The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3: Your Master's Counterattack! (1)


There were trees, grass, water, and fertile black soil.

As An Lan looked up, she noticed the inverted sky reflected on the water's surface.

A large, yellow, full moon shone in the sky amongst stars that resembled dazzling gems.

The waters and sky blend seamlessly together.

As An Lan took in the scenery, she suddenly felt overwhelmed.

She didn't know what to do.

The gentle wind and waves rippled across the river.

She felt as though she had fallen into a dream.

This was completely different from An Lan's imagination!

Could this be an illusion?


However, this is not your typical illusion.

Strange and bizarre, yet revealing a sense of reality.

In general, a virtual image like this is called a "Field", although not all "Fields" are virtual images.

"In any case…"

What caused it to become like this?

An Lan was feeling perplexed.

Everything she was seeing now had been caused by Bai Lian's punch.

If this was the sight that common people witnessed every time Bai Lian got into a fight in Nanwang City, then she could grasp the reason behind those "rumours".

Bai Lian possesses an immense amount of magic!

What is more significant is that she is just 19 years old and very young.

Even if Bai Lian has attained the Transparency Stage in her cultivation, her age plays a significant factor in gaining public attention, especially if she is only 19 years old.

However, An Lan's current focus was not on that.

What worried her was that everything was completely out of her control.

Bai Lian is not a worthless individual, as she possesses the best water-type Spiritual Root.

However, this alone is still insufficient to facilitate her breakthrough to the Nascent Soul Stage within four years.

A Natural Saint?

Even if you're a Natural Saint, you can't obtain strength out of thin air!

What happened to Bai Lian?

An Lan was confused.

The accumulation of mysteries overwhelmed her, causing distress.

She sensed that Bai Lian was drifting apart from her, which left her feeling perplexed.

She dislikes this feeling.



An Lan let out a sigh.

Finally, she arrived beneath the laurel tree.

She was all alone in the world.

An Lan sat underneath the tree.

In the cool moonlight, she started to comprehend Bai Lian.

While walking alone among the bustling crowd on New Year's Eve, Bai Lian may have had the same feeling as her.

If we can do it again…

Just think of it in this manner.

Her dress was lifted by a strong wind blowing from the front.

An Lan's eyes grew wide.

As she stepped back from the "Field," she saw Bai Lian's fist coming straight towards her face.

The fist was small, white, and delicate.


It's coming!

Stop, stop!


An Lan had no time to react before the fist struck her right eye socket.


She flew out with a scream amidst the burst of bright star lights.

She hit the wall with her butt first.

Even the walls with multiple magic arrays shook violently due to her actions.

An Lan slipped down from the wall and knocked her head on the ground, producing a loud banging sound.


Bai Lian was left speechless.

What occurred? Why was Shifu pushed away by her?!

She first glanced at her fist.

It was still quite firm.

Should she label it as "terrible"?

She glanced at An Lan lying on the bed once more, noticing that her dress had lifted, revealing her tight white clothing.


Bai Lian suddenly noticed the air around her growing colder, as if she had unexpectedly stepped into the depths of winter.

Not right.

Bai Lian's forehead began to sweat cold drops.

It wasn't really her fault!

Upon Shifu's request, she exerted all of her strength.

As a consequence, she accidentally pushed Shifu away.

However, if she didn't comply, she would be disregarding the master's command.

What ought she to do?

Come on.

This is not the right time to be grappling with such matters.

"Master, I made a mistake."

Bai Lian kicked off her shoes and hurriedly clambered onto the stone bed to assist An Lan.

As she held onto An Lan's waist, Bai Lian caught a glimpse of a delicate face that appeared as cold as stone.

Be careful!

"How dare you!"

An Lan gritted her teeth and let out a growl.

Bai Lian had a bad feeling and just as she removed her hand from An Lan's waist, she was pushed down onto the bed by An Lan.

"How dare you raise your hand against your master!"

