The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 28 Part 2

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Chapter 28: Rumors Know No Bounds! (2)

As it soared to the realm beyond the heavens, it radiated a brilliance even greater than the unmatched star-filled sky.

The ground was blanketed in snow, and the sky mirrored the same snowy hue.

White night!

This is a true white night scene!

An Lan appeared somewhat amused by the spectacle before her.

"What happened?"

The magnitude of this vision was so immense that it could make the entire world succumb to it.

Standing under the white night sky, the Snow Spirit Lord felt as helpless as a young bird which had not yet learned to take flight.

By the way,

The vision was triggered by the astrolabe, and it was just an instant ago that Bai Lian had used the very same astrolabe.

The Snow Spirit Lord was completely out of breath.

Star Lord! Is this what the strength of a Star Lord looks like?!

She quickly turned her head.

It was Ji Shi, who appeared to be almost petrified, that she first saw, not Bai Lian.

"How… how can this be possible?"

Ji Shi lifted his head and froze in place.

He was unsure of what to say.

His thoughts were jumbled.

It felt like someone had struck it with a big stick repeatedly for fifteen minutes.

Oh my God!

Ji Shi clearly saw a passage emerging through the white night.

What passage will be revealed under the guidance of the astrolabe?

"The Ancient Starry…"

Ji Shi's lips trembled uncontrollably.

He couldn't say the entire thing.

It has to be the Ancient Starry Sky Road!

However, the road didn't last long, as even An Lan was frightened.

What on earth?

She just wanted to quietly hit Ji Shi on the head.

No way.

Please leave!

Make sure Bai Lian doesn't find out she's been here!

Otherwise, she will lose all her dignity.

Let's leave the rest to the old turtle. That man named Ji Shi seems foolish for not using a spell and instead stabbing Bai Lian with a broken knife.

Not only would Bai Lian not be hurt by such a knife, but even her third disciple Su Youwei, who had recently broken through to the Golden Core Stage, would not be affected.

Come on.

An Lan secretly shook her head.

He could be dealt with by the old turtle.

She left some words with the old turtle.

"Take care of Bai Lian for me, or I'll rip your head off!"

"Moreover, don't disclose my presence to Bai Lian, or I'll break your shell into pieces!"

The turtle, "…"

I just wanted to watch, why did I even get involved?

As soon as An Lan departed, the lights on the astrolabe immediately dimmed.


The brilliance faded, and the astrolabe fell straight to the ground.

Then came a series of explosions.

Boom, boom, boom.

All the nearby runes and various materials were blown to pieces.

Finally, the white light in the sky began to disperse.

However, the sensation caused by the "white night" continued to spread.

Everyone in the Snow Sea witnessed this peculiar sight.

The first person affected was a Wuheng Snow Valley disciple who had been injured in the previous Hades Hall attack.

She had managed to escape from the valley and was now leaning against a cedar tree to catch her breath.

As the "white night" descended, she struggled to stand up and made her way unsteadily towards the sea.

As she looked out, she could see the island and the people engaged in combat on it.

Soon, the Lord of Hades Hall and the others were also impacted. They ceased their attacks on Wuheng Snow Valley and gazed at the endless white night, contemplating whether they should investigate.

Afterward, other factions in the Snow Sea dispatched individuals to investigate the origin of the white light.

Numerous individuals were unable to sleep that night.

However, Ji Shi sensed that he might drift off into an eternal slumber.

He never believed that Bai Lian could locate the Ancient Starry Sky Road, but it turned out he was wrong; the road did manifest for a brief moment.

What is the meaning of this?

Ji Shi turned around rigidly, and the Soul Chasing Blade clutched in his right hand impaled the back of Bai Lian's soul.

He was certain that the blade had indeed punctured Bai Lian's soul.

Star Lords have a vulnerability on the back of their souls.

If the vulnerability on the back of the soul is struck, the Great Tao of Stars within the Star Lord's body will become chaotic, causing an impact on Bai Lian's movements.

However, despite being stabbed, Bai Lian remained incredibly calm.

She stood there unaffected as if nothing could affect her.

Her eyes…

Ji Shi didn't dare to go see them.

Finally, he mustered up the courage to look into Bai Lian's eyes.

Very calm.

There was a hint of "banter" in the calmness, as if suggesting-

"Is that all?"

Bai Lian actually believed that.

When she was stabbed, she became extremely scared.


After a while, Bai Lian was surprised to discover that she was completely unharmed.

Is that everything?

Are you trying to tickle me?

In that moment, Bai Lian "got it".


Ji Shi may look mysterious, but he's actually just a "paper tiger"!


Fight back! I have to defend myself since he's so weak!

Bai Lian was presented with new task options in front of her.

[Task 1: Turn around and run (Reward: +1 Light Skill)]

[Task 2: Say loudly, "Who is invincible in this world?" (Reward: +2 in Tea Ceremony)]

Don't overthink it, just go with Task 2!

Bai Lian delicately pinched the Soul Chasing Blade between her thumb and forefinger, then pushed it towards Ji Shi.

She remained motionless.

The star at the corner of her eye was as bright as a mountain.

At that moment, she whispered, "Who is the invincible one in this world?"

Ji Shi didn't hesitate to throw the Soul Chasing Blade away.

Yes, that must be it!

Bai Lian wasn't just a Star Lord in her previous life, she was also an Immortal Emperor!

This was the only way he could explain why Bai Lian was able to induce so much noise and find the Ancient Starry Sky Road.

This is the only way to explain why Bai Lian was obviously stabbed by him, yet she was not harmed. As an Immortal Emperor, she naturally didn't have the weak point of Star Lords.

"Bai Lian, you're the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor!"

Ji Shi yelled like a crazy person.