The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 29 Part 1

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Chapter 29: The Power of the White Emperor! (1)

Star Lord has limits.

However, is it always true?

Maybe it isn't the case.

But Ji Shi never doubted that Bai Lian was a Star Lord.

She was, in fact, an Immortal Emperor!

Ji Shi didn't know what to call Bai Lian.

White Emperor?

Emperor Bai Lian?

Saint Bai Lian?

Never mind.

The name is of no importance.

What's important is that he's going to pass away!

If you happen to offend the world, you could seek refuge under the Heavenly Thunder.

However, if you were to provoke an Immortal Emperor…

There seems to be no reason for living.

It is preferable to contemplate on how to die with honor.

However, Ji Shi declined.

Even though he couldn't defeat Bai Lian, he simply refused to acknowledge his defeat.

He wasn't far from attaining the title of Immortal Emperor.

He could have become the Long River Immortal Emperor if he hadn't been born in the year of Heaven and Earth Disaster, but now he's forced to hide like a mouse in the sewer.

The world was wrong, not him!

Burst the world! Crush it! The Great Tao will prevail!

As Ji Shi was lost in thought, his face became extremely distorted.

The face of the Snow Spirit Lord was also distorted, but with shock.

"An Immortal Emperor? Bai Lian is their reincarnation?"

She also foolishly ended up breaking her fingers.

Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, God Immortal, and Celestial Immortal…

Just count up to the little finger.

Oh, Immortal Emperor!

That's unbelievable.

Who said that Bai Lian was a reincarnated Star Lord?

Isn't this a bit misleading?

Yes! She won the bet!

Excitedly, the Snow Spirit Lord clenched her fist.

The battle between souls is not simply a competition over whose spirit Qi is more powerful.

Despite mastering a thousand spells, Ji Shi will surely be defeated by Bai Lian, an Immortal Emperor in her previous life.

As for how Bai Lian will teach her a lesson later…

The Snow Spirit Lord didn't believe that was important.

Even if Bai Lian desires to enslave her later, as a Natural Saint, it is unthinkable for Bai Lian to do such a thing.

However, it is bearable because her primary objective is to survive.

Come on, White Emperor, toss Ji Shi a lifeline!

Bai Lian threw a punch.

This Special Effect is truly attention-grabbing!

Even though it was Bai Lian's soul that was flying, the Special Effects on her still burst out.

The punch started off simple.

It landed on Ji Shi's cheek like a charging buffalo.


The pain was tearing.

In an instant, Ji Shi's soul shattered into innumerable pieces.

Then, after a second or so, Ji Shi's soul was restored.

A gust of wind suddenly swept across the already wet sea.

Colorful waves converged from all directions in a seemingly endless multitude.

Fluttering around Bai Lian's body, they exalted her as the supreme deity connecting ancient and modern times!

But that was not the end of it.

Bai Lian's newly acquired Fu Zhu Special Effect was also triggered.

Fu Zhu, the omen of a flood!

As soon as Fu Zhu appeared, the once silent sea seemed to be boiling vigorously.

Pop pop pop--

Within a brief span, hundreds of water pillars surged forth from the ocean's depths!

The water splashed all over the sky, smearing the three avatars of the Snow Spirit Lords, and she unconsciously licked her lips.


This is so salty!

The Snow Spirit Lord rubbed her eyes vigorously.

The water columns formed a circle, and the enormous water curtain rose high without falling, creating a holy land-like scenery.

It was too majestic.

Even with Using Modeling Heaven and Earth, she was unable to break free from the water ring.

Despite being in a world filled with water, the Snow Spirit Lord sensed that her strength had been suppressed by at least 10%.

"[Field], this has to be the power of [Field]!"

The Snow Spirit Lord's pupil suddenly contracted.

If she remembers correctly, Bai Lian has another [Field] that is related to the stars and the moon.

Soon, a Painting of Stars and Moon was generated from Bai Lian's fist inside the makeshift "glass jar" created by combining the Fu Zhu Special Effect and Water Rhythm Special Effect.

It looked like a scroll unfurling, and in an instant, it decorated the sky with countless stars.

As a general rule, one person finds it difficult to master two fields at the same time.

However, the Snow Spirit Lord finds everything reasonable considering that Bai Lian is the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor.

That's completely unreasonable!

Bai Lian was taken aback.

What was she calculating?

Be a kind person!

The title "reincarnated Star Lord" has been giving her a headache.

If other people really believe that she is a "reincarnated Immortal Emperor"…


Bai Lian has foreseen how many people will come to her, both openly and secretly.

Oh no!

Ji Shi is responsible for all this mess.

Bai Lian thought Ji Shi was a fraudster with a "toy knife" because she didn't see how easily he suppressed the Snow Spirit Lord.

How dare you spread rumors in front of the Snow Spirit Lord? I'll kill you!

Die die die--

At this moment, Bai Lian launched a relentless assault on Ji Shi's soul without holding back.

She swiftly punched him with both hands simultaneously.

Due to the impact, Ji Shi was sent soaring high up into the sky by the force of the blows.

The combination of light and shadow has created an enhanced version of [Ace Combat], making it look remarkably realistic.

Regardless of how Bai Lian attacked, Ji Shi's soul persevered and was able to complete the reorganization successfully.

"What the heck? This fraudster's strength seems to be on the lower side, yet surprisingly, his HP is way too high."

Bai Lian silently complained to herself.

Perhaps that's what Ji Shi is counting on, but no matter how tough the defenses are, they can eventually be penetrated.


Bai Lian launched another attack, putting all her power into each punch.

"Crush it!"

"Feel the pain!"


The Snow Spirit Lord's heart pounded as she looked at the scene, causing her to involuntarily clench her legs.

She could never compete with Bai Lian.

She started to ponder how she managed to "win over" Bai Lian.

Did Bai Lian allow herself to be captured on purpose?

In the field.

Ji Shi, who was in a state of panic, initially intended to fight Bai Lian with his heightened strength in that moment.

However, upon witnessing Bai Lian's effortless control of two fields even after her soul had exited her body, he had entirely lost his will to fight.

How could he possibly defeat an Immortal Emperor?!

There's no hope.