Jumping out of bed, An Lan immediately straddled Bai Lian and pinned her hands tightly.

This is your master's retaliation!


I'm furious!


And that was the end.

In the beginning, An Lan really wanted to punch Bai Lian in the eye. She exerted firm pressure on Bai Lian's belly with her hips, determined to go through with it. However, as she looked down at Bai Lian, all her resolve crumbled like a stack of blocks.

The person had a face filled with regret.


An Lan's mind replayed Bai Lian's apologetic words, "I was wrong," followed by her own determined words, "More strength."

She couldn't help but use a little more force.

This sudden action caused Bai Lian to feel a little pain.

But she easily bore it.

She felt a little comfortable in the crisp hemp.

As expected.

A task appeared in front of her right after she was knocked down.

[Task 1: Earn a reward of Hard Skill+4 by continuing to contradict An Lan.]

[Task 2: Earn the Canglei Palm by explaining anxiously to An Lan.]

[Task 3: Gain a Soft Skill+1 reward by biting your lips, looking at her with regret and saying nothing.]

Continue to contradict Master An Lan?

The thought of it made Bai Lian shiver.

Task 2 is useless since Shifu is angry and not in the mood to listen to my explanation.

Bai Lian decisively lowered her head, bit her lips, and avoided An Lan's gaze with teary eyes.

An Lan remained silent for a long time upon seeing her appearance.

The only sound audible in the cave was her breathing.

The cave was so cold that An Lan shivered.


After a while, a word escaped An Lan's lips.

"Shifu…" Bai Lian said sorrowfully, "It's all my fault. If only I could have prevented it, this disastrous outcome could have been avoided."

Bai Lian's tone resembled that of a lonely and helpless child.

An Lan felt as though a soft spot had been stabbed.

She recalled the little Bai Lian who would often huddle in the corner crying because no one understood her.

Since childhood, Bai Lian has been deprived of maternal love.

You are not at fault.

An Lan was eager to express that sentiment.

However, Heavenly Lord An Lan has her pride and even though she has achieved cultivator status at the Transcendency Stage, she will never apologize!

She ground her teeth.

She commanded in a cold voice, "Don't move!"


I will stand still.


An Lan nodded satisfactorily.

Bai Lian looked confused as An Lan raised her hand to press her shoulder and slowly bent down.

The flat terrain meets the peaks.

On a cool, poetic night with faint starlight.

Water droplets fall from the stalactites.

Fear flitted over Bai Lian's eyes too.

No, no!

Bai Lian was extremely cold.

She never expected An Lan to be the one to take action.

There must be an issue.

Is she really her master?

Could it be possible that An Lan and the Third Younger Martial Sister were reincarnated from a certain storyline of the game?

Hold on!

Shouldn't she be on top at this time?

She decided to switch positions after "Mars hits the Earth," but it turned out to be the wrong move.

Mars didn't collide with the Earth, but passed by it, leaving only a subtle trace of its presence.

Mars eventually stopped in front of a bright star.

"Please don't move!"

An Lan rebuked.

I didn't budge!

Bai Lian felt unfairly treated.

She forcefully disregarded the new task of kissing An Lan, and as a reward for completing the task, the "secret medicine" appeared.


An Lan's right hand supported Bai Lian's ear while her left hand lifted slightly and fell finally under Bai Lian's right eye corner.

She gritted her teeth.

The biggest problem is the star-shaped mark on Bai Lian's face!

It's obvious that she drew this star for Bai Lian. How could this ★ possibly activate the Star Moon Disc when Bai Lian was punching?

An Lan subtly moved her left hand and placed her thumb on the ★.


Gently scratch.

Her fingertips were infected with spirit Qi, which erased the traces she left on Bai Lian.

To her bewilderment, the ★ was still present.

An Lan attempted to rub it off again; however, despite her prolonged rubbing, she only ended up reddening Bai Lian's cheek.

Damn it!

An Lan grew anxious and pressed down on her finger.