The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: The Patriarch Bows Down!

This is a story kept hidden in a secret place!

A few seconds earlier.

In the chilly atmosphere.

Suddenly, a drop of red blood fell.

The eyebrow center of the Black Stone Ghost Face was hit again, accompanied by a small snapping sound.

Can Jian woke up while hiding in the Black Stone Ghost Face.

"The Record of the Netherworld" states that when a person dies, they become a ghost, and when a ghost dies, they transform into a "Jian".

The ancestor of the Hades Hall left Can Jian inside the Black Stone Ghost Face.

With the occasional dripping of nether bloodline blood, the Black Stone Ghost Face is able to sustain a good life despite the dilapidation of its dwelling, and there remains a glimmer of hope for it to become a ghost again.

Unfortunately, Can Jian cannot rely on the blood of the nether bloodline for sustenance every time.

Most of the time, it finds that the blood it tasted was just an ordinary drop of blood.


Very salty.


The stimulation caused the Black Stone Ghost Face to tremble slightly, disturbing Can Jian's sleep.

As usual, it attempted to get a clear view of the person who had shed blood.

However, something terrible occurred.

The "being" in front of it wasn't human.

It was evidently a humanoid monster formed by numerous black characters of death!


The words of death moved as if they possessed wisdom.

An indescribable smell surged towards Can Jian.

Die die die…

In the end, there was only darkness.

It was like flipping a special switch, Can Jian, who was surrounded by countless "Death" expressions, shook violently.

It doesn't want to die just yet.

"Move away! Move away!"

Trembling and shaking, Can Jian flew into the sky alongside the ghost face.

Trembling and shaking, Can Jian suddenly vanished into nothingness.

After Can Jian's death, the ghost face plunged into the abyss of destruction.

Poof, poof, poof!

The atmosphere filled with Nether Spirit Qi erupted like hot magma, having lost control over it!

The delicate ghost face couldn't endure the forceful impact.

Instantly, the ghost face shattered into stone debris.

Eventually, the Nether Spirit Qi discovered an outlet and rushed in every direction, immediately casting a dreadful blood red tint on the previously pure white Ice Palace.

Bai Lian was speechless as they gazed upon the shattered remains of the ghost face lying on the ground.

What on earth is this?

Didn't it say that only those with Nether Bloodline can activate this ghost face?

Darn it!

That's incorrect.

Bai Lian's brain immediately began to process.

She initially believed it to be a mere misunderstanding, however, it appears to be a more complicated matter now.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to activate the ghost face.

By the way, did the Lord of the Hades intentionally deceive her with a counterfeit?

Perhaps he thinks so now-

"Look, the ghost face has been activated. Regardless of whether you are my daughter or not, you are now my daughter!"

Bai Lian's expression shifted subtly.

Next, this "old fox" will probably try to emotionally manipulate her and even use some magical tools to control her.

This man is really terrible!

If she hadn't been aware of her own origins and wasn't cognizant of the fact that Tong Yao was his biological daughter, she could have easily been deceived by the Lord of the Hades Hall!

Bai Lian simply desired to return to Qiongming Peak.

The world outside is truly harsh, with treachery and competition rife everywhere.

Only Shifu and my younger Martial Sisters have been kind to me.

There are no schemes, calculations, or deceptions, and everyone leads a simple, honest life!

At that moment, the Lord of the Hades Hall, having regained his composure, scrutinized Bai Lian even more intensely.

The Black Stone Ghost Face was crushed instantly.

What does this signify?

Bai Lian's Nether Bloodline is so potent that even the ghost face couldn't endure it!

A decade.

The Lord of the Netherworld Hall assures that Bai Lian, under his guidance, will overpower the haughty Snow Spirit Lord and tame her within a decade.

Moreover, within the next seven to eight years, even if the "Four Disasters of the Snow Sea" joined forces, they would still be no match for Bai Lian.

This is an exceptional chance for Hades Hall to reign over the Snow Sea.

However, upon careful consideration, it seemed peculiar to him.

As a general rule, their Nether Bloodline tends to weaken over time.

Even if one's bloodline were to thicken for some reason, it would not cause such exaggerated abnormalities.

The Lord of the Netherworld Hall briefly considered three possibilities.

One possibility is that Bai Lian is the reincarnation of his ancestor.

However, the probability of this is very low.

Although it has been confirmed that Bai Lian is the reincarnation of a Star Lord, it is uncertain whether his ancestor had actually mastered the Great Tao of Stars.

Bai Lian's mastery of the Great Tao of the Netherworld has resulted in an exceptionally pure Nether Bloodline.

Is it really possible for this probability to occur?

