Lord, Fairy Bai Lian."


Bai Lian suspected that something was off with her hearing and hastily inquired, "How old are you?"

The little girl in white shyly smiled.

(/ ω\)

"Eight…um..eight…yes, eight years old."


The Snow Spirit Lord is only eight years old!

Bai Lian raised her iron fist immediately.

So, you're the Snow Spirit Lord?

Do you think I won't beat you because you're a little girl?

Come on and fight me with your fists!

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