The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 28 Part 1

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Chapter 28: Rumors Know No Bounds! (1)

It's too risky!

Just a second ago, Bai Lian was wandering aimlessly in the infinite starry sky, searching for the Ancient Starry Sky Road.

However, the moment she stepped out of the astrolabe, she saw a stranger charging towards her from afar, wielding thousands of swords. It's safe to say that she was terrified.

The first thing that came to Bai Lian's mind was to turn around and escape.

However, upon comparing the speed difference between the two, she promptly realized that fleeing was not an option.

Returning to the body…

Oh no!

Her soul was unable to return to her physical body.

It's finished!

Bai Lian was overwhelmed with despair.

You were the one who told me that this level of danger is only worth 8 points of Light Skill? Damn system!

Don't kid around!

Bai Lian didn't have time to complain.

She quickly raised her right fist, gathered all her strength, and prepared to block Ji Shi's attack.


Ji Shi laughed.

Close, close!

He was not only close to Bai Lian's soul, but also to her heart.

And also his dream, his guiding light!

In fact, Ji Shi is a cultivator from the past "Yuan". He was once a trusted follower of an Immortal Emperor in that era.

The Immortal Emperor discovered ancient artifacts left behind by a fallen god.

The knowledge that Ji Shi has about the Immeasurable Disaster and the Ancient Starry Sky Road was acquired from a gravestone found among the relics.

Based on this information, he gritted his teeth and survived the calamity that marked the end of the previous "Yuan". He successfully lived through the current "Yuan" and extended his life for thousands of years during his declining period.

Despite his best efforts to prolong his life, he eventually reached his limits.

As he mentioned earlier,

If you fail to become an Immortal Emperor, everything you possess will eventually slip away.

Having strength is of utmost importance.

Even if he were to abandon his human form and conceal himself, he still wouldn't be able to avoid the threat of death.

Death death death…

Every day when he woke up, Ji Shi found him consumed by the word "Death."

He's had enough.

The fear of death almost drove him insane.

During the last "Yuan," he possessed such remarkable talents that he could have become an Immortal Emperor - if the Heaven and Earth Disaster had not intervened.

The sudden arrival of the Heaven and Earth Disaster disrupted his attempt to effortlessly open the Door of the Immortal Emperor.

Ji Shi is feeling upset!

He doesn't wish to perish; instead, he longs to transform his life.

He not only needs to mend his corrupted soul but also obtain a body capable of becoming an Immortal Emperor.

After falling down to North Luzhou accidentally from the Immortal World and being rescued by the Snow Spirit Lord, Ji Shi made the decision to fight for his destiny.

Since he had no other viable option, he searched throughout the Snow Sea but could not find anyone with a higher level of talent than the Snow Spirit Lord.

The talent of the Snow Spirit Lord is decent, and she can become an Immortal as long as she manages to avoid death.

By consuming her soul and taking control of her body, Ji Shi is able to extend his life span by an additional 200 years.

His intention is to use the next two hundred years to ascend to the Immortal World, and upon arrival, locate a more suitable candidate for his purposes.

Naturally, even if he were to commandeer another body, his lifespan would not be extended. Instead, he would experience a decrease in life expectancy due to the disturbance caused by his soul.

However, he is compelled to do so.

He cannot simply sit idly by, waiting for his demise.

He is unwilling to die!

Gender difference doesn't pose a problem for him.

After taking over the Snow Spirit Lord's body, he can invest more energy into regenerating his eternal form.

After the plan was initiated.

Ji Shi first coached the Snow Spirit Lord about the significance of Light and Heavy water, which promptly made her body more compatible with him.

During this period, the Snow Spirit Lord's strength skyrocketed and within a mere span of ten years, she had surpassed the Lord of the Hades Hall who was previously a tad stronger than her.

After an extended period, the Snow Spirit Lord also realized that he had a malicious intention, yet he was unperturbed.

Does an eagle soaring in the sky really bother about what an ant mulls over?

However, in that very moment, things took a turn.

Bai Lian appears.

She manifested as both a Natural Saint and a reincarnated Star Lord!

Initially, Ji Shi had no intention of immediately possessing Bai Lian's body.

He was not entirely confident that his corrupted soul could conquer Bai Lian.

His plan was to promptly take possession of the Snow Spirit Lord's body and utilize their strength to overpower Bai Lian.

This is a more stable option.

However, the Snow Spirit Lord was aware of the impending danger and was not willing to grant his request.

Use force?

She is also capable of using force!

The situation is not in favor of Ji Shi.

Bai Lian had a stronger soul than him.

If he seizes the Snow Spirit Lord's body in front of Bai Lian, then his plan will be exposed beforehand to Bai Lian.

Give up?

Of course not!

He no longer wants to be associated with words related to "Death".

Ji Shi decided to take a more challenging but lucrative path -

Devour Bai Lian's soul directly and then take over their body!

With determination, success is possible!

After all, he knows the Star Lord's weak point.

With a ferocious look on his face, he cried out "Bai Lian, you've been tricked", and successfully trapped Bai Lian.

[Do you really think I foolishly want to meet you head-on?]

As he faced Bai Lian's Painting of Stars and Moon and the colorful waves coming from all directions, Ji Shi extended his right arm like rubber and swiftly avoided the impact range of Bai Lian's soul.

The Star Lord's weak point lies between the Shinto acupoint and Lingtai acupoint on their back.

Go ahead, Ji Shi.

Take over Bai Lian's body!

The white light suddenly turned on.

Like dreams, bubbles, morning dew, and lightning.

After trying to do it herself and calling the turtle for help, An Lan couldn't bear it anymore.

She'll do it on her own!

She didn't use her lance, instead, she opted for the floating astrolabe.

An Lan's Divine Sense charged into the depths of the astrolabe like a spear.

She was about to thrust the astrolabe to take down the coward who dared to harm Bai Lian. However, at that moment, an unexpected mishap occurred!

As if it had activated a mechanism, the astrolabe began to tremble from afar.

"What is that?"

The Lord of the Snow Spirit noticed it.

There is something wrong!

Her eyes were fixed intently on the astrolabe, as if they were drawn to it like a magnet.

The astrolabe expanded and contracted…

When Ji Shi stabbed Bai Lian with the Soul Chasing Blade, the astrolabe was finally unleashed.


The momentum was so incredible that it shook the entire starry sky.

At that moment, the soft white light erupted like a shaken bottle of Coke.

It happened too quickly.

It was excessive as well.

In an instant, the entire "island" was engulfed in white light.

However, this was merely the start of a miracle.

The white light ascended rapidly, resembling an infinite curtain as it gradually consumed the vast darkness.