The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3: Your Master's Counterattack! (2)


Bai Lian felt as though she was about to be crushed.

An Lan continued to stare at the ★, feeling an urge to pounce on it and bite down.


Could it be possible that Bai Lian actually has a ★ on her face that she was unaware of all this time?

This reason~

"I find it hard to believe!"

There can't be such a coincidence in the world.

An Lan also doesn't believe that she has the ability to make a fake become true. The Great Tao she has mastered has nothing to do with it, and if she really had mastered such a Great Tao, she wouldn't just be a mere Heavenly Lord.

She was deeply concerned.

Is this change beneficial or detrimental? Does it have any connection to the "Death" words on Bai Lian?

If not, then where did Bai Lian obtain it?

At that moment, An Lan suddenly came to the realization that Bai Lian had matured.

From the age of fifteen to nineteen.

Bai Lian has matured in all aspects within four years.

Bai Lian doesn't appear to be confused anymore. She now shows concern for others and accomplishes everything she sets her mind to.

It's evident in her relationships with her Martial Sisters.

..(。• ˇ‸ˇ•。)…

An Lan thought of the former leader of the Duxian sect, who was her supposed master.

In the beginning, Yunluo Peak was always bustling with activity.

However, over time, as the former sect leader's disciples became independent and left, the noise on Yunluo Peak dwindled until only she and Yan Yue were left to occasionally quarrel.

Strangeness, estrangement, and parting…

An Lan's mind is filled with a variety of words.

You, umm…

An Lan was so anxious that she felt like grabbing Bai Lian by the collar and demanding an explanation.

But she gave up in dejection.

She also has a secret that she didn't share with Bai Lian.

At the time, in the cave, Bai Lian earnestly expressed her belief that "Master An Lan" would eventually reveal her secret voluntarily.

Take the initiative.

There's no need to force her.

An Lan placed her right hand back in its original position on the chair.

Although she frowned, she had already held Bai Lian down firmly. Was there nothing that she could do?

Then the words she just shouted will lose their meaning.

No, I won't allow it to happen!

It would make her appear foolish.

How could the master possibly appear foolish?!



An Lan had formulated a plan.

Despite her persistence, An Lan held Bai Lian close and spoke gravely, "Your progress has been impressive lately."

Bai Lian nodded, looking puzzled. "What's wrong, Shifu?" she asked.

An Lan stated, "Your abilities are substantial enough to manage a Duxian sect peak on your own. If you desire it, I will submit an application to the sect leader at once."

"Are you trying to send me away, Master?" Bai Lian exclaimed in surprise.

"Of course not."

That's fine.

Bai Lian quickly shook her head and said, "I will always be your disciple as long as you lead the Qiongming Peak, Shifu!"

I'm not lying!

Bai Lian's eyes were filled with determination.


An Lan nodded solemnly.

However, that's not sufficient.

She tried again, "If I'm neither the leader of Qiongming Peak nor a member of the Duxian sect…"

Bai Lian promptly answered, "Wherever you go, I'll follow!"

Is it possible for me to lose An Lan? Absolutely not!

She wants to save both Shifu and the younger Martial Sisters!

Her resolute tone made An Lan's heart race.

This is…


This must be because she is a good Shifu and her disciple has recognized her!

An Lan felt happy secretly.

"Since you say so," she coughed softly, "then I won't talk to the sect leader. You can continue to cultivate in the Qiongming Peak."

Hum hum.

An Lan hummed to herself.

Little Bai Lian, you have a good sense of taste.

You know, your master was once an Immortal Heavenly God.

I happen to be in a good mood now. Otherwise, not even the real Star Lord lying on the ground could persuade me to ride her, let alone accept her as a disciple!

"With your sincere apology, I will forgive your misdeed just now," An Lan said with a satisfied smile.


Bai Lian breathed a secret sigh of relief.

Finally, she passed.

Before Shifu entered the "declining" period as shown in the game, she still had to demonstrate her softer side to An Lan.

When the time comes, I will definitely…

As she thought about it, Bai Lian shook her head again.

Ideally, she hoped that An Lan would never experience a declining period as it would signify the approaching of the bad ending.

