The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Path to Becoming an Empress

I can't stand it when women cry!

Lying in bed, An Lan was thinking the same thing.

She thought she had misunderstood Yan Yue.

She had assumed that Yan Yue was a tough nut to crack but found out that she was vulnerable and melted away when she leaned against Bai Lian.

It's completely useless!

Yan Yue would probably still smile happily even if she was cheated.

An Lan shook her head in secret.

But perhaps she was overthinking.

After all, not everyone can become a formidable "Empress" like her.

Initially, before she ascended to the Immortal World, she…


An Lan suddenly became motionless.

She had a distinct feeling that something was about to come to her memory.

However, when she attempted to recollect, her mind went blank.

It's like being hit from behind unexpectedly.

An Lan felt very uncomfortable with this type of feeling.

This wasn't the first occurrence.

"This cannot be an illusion, something must be wrong with my soul!"

An Lan frowned.

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In fact, it's normal for things to go wrong.

After all, in her previous life, the "bitch" who had attacked her in secret had also violently utilized the Taiyi God Wheel to "cleanse" the Great Tao that she had mastered many times.

Her soul was shattered into billions of pieces.

If it had not been for the lucky escape of a piece of her soul fragments, she would have been dead.

"Most of the other fragments have been destroyed by that 'bitch.' It is now impossible to fill the holes in my soul that she left."

An Lan seemed a bit lost.

At that moment, a strange noise outside the cave interrupted her train of thought.

Her small ears perked up.

It was Yan Yue who snuck into the cave!

What does this foolish woman want?

An Lan heard Yan Yue sit down by the bed, and then listened to a long and tedious self-reproach.

"If it weren't for me…"

"I will try to help you recover as soon as possible."


It appears that Bai Lian made a similar statement recently.


As expected, Bai Lian has a better voice!

"I'm sorry. If you wake up now, you can hit me any way you want."


"It's all my fault. When I was a child, I hid your clothes and they disappeared."


"Dad scolded you for breaking the vase carelessly, but it was actually me who broke it and then tried to secretly fix it."



An Lan, who had been pretending to sleep, became immediately angry.

What the hell!

An Lan never expected that Yan Yue, who she had known since childhood, was such a terrible woman!

She wanted nothing more than to jump up and kick Yan Yue's behind.

However, she managed to restrain herself. She fluttered her eyelids and flexed her fingers, feigning as if she had just woken up from a profound slumber.

"An Lan!"

Yan Yue gazed at her in astonishment.

An Lan spoke in a croaky voice, "You needn't blame yourself. Truth be told, I don't blame you."


As Yan Yue was about to blame herself, An Lan interjected, "Don't overthink things. Could you please fetch Bai Lian for me?"

An Lan was subtly indicating that she should depart.

Leave, foolish woman. My eldest and most dutiful disciple is the only one I desire at present.

"I'll leave immediately."

Yan Yue didn't give it much thought.

Overwhelmed with guilt, she obediently followed An Lan's instructions and hastily fled the cave.

Bai Lian arrived shortly after.


Bai Lian's voice was tinged with surprise.

As she was mulling over the game's strategies to locate the Immortal Spirit Qi, news of An Lan's awakening took her by surprise.

An Lan nodded in satisfaction.

Bai Lian looks better than Yan Yue does!

After pondering for a while, she came to the conclusion that if there was one person in the world who supported her without any objections, it had to be Bai Lian.

"I have something to give you."

An Lan then slipped her hand under the quilt.

After fumbling for a moment, she finally opened the quilt unsteadily, revealing a big round white disc.

A big rabbit was carved on the disc.

An Lan smiled and explained, "This is the Time-Space Compass that I snatched from Marquis Wu'an. As long as you don't mistakenly enter a forbidden area, it will ensure that you never lose your way back to Qiongming Peak."


Bai Lian retrieved the rabbit-headed compass from An Lan.

She was too emotional to say anything.

Despite Shifu being critically injured, she was still preoccupied with thoughts of her.

She must help Shifu recover from the declining period as soon as possible!

She's not the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" from the game and will never bring harm to her master.

She believed that close relationships between people should not be forced, but should develop naturally over time through adaptation to each other.

Is that Marquis Wu'an?

Bai Lian's eyes gleamed with a cold light.

It seemed that Marquis Wu'an had caused the wound on Shifu, as Bai Lian believed that her shifu would not vomit blood and collapse simply because of her declining period.

