The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 22 Part 2

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Chapter 22: An Lan Is Coming With a Lance (2)

Suddenly, waves of snow erupted from the crack, and the Snow Spirit Lord vanished.

This process was brief.

The roar made Bai Lian tense up as she leaned on the corridor.

Come out!

It was a monster towering over ten thousand meters in height.

With its blue face and fangs, red hair, and sharp claws, the creature's shoulders looked like thunder towers.

When standing on the ground, it towered over the Hades Hall floating on the clouds by a head.

"Creating a model of Heaven and Earth!"

Bai Lian took a few steps back.

She felt weighed down by a burden of thousands of pounds and struggled to even walk.

The Lord of the Hades Hall and the others facing the monster were even more uncomfortable.


A powerful wind was gusting.

The monster reached to its waist and pulled out a massive mace covered in spiky particles.



The bloody mace sliced through the air, carrying a deadly blaze straight towards the Hades Hall.

The Hades Hall shook violently, causing the ice to melt and water to spray everywhere as if it were on the verge of being torn apart.

"I can't stand staying in this place!"

Bai Lian fled.

It doesn't matter if she is found by someone.

The monster outside was too powerful; it could smash Hades Hall anytime.

Bai Lian is hesitant to fight with that mace.

Thus, the chaotic battle began.

Hades Hall was engulfed in flames, with screams and crackles echoing throughout.

We're almost there.

Bai Lian's eyes lit up.

Once she crossed two Flame Magic Arrays, she could reach the Hades Hall's exit.

Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared on the left side of the road.


Here comes an opportunity.

Now, only he and Bai Lian remain, and no one will know what he has done.

The dark shadow glared fiercely at Bai Lian.

It's over, Bai Lian!

He took a step and stopped on Bai Lian's only way.

What the hell!

What is that?

Bai Lian didn't see anything clearly as she was running too fast.

I'm finished.

It's going to hit us!

Without enough time to brake, Bai Lian swung her fist and punched.

Since she was running away, she didn't use any Special Effects.


Her fist left an imprint on a hard object.

With a small clicking sound, the black shadow zoomed straight out from the end of the corridor.

"What is it?"

Never mind, it's not important.

Bai Lian saw the light.

She rushed up quickly.

She jumped down through the opening.

At that moment, she embraced the light and became one with it.


A hand reached out and grabbed Bai Lian's arm.

The air was chilly.

Bai Lian turned her head and saw a stunning face hidden behind a frosty-white veil.

It is obvious that this is the Snow Spirit Lord!

"I was concerned about how to get inside, but you came out on your own."

Her voice was clear and soothing.

The warm breath brushed against Bai Lian's cheek through the veil.


The Lord of Snow Spirits smiled.

I've got her, Bai Lian!

In the next moment.

The Snow Spirit Lord clasped Bai Lian under her armpit and took flight.

She moved at such a fast pace that no one could halt her.

Bai Lian was slightly bewildered.

"Modeling Heaven and Earth" is the art of transforming the user into a colossal entity.

The Snow Spirit Lord has recently abducted her. So, who could be the "monster" engaged in combat with the Hades Hall residents?


Excuse me, could you please refrain from pressing your chest against my face?

The place was too crowded for Bai Lian to speak.

What caused her right eye to go blind?

It took a long time for her sight to return to normal.

She just saw the "sea" and smelled the aroma of it.

But now she was venturing into a land covered in white.

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It appeared to be nestled deep within the clouds.

"Dudu Dudu" - a voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

Bai Lian opened her eyes.

She was shocked to wake up and find herself in a bamboo grove covered with snow.

She was sitting on a cushion made of cotton.

In front of her was a stove built simply with firewood. The flames ran up and baked the flat-bottomed kettle that was hanging horizontally above.

By her side was a wooden tea table, and on it lay a simple set of tea sets.

This was an "isolated island" that was both ten feet long and wide, surrounded by steaming hot spring water.

There were still snowflakes falling like goose feathers from the sky.

Bai Lian's gaze wandered further.

At the edge of the pool, she spotted a single-layer bamboo house comprising of only three rooms. In the yard, there were mills, firewood, grains, and dried fish.

It was brimming with vitality.

The bamboo forest was eerily silent.

Without the sound of boiling water, even the chirping of birds becomes inaudible.

Bai Lian averted her gaze.

On the other side of the stove, a veiled woman was seated across from her, fast asleep with her eyes closed, leaning against the lush green bamboo.

This individual is not the Snow Spirit Lord.

As Bai Lian's gaze fell upon her, she opened her eyes.

"Ah, I've found you. Just a moment, please. I'd like you to try the tea I've brewed."


The Forbidden Area is located on Qiongming Peak, nestled deep within the bamboo forest.

An Lan grew bored scanning her surroundings with her Divine Sense.

Lately, she has developed a particular interest in watching the two female disciples of Qingming Peak spar in the woods.

An Lan would often watch as the two women sparred for as long as half an hour without a clear victor, causing her to shake her head in disbelief.

These young people nowadays…

Too weak!

Same time, same place.

The two female disciples who disappointed An Lan don't seem to be interested in fighting today.

They sat next to each other and chatted casually.

Just as An Lan was about to shift her position, she suddenly heard the name "Bai Lian" jump into her ears.


An Lan, who was pretending to be asleep in bed, sat up at once.

One of them said that Bai Lian had disappeared while searching for the herbs for An Lan.

She was arrested by the Hades Hall.

An Lan became immediately upset.

I am not dead yet! How dare the Lord of the Hades Hall claim to be Bai Lian's father!

Does he have a death wish?

Later, another disciple mentioned that Wuheng Snow Valley and the Hades Hall were at war, and as a result, Bai Lian had gone missing. The rumor was that the Snow Spirit Lord had taken Bai Lian captive.

The Duxian sect was now in chaos.

How come nobody told me about these things?

An Lan couldn't stand it.

She jumped off the bed.

Bai Lian is in danger. How can she just stand by and watch?

After leaving an image of herself on the bed, An Lan grabbed her lance and flew towards the Snow Sea.