An Lan extended her right hand and paused only upon reaching Bai Lian's chest.

She opened her fingers as though they were on the verge of slipping away.


Bai Lian stood frozen.

What does Shifu have in mind?

The palm of An Lan's hand was glowing with ivory light.

"Don't trust what people say outside. You still have a long way to go and a lot to learn."

As the voice faded away, the light beamed directly on Bai Lian's chest.

It landed on Bai Lian's Dantian.

The warmth quickly spread throughout.

Bai Lian realized that the spiritual Qi in her meridians was automatically flowing. Due to her recent breakthrough to the Nascent Soul Stage, her breathing was slightly irregular, but it completely stabilized at that moment.

She could break through the Yin Fire Disaster and reach the Soul Changing Stage anytime as soon as the time came.

If An Lan didn't help, Bai Lian estimated that it would take her two years to breakthrough the Yin Fire Disaster.

Is this the benefit of having a master who was once an Immortal Heavenly Lord in their previous life?

I love it.

Her eyes curved naturally into crescent shapes, and the ★ at the corner reflected the light of the stars and moon.

After 7 and a half minutes, An Lan withdrew her hand.

"I won't teach you any more spells until you've preliminarily mastered Thousands of Flowers, which I previously taught you," she warned.

Even for a Celestial Immortal, thoroughly mastering "Thousands of Flowers" was not an easy feat.

If Bai Lian truly understood the spell's essence, she could run rampant in the East Divine Land and never fear danger.

Even if the four major sects united against her, they wouldn't be able to harm her.

An Lan exuded immense confidence.


Bai Lian nodded in all honesty.

It is time.

Despite having many doubts in her heart, An Lan was still in a good mood.

She thought she could eat more watermelon tonight.

She said, "I…"

She stood up from Bai Lian and stretched her left foot to the side while pushing her right foot.

In the middle of this, she noticed a red mark on Bai Lian's wrist that she had accidentally caused by squeezing it.

By the way, help her to heal.

An Lan was about to use her Thousands of Flowers technique again, but she didn't expect her left foot to slip on the polished edge of the bed.

And so she tumbled down.

"Damn it!"

An Lan was taken aback.

She was off-balance.

She took a fall.

She fell towards Bai Lian.

This is also a situation Bai Lian didn't anticipate.

She and An Lan were too close, so she could only press on An Lan's shoulder at that moment.

So, after going in a big circle, "Mars" returned back to "Earth".

She entered into the Earth's atmosphere and made close contact with the planet without taking any precautions.

Initially, the mountains began to tremble.

After that, the waves became rough.

Lastly, the volcano erupted.


An Lan's face turned red, as if covered by a layer of clouds.




Ah ah ah!

"How dare you!"

Bai Lian regained consciousness and found herself flying without any precautions.


Bai Lian sat down on the open space outside the cave on a chilly mountain night.

Please tell me the truth.

She had a slight pain in her buttocks.

"Why does it have to be my butt that gets hurt every time?" Bai Lian wondered.

Bang bang.

She heard the sound of metal hitting the ground and assumed Shifu had rushed out with an iron rod on her shoulder. As she turned around, she realized it was only a bottle of medicine meant to treat trauma.

It should have been thrown out of the hole but instead it rolled on the uneven ground.

Bai Lian glanced at her wrist before patting her bottom once more.

Perhaps this is An Lan.

She picked up the bottle of medicine.

She heard a voice in her head say, "Nothing happened tonight, so you can go back to sleep."

Bai Lian nodded.


Nothing happened.

It's just that there is a warmth on her cool lips that doesn't belong to her.

The chilly cave turned hot.

The stars in the sky shone brighter than before.

By the way.

Suddenly, a meteor crossed above her head.

Though making a wish upon a meteor was useless in this world, Bai Lian closed her eyes.

Master, I wish you a peaceful life!

After all…

She has never done anything bad; in fact, she has done many good deeds secretly.

If true justice exists, then she deserves a good outcome.

If justice is absent…

Bai Lian opened her eyes, and as the Natural Saint, she would preserve justice.