The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 25 Part 2

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Chapter 25: The Transaction With the Snow Spirit Lord (2)

He suspected that the woman had a purpose in telling Bai Lian about the Immeasurable Disaster and the Ancient Starry Sky Road, otherwise, she wouldn't have mentioned it.

Is that in her best interest?

Either way, he couldn't afford for his plan to fail. With the Immeasurable Disaster looming, there was no time to explore other options.

After carefully observing Bai Lian, Ji Shi realized that it may not be all negative aspects after all.

Take risks to gain wealth.

By carefully planning, he may be able to receive more benefits.

However, the condition is that he must be quick.

To tell the truth, he is not very adept at this. He is rather steady in nature and may not be able to appreciate it if it happens too soon.


At that moment, the young woman furrowed her brow.

She retrieved her jade slip and swiftly skimmed through it.

Ji Shi inquired, "What happened?"

The young woman gritted her teeth and exclaimed, "The Lord of the Hades Hall has lost his mind!"

Bai Lian and Ji Shi were left dumbfounded simultaneously.

"He accused me of beating up his son twice, but I was right here the whole time. Now he's planning to attack the Wuheng Snow Valley, that bastard!" the young woman exclaimed in frustration. "How could I have done it when I've been sitting here the entire time?"

Wow, is that even possible?

Although Bai Lian refrained from commenting on other aspects, she still expressed her sympathy towards the woman who was suspected to be the Snow Spirit Lord.

I am being misunderstood~

She has gone through the same fucking thing numerous times.

Therefore, Bai Lian gave a sympathetic look to the young woman.

The two people opposite have no time to pay attention to Bai Lian at the moment.

"Fairy Bai Lian, I must take my leave for a while, and we can discuss our matters when I return."

Bai Lian smiled and said, "Good!"

You fight slowly. I'll drink tea here. When you both are severely injured, I will add cheer up for you.


The young woman gestured towards the bamboo house and kindly spoke, "The guest room is located on the left. Fairy Bai Lian, if you're feeling tired, you can rest there."

Then she departed with Ji Shi.

Bai Lian remained still.

There's an intricate magic array encircling the bamboo forest, preventing any chance of escape despite her understanding of how it works.

Having finished her tea, she rose and made her way to the hot spring.

She wishes to take a bath.

The hot spring, bamboo forest, and snow…

It is full of artistic expression.

But the thought of Ji Shi, who was hiding under the hot spring not long ago, suddenly made her lose interest.

Bai Lian walked into the young woman's cabin.

Unlike outside, it wasn't wet or cold inside here.

It was warm.

Once Bai Lian came in, she didn't want to go out.

Leaning against the bamboo table, she began to think.

The first thing that came to her mind was the information regarding Wuheng Snow Valley.

She vaguely remembered that in the late stages of the game, Wuheng Snow Valley had to relocate due to the pressure from Tong Yao, who had become the "Empress". They then set their sights on the Wushan Holy Palace, which had been kicked out of the four sects at that time.

Following several catastrophes in the East Divine Land, the majority of the sects weakened in strength. The Wushan Holy Palace, which was ill-prepared, was hit hard by the Wuheng Snow Valley, and had even lost the ancestral land they had inhabited for thousands of years.

Since then, the Wushan Holy Palace was completely razed and the Wuheng Snow Valley was renamed to the Wuheng Water Valley.

This shows that the Snow Spirit Lord is not truly a virtuous person.

However, the game took place many years ahead. Who knows if the Snow Spirit Lord she had encountered today was the same as the one in the game?

Now that you mention it…

Bai Lian reminisced about the Snow Spirit Lord she had encountered in the Hades Hall.

The Snow Spirit Lord I saw was completely different from the young woman I just encountered.

At that moment, she felt puzzled. The Snow Spirit Lord had blatantly transformed into a fierce beast using Modeling Heaven and Earth in front of everyone, yet inexplicably, another Snow Spirit Lord appeared to apprehend her.

The young woman claimed that it was her puppet.

Can any puppet in this world use Modeling Heaven and Earth?

If this is true, other puppet masters will feel ashamed enough to commit suicide.

So, who is actually the puppet?

Bai Lian had a suspicion that the woman was lying to her.

Yin Susu once said that beautiful women are more likely to deceive people. As an example, she herself was quite skilled at deceiving others. (Translator's note: Yin Susu was a famous character from The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. She said this to her son as a cautionary advice, warning him about not being misled by women, before her death.)


She's not trying to boast about her own beauty, even though it's a fact. What she means to say is that the young woman's beauty is slightly less than hers, but she also appears to be untrustworthy.

Feeling bored, Bai Lian grabbed a book and began to read.

Until the moon rose high above the bamboo forest.

Bai Lian heard a rustling sound from the silvery snow illuminated by the moonlight outside.

She turned to face the door and stared at it.


After a faint sound, the Snow Spirit Lord pushed the door open and entered.

"Excuse me, Fairy Bai Lian?"

The Snow Spirit Lord hurriedly walked over to Bai Lian and took a seat across from her.

Putting down her book, Bai Lian asked, "How may I assist the renowned Snow Spirit Lord?"

The Snow Spirit Lord addressed Bai Lian, "Fairy Bai Lian, I heard that you have come to the Snow Sea in search of Immortal Spirit Qi."

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Bai Lian nodded, "Exactly."

"The Wuheng Snow Valley is home to an Immortal Spirit Stone," the Snow Spirit Lord informed.

This is it.

Finally, the Snow Spirit Lord revealed her tusks.

Then there must be a "dirty" trade.


Bai Lian scrutinized the Snow Spirit Lord from head to toe.

She recalled the recent task she had completed, which earned her 8 points in Light Skill. The task had been risky but not life-threatening.

If the Snow Spirit Lord's request is reasonable, she can negotiate a deal with her.

Ultimately, as long as the Snow Spirit Lord doesn't deceive her, she won't be at a disadvantage.

"I have a proposal," said the Snow Spirit Lord.

"I'd like to hear more," Bai Lian said.

"This is a critical moment in our search for the Ancient Starry Sky Road, and we need your help," Lord Xue Ling said. "Regardless of success, the Immortal Spirit Stone will be yours. By the way, it's a top-grade stone."

Bai Lian's eyelids twitched slightly.

"A top-grade Immortal Spirit Stone? This is enough for Shifu to use for a hundred years," Bai Lian remarked.

"I come with full sincerity," the Snow Spirit Lord said with a smile.

Bai Lian gave a nod.

She understood the hidden meaning behind the Snow Spirit Lord's words--

Agree with what I've said, or I'll be forced to use it!


You went so far as to threaten me just so I could help you!

Bai Lian still asked, "Why should I help you? My strength doesn't seem to be anything to brag about."

"Fairy Bai Lian, being the reincarnation of an Immortal, is the only one who can sense the position of the Immortal World since only Immortals possess such ability."

Bai Lian understood the situation.

As she is not the reincarnation of any Immortal, this plan is bound to fail!

At that moment, there is a possibility that the Snow Spirit Lord will realize she was lying, but…

She doesn't have the luxury of time to think about it.

Should she refuse, the Snow Spirit Lord will undoubtedly resort to force.

Please proceed, I don't mind as long as I can obtain the Immortal Spirit Stone.

Master, please wait here. I will come to your rescue!