Something seems off with the ghost face. It wasn't due to Bai Lian's power, but rather, the ghost face broke coincidentally at that moment.

This is even more absurd.

That's impossible.

How could the ghost face malfunction on its own?


This is not the right time to be grappling with such matters.

The Lord of the Hades Hall simply wished to have Bai Lian become his daughter!

He can adopt her as his daughter, even if she is not his biological child.

Therefore, he shouted out loud, "Will you be my daughter?"

"Unfortunately, I do consider myself to be a competent Lord of the Hades Hall, but in other areas of my life, I have fallen short."

"I am unsure whether Qian Xue is still alive."


The Lord of the Hades Hall produced a painting.

The woman depicted in the painting has cascading light purple hair.

Come on.

This must be Tong Yao's mother!

Bai Lian examined it and shook her head.

Tong Yao's mother appears quite mature; why does Tong Yao seem so…naive?


Maybe it's because Tong Yao left a "source of illness" after spending several years sleeping in the Bailing Spirit Stone.

After some time, the Lord of Hades Hall explained his [Empress Cultivation Plan] once again.

"Bai Lian, your Nether Bloodline is so pure, and only in the Hades Hall can your potential be fully realized!"

"The Great Tao of the Netherworld left by our ancestor is no ordinary thing as it comes from the road of death. As a reincarnated Star Lord who has mastered the Great Tao of the Stars, if you can also master the Great Tao of the Netherworld, there may be a chance for you to become an Immortal Emperor!"

"Bai Lian, don't you like women? If you join the Hades Hall, you'll have all the women in the hall at your disposal."

"Moreover, didn't you mention that you came looking for Immortal Spirit Qi? I happen to know that there is an Immortal Spirit Stone in the Wuheng Snow Valley's Spiritual Prayer Array."


Bai Lian comprehended.

The plot unfolded as she had anticipated.

The Lord of the Hades Hall was definitely up to no good.

However, she had to acknowledge that the bait he offered was truly enticing.

If Bai Lian is playing along, she might acquiesce to the Lord of the Hades Hall's plan.

Even if the Lord of the Hades Hall discerns her "wicked intentions," she can employ the "Great Tao of SAVE/LOAD."

However, this is not a mere game as Bai Lian must take responsibility for every decision she makes.

The Great Tao of the Underworld?

Immortal Emperor?

They sound fantastic.

But they are not as rare for Bai Lian.

An Lan, who was once an Immortal Heavenly Lord, has mastered at least seven or eight paths of the Great Tao.

She can explore any path of the Great Tao she desires as long as she can win An Lan's favor.

And the Immortal Spirit Qi as well.

The Lord of the Hades Hall threw a bait directly to her.

So what if the Wuheng Snow Valley has Immortal Spirit Stone? Can the Lord of the Hades Hall assist her in obtaining it?

If he truly possessed such power, he would have already exacted vengeance upon the Snow Spirit Lord.

Bai Lian cannot be deceived by such bait.

She declined the proposal of the Lord of the Hades Hall.

"It was merely an accident. I am confident that I don't possess the Nether Bloodline."

The Lord of the Hades Hall said, "Bai Lian, I understand that you are not ready to accept this kind of thing yet."

Bai Lian shook her head.

Initially, she was reluctant to reveal to the Lord of the Hades Hall that Tong Yao was his daughter, due to his past failure as a responsible father.

His kindness was merely a façade.

He laughs out of necessity.

If he stops laughing, someone else starts crying.

But now it appears that there are no alternative options.

If she fails to clarify things now, she is uncertain about the amount of trouble that may arise in the future.

At the very least, those who oppose Hades Hall will certainly consider her a target.

For instance, the Snow Spirit Lord who had once beaten the Lord of Hades Hall to death.

Bai Lian doesn't want to become the target of powerful individuals without cause, which is why she must assist her shifu in locating Immortal Spirit Qi.

She responded, "Yes, you mentioned your daughter was in the Duxian sect? Actually, I believe there is a disciple from the Duxian sect who…"

She didn't get the chance to finish what she was saying.

Suddenly, the hall shook violently causing the ice lamp hanging above to fall and break into countless pieces on the ground.

"What's going on?"

The Lord of the Hades Hall let out a loud roar.

After a moment, a shadow appeared.

"Lord, the woman from Wuheng Snow Valley is on her way!"


The Hades Hall's Lord's face suddenly changed.

The situation is critical, and he cannot worry about Bai Lian at the moment.

"I'm going to confront the Snow Spirit Lord. Please don't wander around!"

Then the Lord of the Hades Hall hurriedly flew out.