The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: I've Known the Immortal Heavenly Lord for a Long Time

The bamboo forests around the world were stunning, but the air was thick with humidity.

After sitting for a short while, Bai Lian noticed cold white water on her dress.

This is sticky.

This is not acceptable.

Bai Lian couldn't tell what the woman across from her was thinking, but she knew she didn't like this feeling.

But Bai Lian had to endure.

It's important to be humble when you find yourself in an inferior situation.

The woman had a sly fox-like smile, while the little old man resembled a smiling wolf in grandmother's clothing. Bai Lian felt like a helpless Little Red Riding Hood who couldn't possibly compete with them.

Bai Lian sat up straight just like the woman.

Just say.

I'll treat everything you say like it's a fairy tale from Anthusia!

The young woman spoke slowly, "Perhaps Bai Lian is familiar with the tale of 'a man who becomes immortal and his chickens and dogs ascend to heaven'."

Bai Lian nodded.

There are numerous versions of this story.

However, regardless of who the protagonist may be, in the end, their family's chickens and dogs will ascend to heaven with them.

"I'm serious."

As the young woman composed herself, the air around her seemed to grow colder.

"When a cultivator reaches the Mahayana Stage, they can ascend to the Immortal World. For thousands of years, it was widely believed that the Immortal World was situated above the mortal world, when in fact, it exists within the mortal world itself!"

This news came like a bombshell.

But what struck the young woman was how calmly Bai Lian looked at her.

Did Bai Lian already have knowledge of all of this?

If she is unaware…

Bai Lian is incredibly composed; not even a deep-water bomb could cause her heart to flutter!

The young woman attempted to discern Bai Lian's thoughts by looking into her eyes.

However, she was left disappointed.

Her eyes were empty, and there was nothing to see. If there was anything, it was the world in front of her that filled her gaze.

She began to wonder if Bai Lian was lost in thought.

That's not possible.

[I was too swollen up.]

The young woman blamed herself silently.

Is it that simple to read people like Bai Lian?

Just judging from Bai Lian's level of cultivation.

At the Soul Changing Stage, Bai Lian looks like a younger sister.

Do you believe that?

Anyway, she doesn't believe in it.

Anyone who believes is stupid!

Even though she lives in the Snow Sea, she always keeps up with the news about the East Divine Land.

One of the most noteworthy news pieces about the East Divine Land that recently surfaced was the attack on Duxian sect.

The death of the unknown evil cultivator was a reminder to the world.

Bai Lian's true cultivation base is undoubtedly beyond the Transcendency Stage!

As a result, many individuals privately criticized Bai Lian and Jue Yunzi.

Individuals who criticized Bai Lian believed that she was a cunning woman.

"Do not let her deceive you!"

People who censured Jue Yunzi believed that it was upon Jue Yunzi's request that Bai Lian concealed her abilities.

"Sister Bai Lian is a person of integrity. It must be at the request of Jue Yunzi that she concealed her abilities!"

Some individuals ridiculed these people.

Bai Lian is a Natural Saint, and she is not foolish. What is the issue with her concealing her abilities?

These individuals are quite amusing!

At the moment, Bai Lian was deeply pondering the issue.

Hum? Above? Inside?

What does this signify/represent?

"The Immortal World and the mortal world coexist, but they have been separated for numerous years," the young woman explained. "Usually, one can only ascend to the Immortal World after reaching the Mahayana Stage; however, there may be exceptions to this rule."

Her mouth slowly uttered five words--

"The Ancient Starry Sky Road!" she exclaimed.


Bai Lian was familiar with the name.

It appeared that the people from Xingluo Fortress had been searching for the Ancient Starry Sky Road.

"The pathway connecting the mortal world to the Immortal World hasn't been entirely shut down. If we manage to locate the Ancient Starry Sky Road, regular individuals who haven't undergone cultivation can journey to the Immortal World and experience the beneficial effects of Immortal Spirit Qi."

Even though Bai Lian isn't sure if it's valid or not, the proposition is quite tempting for her!

Because if an Ancient Starry Sky Road truly exists and she happens to find it, wouldn't it provide Master An Lan with the opportunity to enter the Immortal World unnoticed by her enemies?

This way, everything will be resolved.

No problem will remain once Shifu regains her power!

The game explicitly stated that An Lan was not defeated due to her lack of strength but rather as a result of being deceived by her opponent during the fierce battle.

Naturally, the game didn't disclose the details of how An Lan was deceived.

The memory of An Lan only briefly captured the events of that battle.

It was a black painting featuring nothing but human outlines.

While one of them knelt on one knee, the other held a long weapon and pointed it at the kneeling person.

The person who is kneeling on one knee must be An Lan.

During the game, An Lan would occasionally complain that she lost because she was struck in the knee with a sword when revealing her identity.

"I was cheated! I was sneak attacked!"

"That's too shameless!"

Whenever asked by "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" how she was cheated, An Lan would falter.

I don't want to think about it!

An Lan always said that.

Bai Lian asked, "So, you're searching for the Ancient Starry Sky Road?"

The young woman nodded and said, "Yes, that's right."

