The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 20 Part 2

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Chapter 20: Will You Be My Daughter? (2)

Bai Lian asked, "Are you the famous Lord of the Hades Hall?"

"Yes," smiled the Lord of the Hades Hall.

He gave Bai Lian a gentle look.

The word "satisfaction" was reflected both in his words and in his demeanor.

"I am not your daughter," Bai Lian said firmly. "The man in black mentioned your daughter and claimed to be searching for her on your behalf. My purpose for coming to the Snow Sea is solely to seek Immortal Spirit Qi."

The Lord of the Hades Hall remained composed.

"Do you really know?" he asked, shaking his head slightly.

"I don't know," Bai Lian replied.

I'm a world traveler from Earth!

Naturally, she wouldn't say that.

She had no choice but to opt for a different approach.

"I turned 19 years old recently. May I ask how old the third lady you're seeking is?"

Martial Sister Tong Yao, who is the daughter of the Lord of the Hades Hall, happens to be fifteen years old this year.

The Lord of the Hades Hall turned his head slightly and gazed at the vacant hall, almost as if he was reminiscing about the winters of his past, full of delightful surprises.

"That year…"

After successfully mastering the Nether Disaster Seal, he exhibited his newfound confidence by engaging in a fierce battle with the Snow Spirit Lord in Hengshui Valley.

Unfortunately, the Snow Spirit Lord's strength far surpassed his wildest imagination.

He came close to losing his life.

In order to evade the relentless pursuit of the Snow Spirit Lord, he traveled westward.

While trying to escape, a female cultivator came to his rescue.

Then they fell in love!

"On that day…"

While the wind and snow raged outside, they were warm and cozy inside.

She lay down while he was lying prone.

As he listened to the warbler's song outside, he felt a warm sensation inside.

When the ice melted and the spring water began to flow.

The Lord of the Hades Hall departed from the mountain forest and returned to the Hades Hall.

"I didn't realize she was carrying my child until the second year, but she had already departed, leaving only a single letter behind."

The Lord of the Hades Hall appeared to be sorrowful.

Well, thank you for inviting me.

I'm not here to hear about your love stories.

Age! You asshole, the age is not accurate!

Bai Lian was so mad that she felt like hitting the Lord of the Hades Hall on his head.

"That was twenty-two years ago. The letter mentioned that Qian Xue had sealed the child with Bailing Spirit Stones. I have no idea when the child was freed. Sigh…," the Lord of the Hades Hall lamented, "I am such a worthless father; I don't even know how old my child is this year."


Bai Lian was rendered speechless by the wind.

Doesn't that mean Tong Yao is actually 21 years old, two years older than her, and could be her sister?

No, that's not the issue.

The crux of the matter is that she can't persuade the Lord of the Hades Hall using this approach.

By the way, she still has an alternative.

That's a bright idea!

Bai Lian nodded solemnly, "I understand. It's truly a heartwarming story, but it doesn't substantiate I am the child."

Let's go.

If you have any method to validate the bloodline, please utilize it!

"Of course, there needs to be evidence to justify such a claim, and it's a straightforward process to authenticate it."

The Hades Hall's Lord smiled.

A red light flashed in his hand. In the faint rumble, the ice blocks behind him faded away by themselves, revealing a black stone carving with a ghostly face appearing from the crevice.

"If your blood can activate the Black Stone Ghost Face, it means that you have my exclusive nether bloodline!" he exclaimed.

"Then I'll try."

Bai Lian nodded.

She enjoys this simple and rugged operation!

The bloodline from the netherworld?

She doesn't possess any special bloodline, only a water-type Spiritual Root, making her an ordinary cultivator.

If the Black Stone Ghost Face could actually bestow upon her the so-called nether bloodline, she would gladly consume it without delay.

Bai Lian hurried over to the Black Stone Ghost Face.

Extending her right hand, she allowed a drop of blood to trickle down her index finger.


But this moment felt like an eternity.

Unlike Bai Lian, the Lord of the Hades Hall was noticeably anxious. Having held his position for nearly two centuries, he had never been this nervous, not even the day before his fight with the Snow Spirit Lord.

If Bai Lian is actually his daughter…

That would be fantastic!

At last, the droplet of blood dripped onto the eyebrows of the Black Stone Ghost Face.

The blood dispersed and in the blink of an eye, the Black Stone Ghost Face transformed into a Red Stone Ghost Face.

It jerked slightly.

It creaked.

The Lord of the Hades Hall was left in awe.

Not activated?


All expectations were shattered.

At that moment, his mind went blank.

Bai Lian may not be his daughter, but who else could be? There is no one more talented than Bai Lian in the Duxian sect.

Bai Lian patted her hands and said, "I told you, I'm not your…"

But she had only made it halfway there.

Suddenly, the Red Stone Ghost Face rose into the air.


After a loud burst of noise, the Red Stone Ghost Face shattered into countless pieces, with cracks flooding the Ice Palace with red light, resembling a hundred-meter wave.

The light continued to spread, extending upwards towards the sky and reaching down into the clouds.

Suddenly, the Hades Hall transformed into a breathtaking prison of Shura blood.

Bai Lian was feeling perplexed.

The Hades Hall's Lord was feeling confused.

How far does this bloodline extend? Even if my ancestor were to come back to life, his blood wouldn't have such a strong influence!

Thank goodness! The Hades Hall's future will be bright from now on!

The Hades Hall's Lord laughed.

He took a deep breath and shouted towards the sky--

"Bai Lian, will you be my daughter?"