The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 25 Part 1

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Chapter 25: The Transaction With the Snow Spirit Lord (1)

The face of the Hades Hall looked very fierce.

After being forced to consume a pile of medicinal pills and drink a white, sticky medicinal juice, he barely recovered to normal.

He is still the "tough guy" who can have intercourse with more than ten female cultivators without rest!

But after his rescue, there were many rumors circulating about the Hades Hall claiming he was merely feigning his recovery.

If those who uttered such words were the low-level disciples, he would kill them!

But it was his own brothers and sisters who took the forefront in spreading these rumors!

He could only curse back under his breath.

"A group of bitches!"

After being scolded, the third young master was still not relieved.

Soon after, there was a sudden and thunderous news.

Somehow, Tong Yao, the Duxian sect's imprisoned disciple, managed to escape from prison!

Fortunately, a guard was nearby and caught her as soon as she opened the door to escape.

The prison door can only be opened by people with Nether Bloodline.

Tong Yao has the ability to open that door, which means…


The third young master realized this when he found the crystal bottle on the table was broken.

Something significant has occurred.

He got up and paced back and forth in the room.

"Did you tell anyone else about it?"

The guard who came to report shook his head. He came specifically to report to the third young master.

That's good news. It means we still have a chance to fix it.

"Come with me to take a look," said the third young master in a cold tone.


Before long, he reached the prison.

During this time, the Lord of the Hades Hall was carrying out internal clean-up, and nobody took notice of him.

He approached Tong Yao with a smile on his face and said, "Hello, little sister."

"What are your plans?"

Tong Yao regarded the third young master warily.

The third young master still smiled.

Do what?

Have a blood test.

If Tong Yao is really her sister, he'll have to take some extreme measures!

"Don't worry, let's take it slow."

The third young master sat down in front of Tong Yao and opened a black box.

This is great. With this, he can enhance the Nether Bloodline Focus in his body.

Just use this box to refine Tong Yao with it…

The third young master was lost in thought when a sudden silver light flashed towards him.

Without time to react, the white light shot straight through the black box.


Helplessly, the third young master watched as the black box shattered into more than ten pieces.


He pinched his face tightly.

This is not an illusion or a dream.

No more.

He has lost his "Golden Finger", his hope of becoming the next Lord of the Hades Hall.

The third young master was without hope.

He suddenly stood up, buried his head in his hands, and let out a heart-wrenching scream.

"Alas --"

Why are you shouting?!

Suddenly, a hand clad in a black silk glove reached out from nowhere.

It was An Lan!

She forced the third young master back to his seat.

Without uttering a word, An Lan used Soul Searching.

She didn't know where Bai Lian was headed, but she sensed that this guy was attempting to launch a surprise attack on him.

You really are!

An Lan punched the third young master in the chest, fracturing his ribs and leaving a sunken fist imprint on him.

This is not over yet. She forced the third young master's head down towards his crotch.

What happened once is happening again.

The third young master fainted from the pain.

After clapping her hands, An Lan left the Hades Hall immediately. It appeared that she had to go to the Wuheng Snow Valley to find Bai Lian.

She abruptly stopped after flying out a short distance.

She appeared to have seen a familiar face just now. Who could it be?

Never mind.

Finding Bai Lian quickly is imperative. It's crucial.

The small, black figure moved swiftly across the ocean.

The wind was strong, causing the vast sea to divide in two from its impact.

This sight caught the eye of an "island" out at sea.


After a moment, the fierce head of a turtle emerged from the edge of the "island".

"That is…"

The eyes of the turtle grew wider.

Isn't the figure its savior, who saved it from the kelp that looked like tentacles?

If it weren't for the girl who killed the kelp, it wouldn't be able to enjoy the luxury of basking in the sun now.

The turtle chased after An Lan with all its might.

In half an hour.

In the prison of the Hades Hall.

A cry of surprise swept through half of the Hades Hall like a gust of wind.

"The third young master has fallen again!" (Crying)

He then roared angrily, "Damn it! I am at war with you, Snow Spirit Lord!"

The highest level of lying is when every word you say is true, but when combined, it becomes a lie.

Bai Lian still couldn't achieve this level/state.

However, when she claimed that the Immortal Heavenly Lord taught her "Thousands of Flowers", she exuded a certain "Grand Master's vibe".

That expression, that gesture…


Ji Shi attempted to gather evidence that Bai Lian was deceiving him, but after scrutinizing Bai Lian for a long time, he grew disheartened.

What a relaxed expression that is.

He was unable to find anything.

Bai Lian is favored by the Immortal Heavenly Lord and thus has a high probability of becoming a great Immortal Emperor.

Ji Shi felt that he might get swallowed by the whirlpool if he wasn't careful.

This was not an exaggeration.

Bai Lian's sudden arrival completely disrupted his plan and if possible, he wanted to immediately throw Bai Lian out.


Ji Shi glanced at the young woman.

He clenched his teeth.