"It seems like you have some ideas; otherwise, you wouldn't have mentioned it to me."

"That's right."

The young woman gestured towards the elderly man standing beside her.

"Just like you, Fairy Bai Lian, Ji Shi is also a reincarnation of an immortal from the Immortal World."


Bai Lian rolled over and gazed at Ji Shi.

Ji Shi forced a smile on his aging face, "I was nothing more than a lowly Celestial Immortal. How could I possibly compare to Fairy Bai Lian? Plus, I wouldn't consider myself to be a true reincarnation, otherwise I wouldn't be in my current state."

The young woman smiled and spoke, "You're being too modest. Without you, I wouldn't have even known about the Ancient Starry Sky Road's existence."

Ji Shi ran his hand over his white beard.

He was smiling, but his smile was unattractive, much like decaying bark on a tree.

"Fairy Bai Lian, which realm were you residing in during your past life? It is possible that we may have crossed paths in our past lives."


I am not a reincarnation of any Star Lord!

It was all the fault of the Nanwang Country emperor! Not only did he make a mistake, but he should also confess it openly.

Bai Lian was left speechless!

At that moment, a task option suddenly appeared and caught her attention.

[Task 1: Shake your head and deny, saying "You're mistaken - I'm not the reincarnation of the Star Lord. I'm just Bai Lian, and I'll always be Bai Lian!" (Reward: Hard Skill+12)]

[Task 2: Point to your head, shake your head, and sigh, "During the reincarnation process, my soul was affected, causing me to forget a lot of things." (Reward: Soft Skill+11)]

[Task 3, "I traversed all realms, never restricting myself to just one place." (Reward: Light Skill+8)]


Bai Lian appeared to be confused.

All of them involve risks.

If I choose Task 1, won't I get beaten up and locked up right away?

Bai Lian hesitated for a while before selecting Task 3.

She's afraid to take risks!

Stay steady.

I'll die if I choose the wrong option!

In the past, she could have counted on Shifu to come and save her no matter what, but times have changed now.

Due to her rash act, Shifu entered her declining period earlier than expected.

Now, she has no choice but to rely on herself.


She was clear when she said she would save Shifu and live a shamelessly happy life with her.

Wouldn't she be going against her original intention if she becomes too reliant on Shifu for everything?

Even if Shifu is ultimately rescued, can she still remain by her side?

While Bai Lian was caught up in a fervent ideological dispute, the young woman and Ji Shi didn't seem to be concerned.

They believed that Bai Lian was simply reminiscing about past events.

After some time, Bai Lian placed her right hand on the tea table and uttered, "I have traversed all realms, rather than remaining confined to a single location."


Ji Shi opened his slightly drooping eyelids.

"Traveling throughout the Immortal World? That suits Fairy Bai Lian's identity quite well."

Bai Lian smiled but didn't give an answer.

Ji Shi didn't intend to let Bai Lian go just yet, so he asked, "Fairy Bai Lian, when did you descend from the Immortal World?"

After thinking for a moment, Bai Lian replied, "It's been almost three hundred years."

"We descended at almost the same time then," Ji Shi remarked with a smile. "During those years, the Immortal Heavenly Lord disappeared and the whole Immortal World was thrown into chaos. Perhaps it was a blessing for us to be reborn here."


Bai Lian caught the essential words.

When it came to talking about other people, Ji Shih could only muddle through. However, he had something specific he wanted to discuss with her - An Lan.

Bai Lian sighed, "The Immortal Heavenly Lord is one of the most powerful lords, even though she dislikes getting involved in affairs. However, numerous forces are still closely associated with her, such as Yuxu Pavilion and the Mountain Sea Region. When she departed, those forces lost their leader. It's no surprise that the Immortal World fell into chaos."

Ji Shi nodded sympathetically, "Yes, it's such a shame. Among the Heavenly Lords, the Immortal Heavenly Lord was incredibly easy to get along with."

Bai Lian remarked, "It's true. I was acquainted with the Immortal Heavenly Lord. Despite my low strength, she didn't look down upon me; instead, she taught me the 'Thousands of Flowers' spell as a way of helping me."

"Hiss --"

The young woman, who had been listening to their conversation with great interest, suddenly let out a gasp.

"So, does that mean you're the Immortal Heavenly Lord's disciple?"

With a shy smile, Bai Lian replied , "Oh no, I couldn't possibly be the Immortal Heavenly Lord's disciple. It was just a stroke of luck that I met her in a teahouse and had a brief conversation."

"That's impressive. The Immortal Heavenly Lord doesn't typically engage with ordinary individuals."

Ji Shi said.

He felt a slight sinking in his heart.

He doesn't doubt that Bai Lian is the reincarnated Star Lord.


The more mysterious Bai Lian is, the more he gets upset.

He looked away, but noticed that the young woman's face had also become very serious.

Not good.

Bai Lian may even be a friend of the Immortal Heavenly Lord, and although she is only at the Transcendency Stage, she likely has many unexpected and strange ways to protect herself. It could potentially backfire on us if we involve her in our matter.

At this time, Bai Lian was the only one calmly drinking tea.