The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 27 Part 1

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Chapter 27: Bai Lian, the Star Lord Reaches Their Limit! (1)

The moonlight tonight is beautiful.

Today is a good day to recite poems under the bright moonlight.

On the spoon-shaped gravel road, Ji Shi's loose skin was piled up, making it impossible to tell whether he was laughing or crying.

His eyes were originally cloudy-looking.

When you look closely at his eyes, they are tinted with yellowish-brown, almost as if he's wearing special contact lenses.

But his eyes are different now.

It's like looking through everything and washing away the dust of the mortal world.


Incredibly innocent.

Ji Shi took a step forward with innocent eyes and walked towards the center of the crowd.

The moon shone like a pillar, illuminating his entire being and making him appear as a nobleman free of any desires.

Is it indeed true?

Ji Shi raised his gaze towards the sky.

There exists a star by the name of Juyang Star whose time was marked by the reign of a Star Lord, Juyang Star Lord.

During that era, Juyang Star Lord, possessing unparalleled intellect and prowess, formulated a path to Tao that has since remained unexplored by others!

He ran down the way with unstoppable momentum, encountering zero obstructions en route.

Juyang Star Lord's moniker "enormous sun" indicated his desire to shine as the brightest star in the heavens.

At that point in time, Juyang Star Lord had earned a formidable reputation that instilled fear in others.

As the mighty sun ascends, the stars fade into obscurity.

Juyang Star Lord has even utilized the Eternal Stele, which is meant to immortalize the names of Star Lords, as a mere seat.


"Even Star Lord has its limitations!"

Ji Shi's eyes gleamed with excitement.

Regardless of the Juyang Star Lord's fame, he was still just a Star Lord.

He could easily defeat ten other Star Lords together, but he would struggle to take on twenty at once.

As the saying goes, becoming an Immortal Emperor means you have accomplished everything.

Juyang Star Lord perished under the siege.

Ji Shi had firsthand experience of the war. During that time, he bravely charged forward and dealt Juyang Star Lord a fatal blow.

He slayed a Star Lord during that war.

This was his proudest moment.

However, Ji Shi's greatest gain wasn't this. He became privy to a secret during that time-

[Every Star Lord, regardless of its type, must have a weakness!]

Finding Bai Lian's weak point will enable him to quickly overcome his current predicament and embark on a fresh start.

Come on.

Ji Shi held the astrolabe and danced like an old witch, shouting at the Snow Spirit Lord with a serious expression.

"Please stand still!"


The Snow Spirit Lord transformed into three beings.

The position where the three of them stood created an extremely stable triangle.

Bright lights emerged from the ground.

The ground appeared like a swaying Milky Way under the illumination.

Bai Lian glanced over.

An old woman, a young woman, and a girl on the verge of death…


If the Snow Spirit Lord could have another avatar, she would be able to play mahjong alone.

That's too bad.

As she was lost in thought, the turtle she had accidentally stepped on seemed to relax and close its eyes.

Actually, the power of the starlight that fell on its back was just what it needed to heal the hole that had been poked by the sneaky kelp.

The old turtle had intended to question Bai Lian about her activities, but ultimately decided to wait a bit longer.

Come on.

Infuse more starlight into my body!

An Lan, who had concealed herself as a reef in the sea, refrained from hastening out.

Are you really seeking the Ancient Starry Sky Road? What if it actually exists?

Then she would be able to return to the Immortal World with ease!

She is confident that upon her return, it won't take many years for her to regain her original strength and take revenge on the person who sneak attacked her.



Make Bai Lian my maidservant, to attend to me directly.

This position should not be underestimated.

Despite being a maid, she is a trusted attendant who is always present by the bedside.

Even ordinary Celestial Immortals wouldn't dream of touching her feet, let alone invading her private domain.

This should make Bai Lian happy.

After all, Bai Lian was her talented disciple in this small world.

She doesn't mind exerting some of her strength to help Bai Lian become a full-fledged Star Lord so that she can stay with her forever and serve her.


That's the decision then.

An Lan's excitement was palpable as she looked around.

Suddenly, a vision appeared.

One by one, the scattered runes on the ground lit up.

White lights scattered like a hurricane's gusts.

Suddenly, purple lights gushed out like a tide in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, even the moon was completely swallowed by the lights.

However, the sea didn't fall into darkness, as countless stars took the place of the full moon.

It was as if the moon had suddenly burst into countless pieces.

The star river is unbelievably bright, and not even Bai Lian's painting of Stars and Moon could capture such a stunning view.

This is due to the projection of the actual Milky Way onto the sky.

Ji Shi's astrolabe ascended into the sky as he yelled out, "Fairy Bai Lian, would you kindly release your Divine Sense to control the astrolabe?"

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Bai Lian gave a nod.

From what she could discern, at least the magic array and the astrolabe seemed to be functioning properly.

Then, there is no need for concern at the moment.

She released her Divine Sense and traversed the limitless star-filled skies using the powers of the astrolabe.

As the scene unfolded before her eyes, the Snow Spirit Lord fixated her gaze on Ji Shi, who tirelessly etched new runes onto the magic array and channeled her spirit Qi into it.

The day she had long awaited had finally arrived.

She remained anxious about the potential failure of her plan.

However, the thought of Bai Lian standing by her side brought her immense comfort and eased her worries.

In the midst of placing the last rune in the spoon-shaped gravel, Ji Shi suddenly turned around.

His eyes…

The Snow Spirit Lord was taken aback and instinctively took a step backward.