The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 29 Part 2

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Chapter 29: The Power of the White Emperor! (2)

Bai Lian forcibly dispersed his soul over ten times.

After reuniting his soul, Ji Shi suddenly understood.

Bai Lian didn't kill him because she wanted him to suffer more.

Ji Shi's conclusion was not made up.

It wasn't just that Bai Lian was saying something confusing.

After analyzing carefully, he found that each of Bai Lian's blows was equally strong.

It was evident that Bai Lian was intentionally controlling the strength of her punches.

In his current condition, Ji Shi didn't think he could do it.

What was Bai Lian's motive for doing this?

She was afraid of killing him instantly!

This woman is truly malicious!

I can't continue like this. I have to escape.

Ji Shi was extremely feeble now, like a flickering candle that could vanish at any moment.

He didn't want to die here. Even if it meant becoming an ant, which he despised, he still wanted to live.

After being punched in the chest once more, Ji Shi quickly cast the Evading Spell.

Amidst a hazy mist, his soul transformed into a gleaming light.

This is the application of the Light Water!

Ji Shi is quite confident in this regard. After all, he has been studying it for nearly a "Yuan".

Run away?

Bai Lian was taken aback.

As she was about to follow Ji Shi, the Snow Spirit Lord, who had been watching the play for half a day, made a move.

This is a perfect opportunity to eliminate Ji Shi!

Use Heavy Water to counteract Light Water.

The Snow Spirit Lord acted like a cage, completely obstructing Ji Shi's path of retreat.

Ji Shi remained calm despite the sudden change.


I can't deal with Bai Lian, but how dare you come out to stop me?

Ji Shi pointed her index finger out, and the Snow Spirit Lord froze instantly as if she were confined in soft velvet ribs.

Oh no!

The Snow Spirit Lord felt as if she was stuck in a quagmire.

She was wrapped in a mist of water, which caused her body to experience sudden changes in temperature from hot to cold, making her feel as if she had just recovered from a serious illness, her body soft and weak.

"Do you take me for a fool? Don't you think I'll leave any backdoor in your body?"

Ji Shi's voice resounded in the mind of the Snow Spirit Lord.

Ji Shi had arrived at the edge of the island and was surprised to see that Bai Lian had not responded.

Yes! I succeeded!

He used to be the Long River Lord. Once he dived into the sea, no one was able to find him again.


To tell you the truth, Bai Lian did respond, but now she's doubting herself.

The encounter with the Snow Spirit Lord formed a strange circle -

The order went like this: Bai Lian > Ji Shi > the Snow Spirit Lord > Bai Lian.


Something isn't right.

She cannot be simultaneously weaker than the Snow Spirit Lord and stronger than Ji Shi, as Ji Shi is stronger than the Snow Spirit Lord.

Bai Lian understood it.

She couldn't kill Ji Shi because her attack was too weak.

Damn it!

Bai Lian was taken aback.

If only Ji Shi had fought back at least once just now…

Then it's game over.

Never mind.

Bai Lian, having realized the truth, opted not to pursue Ji Shi.

Wouldn't she suffer a terrible death if Ji Shi suddenly had the notion of dying alongside her?

The island was enveloped by a momentary silence.

Ji Shi was about to take off from the island and break through the holy water land created by Fu Zhu's Special Effect.

Suddenly, a change occurred.

The shore was filled with shimmering water.

As the white light beamed, a dark shadow suddenly emerged from beneath the sea.


Ji Shi's pupils contracted suddenly.

The shadow suddenly emerged from the waves, a massive, long, and fierce form, darting swiftly through the dark waters.

"Please leave, go away!"

Ji Shi cried out in a panicked voice.

But he had no time to dodge.

As he approached nearer, he finally discerned the black shadow.

A leg!

It's an old turtle's leg!

It mercilessly fell down.

Ji Shi lost consciousness at that moment, as if a mountain had fallen on his head.


The turtle's legs rotated and slapped heavily against its own shell.

The waves gushed outwards.

Suddenly, the earthquake struck.

Suddenly, the soil, grass, and trees on the turtle's shell cracked and were flung into the sea.

The Snow Spirit Lord was taken aback to discover that the island had lifted up.

Bai Lian appeared calm, but her emotions mirrored that of the Snow Spirit Lord.

Was I not standing on an island but rather an old turtle?

ヽ(#` Д ´)ノ

The turtle withdrew its forelimbs as its massive head protruded from the shell.

The Snow Spirit Lord didn't dare to move.

She saw it!

Ji Shi, who could easily control her, was lying on the ground, and his soul appeared so ethereal that it seemed like it would vanish anytime.

How strong is this turtle?

The turtle turned its head.

Looking at Ji Shi, the turtle suddenly spoke, "Fairy Bai Lian, I have taken control of this evil man. You can handle him however you please."


Bai Lian froze.

The Snow Spirit Lord was equally surprised.

Does this turtle know Bai Lian?


She didn't dare to continue thinking.

Ji Shi struggled to get up and said what the Snow Spirit Lord wanted to hear, "I always wondered how you fell into being tricked by Bai Lian so easily. So, ha ha, it was all part of your scheme. You cooperated with me intentionally to perform…"

Ji Shi, already dying, completely gave up the idea of escape after discovering the "truth."

I am the one who was deceived from start to finish!


How did he intend to provoke Bai Lian, a clever and courageous Immortal Emperor?

"Ha ha ha…"

Amidst the uproarious laughter, Ji Shi's soul dispersed into innumerable specks of light.

In that instant, he had ceased to live.


Bai Lian extended her hand.

Until that moment, she hadn't comprehended what was happening.

Far away.

Behind the rock.

The disciple from Wuheng Snow Valley had been staring for a while.

She had heard for a long time that Bai Lian was very powerful, but she didn't believe it until now.

"Is this what they call the power of the White Emperor?"