The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 27 Part 2

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Chapter 27: Bai Lian, the Star Lord Reaches Their Limit! (2)

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There were no pupils in his eyes, just empty sockets with a shimmering silver light hovering over them.

"In a way, Snow Spirit Lord, I am your master," he said.

Ji Shi's voice echoed in the mind of the Snow Spirit Lord.

The three Snow Spirit Lords standing at the edge of the magic array simultaneously froze.

Ji Shi stood with his hands down, gazing up at the bright stars. "Without my guidance, you won't be able to comprehend the significance of Heavy Water and Light Water. And if you don't understand, you'll suffer defeat by the Lord of the Hades Hall just like 22 years ago. What fate will befall the Wuheng Snow Valley then? Needless to say, you understand the gravity of the situation," he said.

The Snow Spirit Lord held onto the handrail firmly beside her.

As her strength was not very sturdy, holding on for a long time caused her small hand to turn red.

Ji Shi sneered upon seeing the Snow Spirit Lord's lack of response.

At that moment, the sky was illuminated by one massive star after another, making the Milky Way appear even brighter.

An ethereal shadow emanated from Ji Shi's diminutive form, evoking an extraordinary aura.

Ji Shi, with his soul separated from his body, finally revealed his true form: a tall man with a goatee.

He hovered in the air, resembling a demonic figure poised to devour the world.

A slight tremor ran through the Snow Spirit Lord's body.

Is this the power of a Celestial Immortal from the Immortal World?

That's terrible.

Even though he has descended into the mortal world, he is still much stronger than anyone else.

This is a realm disparity/gap.

The Snow Spirit Lord's fear of Bai Lian also stemmed from this.

Her only hope now was to rely on Bai Lian. It was preferable to risk offending Bai Lian than to be caught by Ji Shi.

At that moment, An Lan was also taken aback, "An ancient monster has returned to life?"

She sniffled.

The smell was repulsive. She considered sticking out her tongue to express her disgust, but felt it wasn't appropriate behavior for her, so she refrained.


Suddenly, there was a dull, cold hum emanating from the sky.

The Spirit Lord of Snow raised her head.

Ji Shi cast a disdainful glance at the Snow Spirit Lord and spoke, "You disappoint me, Snow Spirit Lord. I elevated you to your current position, but now you are plotting to rebel against me."


"Do you think I am not aware of the petty tactics you employed? Ha ha ha!" Ji Shi laughed. "The only reason I didn't call you out on it was because I never considered you important enough to bother!"

The Snow Spirit Lord gritted her teeth.

Ji Shi rolled over and gazed at the astrolabe.

"If you don't believe me, you can test me. Even if my body is decayed and my soul is shattered, I'm still unbeatable in this world!"

Majestic spirit Qi surged out.

The Snow Spirit Lord was knocked back by the impact and sat down.

She was unable to move and appeared to be stuck in a quagmire.

As Ji Shi had predicted, she was completely immobilized, rendering all her prior preparations useless.

She became gripped with great fear in her heart.

She became panicked.

Without Bai Lian present, Ji Shi may take away everything she has to compensate for his physical incapacity.

Bai Lian was unaware of any changes in the outside world, as they were fully engrossed in sensing the Ancient Starry Sky Road through the astrolabe.

However, An Lan, who was hiding in the water, was pissed off.

Fuck you! Do you hear? Fuck you!

How dare you steal my lines!

She took out her lance secretly and prepared to attack Ji Shi from behind.

Ji Shi said in a low voice, "Snow Spirit Lord, don't worry. I'll deal with you once I'm done swallowing Bai Lian!"

He stopped talking and waited.

He wasn't lying. The method he suggested can actually be used to discover the Ancient Starry Sky Road.

But this method is extremely demanding.

Firstly, the individual utilizing this method must be from the Immortal World and must have been acknowledged by the Great Tao.

Therefore, at minimum, the individual ought to be a Star Lord.

Actually, an Immortal Emperor is the most ideal candidate. However, how does one locate an Immortal Emperor and exert dominance over them?

Secondly, the materials employed for constructing the magic array can't be commonplace objects, but rather must be infused with Immortal Spirit Qi. If the items contain the essence of the Great Tao, it would be more advantageous.

Lastly, even if the prior two conditions are satisfied, it still relies on chance to discover the Ancient Starry Sky Road.

As this universe is too vast, even the Heavenly Lord could scarcely grasp its entirety.

Ji Shi doubted that Bai Lian would be capable of locating the Ancient Starry Sky Road.

He patiently awaited for Bai Lian's soul to detach entirely from her physical form.

He was too feeble.

If he were to truly engage in combat with Bai Lian…

Ji Shi believed that he would not be able to secure an upper hand against Bai Lian.

While he was able to overpower the Snow Spirit Lord with the aid of certain learned techniques from his time in the Immortal World, how could he hope to intimidate Bai Lian, as the latter was a Star Lord reincarnate?

Despite being only at the Transcendency Stage, Bai Lian's condition is remarkably excellent.

Her soul is whole, and her body is unblemished.

Ji Shi was told that Bai Lian possessed the ability to create a Milky Way with a single punch.

This is too terrible!

Who can guarantee if Bai Lian has any other powerful means left?

He is not like Bai Lian. If his soul gets severely damaged, he will immediately collapse.

Hence, even if he knows the weaknesses of the Star Lord, he still needs to come up with ways to weaken Bai Lian before confronting her.

Ji Shi's plan is to separate her soul from her body temporarily, so that she can't use her spirit Qi.

It's just the final step.

Ji Shi was holding the Soul Chasing Blade.

Countless shadows appeared around his body as he smiled confidently.

Chanting words that the Snow Spirit Lord could not understand, the shadows surrounded him.

Ji Shi stood there imposingly, like a great emperor.

He seemed to live simultaneously in the past and the future.

The stones, trees on the island, and the sea water were all shouting.

"Master Long River," they called out repeatedly.


Ji Shi's soul trembled as the shaking white and purple lights came to a halt.

He has lived for two generations, yet has never been this excited.

Bai Lian, I need you to aid me in my cultivation and assist in my ascension to the throne!

All of a sudden, the astrolabe that had been continuously spinning came to an abrupt stop. After a brief moment of silence, Bai Lian withdrew her soul from the astrolabe.

This is the chance.

The dark clouds swelled and engulfed Ji Shi, who then attacked Bai Lian with an onslaught of luminous blades.

He had already identified the Star Lord's unique vulnerable spot.

If this attack manages to harm Bai Lian, he is 90% confident that she will lose her will to fight.

With this in mind, Ji Shi's lips curled into a grim smile as he bellowed:

"You're trapped, Bai Lian!"