The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 23 Part 1

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Chapter 23: Nevertheless, Bai Lian Has Already Seen Everything! (1)

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As Bai Lian drank tea with that mysterious lady, the members of Hades Hall became increasingly agitated.

This was not solely due to Bai Lian being robbed.

This was because the third young master of Hades Hall was disabled.

Following the war, while cleaning the battlefield, the disciples of Hades Hall discovered the third young master amidst the debris.

The third young master was viciously beaten and transformed into a "cartilage" creature.

He slumped weakly.

His waist had been shattered, and his head was buried deep between his legs, achieving a feat that many had dreamed of but never accomplished.

The third young master was found unconscious when he was rescued from the rubble.

His chest appeared sunken.

His chest was concave enough for a small fist to fit in.

"It has to be the Snow Spirit Lord!"

The Lord of the Hades Hall, who was also gravely injured, became so angry that smoke came out of his head.

Then he started to cry loudly.

"Oh, my son!"

He doesn't usually pay much attention to his third son.

After all, they are related by blood.

The Lord of the Hades Hall was sad to see his son dying from a serious injury.

But what made him feel powerless was that he could not take revenge. After a few years, the Snow Spirit Lord's strength had become stronger.

With the strength increase brought by her Modeling Heaven and Earth, the Snow Spirit Lord nearly destroyed the Hades Hall.

The Lord of the Hades Hall felt completely hopeless.

He had pinned his hopes on Bai Lian.

He had never expected there to be a traitor amongst them, but soon after acquiring Bai Lian, the Snow Spirit Lord captured her.

It's finished.

"Check immediately," the Lord of the Hades Hall gritted his teeth. "We need to find out who the traitor is!"


The man in black, Yougui, bowed.

Not in a hurry to leave, he asked, "What should I do with the female disciple from the Duxian sect who came with Bai Lian?"

Upon returning with Bai Lian, he remembered Tong Yao.

He didn't believe that Tong Yao was useful, but he simply wanted to ensure that the Duxian sect was informed of Bai Lian's disappearance as late as possible.

However, following Bai Lian's capture by the Snow Spirit Lord, Tong Yao became obsolete.

The Hades Hall Lord scowled, "Keep her imprisoned."

The black-clad man nodded.

As you wish.

For a moment, being in the Hades Hall felt like being enclosed by an iron curtain, and everyone felt a sense of danger.


In the thickening white fog.

The young woman sitting across from Bai Lian pushed the tea cup towards her.

Her eyes formed crescents as she laughed.


Although Bai Lian had many thoughts in her mind, she managed to keep them to herself.

As the famous saying goes, "The one who confesses first is at a disadvantage, and may end up…"


I accidentally took the wrong script.

Bai Lian picked up the tea cup.

Anyway, she wouldn't be the first one to speak!

Therefore, despite being in a panic, Bai Lian's face still appeared calm.

This is all thanks to her glass Heart and the "Iron Face" spell she has practiced tens of thousands of times in the past four years.



Please drink slowly!

Bai Lian has a good skill level in tea making. She noticed that the tea was quite ordinary, but the quality of the water was exceptional.

It seems a little wasteful.

The young woman who had been observing Bai Lian surreptitiously nodded.

She had heard long ago that even if a mountain crumbled before Bai Lian, she wouldn't bat an eye. Today, upon seeing her, she found it to be true.

With such magnanimity, even if Bai Lian isn't the reincarnation of a Star Lord, she is sure to become a great person in the future!


The young woman had a sip of her tea.

She was mistaken. Presently, Bai Lian is equipped with great things, though they may not seem entirely grand at the moment. However, with time, they are bound to grow even greater and astonish everyone!

The young woman placed her tea cup back down on the saucer.

She shook her head gently and apologized, "I'm sorry about the ordinary tea. Please excuse the bad reception."

Could you please try to sit still?

Bai Lian was presented with a new task option in front of her.

[Task 1, "I have some excellent tea here." (Reward: +1 Soft Skill)]

[Task 2, "You're not just drinking tea, but the snow scene and this hot spring!" (Reward: +1 Light Skill)]

[Task 3, "The tea may be ordinary, but the water and the people are not." (Reward: +1 Tea Ceremony)]

Even though all three tasks offer skill points as rewards, Task 3 involves much less risk.

Task 3…

Bai Lian understood the situation.

She enjoys being praised.

She flashed a superficial smile.

"Tea is commonplace…"


For a moment, the young woman was clearly taken aback.

If the person who said this were someone else, she would undoubtedly perceive their words as flattery.

However, in front of her sat Bai Lian.

Who exactly is Bai Lian?

She is the reincarnation of a Star Lord!

Would a Star Lord really need to boast about her?

Of course, she doesn't.

She recalled Bai Lian's standing in the East Divine Land.