The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 20 Part 1

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Chapter 20: Will You Be My Daughter? (1)

The man in black is often impulsive.

He prefers to use force if his demands are not met.

He intentionally gave his [Field] the ability to distort the target's perception in order to make it easier for him to use force.

Years of cultivation have made his [Field] somewhat of a "Time Stopper".

In reality, time has not stopped.

However, for those who were enveloped in his [Field], time seemed to move ten million times slower.

Only individuals with a higher level of soul strength than the man in black or those with exceptional knowledge of soul study can surpass the limit.

Naturally, if they possess specific magical instruments, revealing the illusion is not a strenuous task.

Yet, in the absence of the above-mentioned conditions, the target person has no means of rebelling against the man in black.

"Do whatever you think is best."

During this disordered period and location, the man in black is revered as a deity.

The captives were so meek that they resembled motionless inflatable dolls.

He has the freedom to do whatever he wants with those captives.

Consequently, the man in black has earned nicknames such as "Black Ghost", "Dream Tapir", and "Soul Shepherd" among the people of Snow Sea.

"Third Lady, it is time to leave!"

Suddenly, a hoarse voice echoed through the restaurant lobby followed by a gust of black wind.

The man in black plans to use the black wind to sweep Bai Lian away.

However, just as the black winds were closing in, Bai Lian, who was previously unable to move, took a step back and slipped away from the clamped gap.

That was a close call.

Bai Lian's eyes shimmered with a silver-gray light.

Despite using the spell [See Through Vacuity], she couldn't entirely ward off the influence of the [Field].

Dealing with the man in black is quite challenging.

Not only is he powerful, but he also prefers to use surprise attacks.


The man in black paused for a moment.

He clearly believed that Bai Lian's soul strength was weaker than his own, but Bai Lian easily freed herself from the constraints of his [Field].

Even though he didn't exert his full effort earlier and Bai Lian only escaped from his [Field] for a brief moment…


Under the shroud of black fog, the old face of the man in black displayed a slightly feral grin.

The Lord of the Hades Hall has truly been blessed with a wonderful daughter.

Bai Lian's ability to effortlessly control millions of ghosts is a clear indication of her exceptionally pure Nether Bloodline.

Upon mastering the inheritance of the Hades Hall, Bai Lian will have the power to conquer the Snow Sea.

With the buffs of a reincarnated Star Lord and a Natural Saint, it won't be long until the entire Northern Luzhou bows at Empress Bai Lian's feet!

The Duxian Sect is unworthy of possessing such a talented disciple!

The man in black doesn't seem concerned about potentially offending the Duxian Sect with this action.

It should be noted that the strength of the Duxian Sect pales in comparison to that of the Hades Hall.

"How can you possibly oppose the Lord of the Hades Hall, who is the father of this woman, and take her away from him?"

The man in black gazed intently.

Please forgive me, third lady of the Hades Hall, for causing you to endure some inconvenience at present.


His soul expanded as if by magic.

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Through the See Through Vacuity spell, Bai Lian perceived a colorless world where numerous chains suddenly surrounded her.

She attempted to evade, but the reinforced [Field] made it feel like she was slogging through mud.

It is too late.


One chain secured Bai Lian's soul fire, while the rest tangled around, creating a cage that barred any possible escape routes.

I told you, I am not the third lady of the Hades Hall! Do you understand me?!

Oh, damn it!

Anyway, the man in black didn't allow Bai Lian to get a word in.

The lobby floor was covered with dozens of strange black awnings.

As soon as the lines were connected, Bai Lian found herself surrounded by thick dark clouds.

She must be in heaven!

She saw a crystal-clear ice palace through a magical, wet film of arrays.

"That's the Hall of Hades."

That's what the man in black said.


It's over.

Bai Lian's heart was heavy.

The Hades Hall is an indecent sect, as they deal with the nether world all day long. Additionally, at least six out of the ten people in the sect seem to have some sort of mental abnormality.

The task reward also suggests that her journey to the Hades Hall won't be a peaceful one.

However, that's not what worries Bai Lian.

Her greater concern lies with the state of Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao.

Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao is extremely talented, with only a handful of people in the Foundation Establishment Stage matching her strength.

In the tranquil East Divine Land, Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao need not fear for her life as long as she refrains from shouting "I am the strongest in the world" all day long.

However, the situation is distinct in Northern Luzhou.

In Northern Luzhou, there exists a prevalent custom of killing individuals and seizing their treasures among cultivators.

Within the game, the quantity of "Red-Name Monsters" present in North Luzhou surpasses that of the East Divine Land.

Merely catching a glimpse of an individual from a distance may already prompt them to establish a plan on how to dispose of your body.

"Should Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao discover my absence, she'll certainly be greatly distressed. She's an anxious individual, and if she goes out searching for me and something unfortunate occurs…"

Master Qin must be very sad.

The Lord of the Hades Hall, aware of the truth, might desire to sever her head and repurpose it as a wine vessel!

"I really…"

"Here we are!"

The man in black interrupted Bai Lian rudely.

They did arrive.

Guided by a colored light, Bai Lian went straight to a hall filled with cloud patterns and a subtle osmanthus fragrance wafting through the air.

On the black throne in front of the palace.

A man dressed in black got up slowly and descended the steps with steady gait.

"Bai Lian."

The Lord of the Hades Hall wasn't surprised.

He had been informed prior to the actions of the man in black.

"My Lord, I will take my leave first."

The man in black clasped his hands together. Upon receiving a nod from the Lord of the Hades Hall, he suddenly vanished as if erased.

Bai Lian and the Lord of the Hades Hall were the only ones left in the hall for a moment.


Now is the opportunity to clarify.