Marquis Wu'an, I will kill you when I reach the strength of the Transcendance Stage!

At that moment, An Lan turned over and faced away from Bai Lian, with her mouth towards the pillow and said, "Let's go to sleep now."

"I agree."

Bai Lian returned to her room.

She sat down at her desk and resumed her unfinished work.

It's undeniable that the East Divine Land harbors Immortal Spirit Qi, as evidenced by the fact that various secret medicines in the game require it as a refining material.

However, Bai Lian is uncertain about where to find Immortal Spirit Qi.

She could only guess.

In the future, there could be Immortal Spirit Qi at the Original Dragon's nest that the fourth Martial Sister will visit.

However, it will take seven or eight years for the fourth Martial Sister to pass the test at the Original Dragon's nest.

That won't work!

There could be Immortal Spirit Qi in the forbidden areas, but entering those areas is too dangerous for her with her current strength.

"Could there be Immortal Spirit Qi at the Pivot of Yin Shui, Lihuo Stream, Snow Sea…?"

Bai Lian noted down several renowned locations on the jade slip.

Bai Lian continued contemplating until the second half of the night.

Afterwards, she expressed her gratitude to the eldest princess through a message. However, the princess had already left in a haste and she didn't have the chance to speak to her.

Although she couldn't repay the eldest princess for her kindness, the least she could do was to express her gratitude with a simple "thank you".

Unfortunately, Bai Lian didn't receive any response from the eldest princess.

After waiting for fifteen minutes, she dozed off on the table.

The flame of the candle danced.

The silhouette on the wall swayed softly.

Suddenly, a small figure climbed in through the window.

The person was An Lan.

She walked softly towards Bai Lian.

Bai Lian's five senses have been blocked by her, giving her free rein.

An Lan extended her hand towards Bai Lian's chest, groped around for a bit, and retrieved the storage pendant.


She was curious to see what Bai Lian had given to the purple-haired femme fatale.

A mere pendant was no match for her. She had little trouble breaking the seal set by Bai Lian and discovered a bottle of clear liquid inside, which closely resembled boiled water.

The bottle bore a label.

"May I have a look?"

An Lan placed the glass bottle in front of her.

[It is said that the orange-flavored Twin Creek spring water is still available.]

Is the name of this thing a poem?

She opened the bottle cap and took a whiff of the fascinating fragrance.

She licked the bottle cap once again with her small tongue and savored the orange flavor, finding it quite delicious.

A little more!


An Lan licked her lips and then wiped them with the back of her hand.

This tastes great.

I want more of it!

I hear gurgling sounds.

She got it.

An Lan's eyes lit up.

This has to be a drink concocted by Bai Lian!

This drink tastes good, but the amount is too little, and it tends to make the body feel warm after consumption.

"If I drink it during the winter, it can help to warm up my body."

An Lan cast a glance at the bottle.

Oh, dear.

She finished all the drinks!

Feeling guilty, An Lan quickly poured cold water into the bottle and returned it along with the storage pendant to Bai Lian's chest.

She considered covering Bai Lian with a quilt but abandoned the idea, fearing that Bai Lian would notice her presence.

Have a good night.

An Lan flew out of the window quickly.

Bai Lian had a sweet dream the entire night.

In the dream, she spent the entire night "fighting" with her Shifu!

That's really strange.

"I've never dreamt anything like this before."

When Bai Lian woke up, she found that her clothes were completely drenched with sweat.

Never mind that. She needs to investigate the places she jotted down today.

Bai Lian used magic to clean her body.

She then took advantage of the morning breeze and went to the library.

The Duxian sect was aggressively promoting reconstruction, which led to a high traffic flow of people along the way.

Those disciples greeted Bai Lian with great excitement.

Tong Yao was the one who kept the closest following.

"Elder Sister Bai Lian!"

The little girl with purple hair looked at Bai Lian with great admiration and nearly clung onto her.

What new rumors have you concocted?

Bai Lian felt the urge to give Tong Yao a tap on the head!

However, when Tong Yao offered to help her gather information, a warm smile akin to spring bloomed on her face.

"Thank you, Tong Yao, my Junior Sister!"

I don't mind having more help without paying for it!

Drain you!

On the Snow Sea.

Outside the sky, in the Ice Palace.

A man leaned against the throne, dressed in a black robe.

He placed his right hand on his cheek as if he were dozing.

A few seconds later, a black phantom appeared in front of him - seeming to be sliced into countless stripes.

"Lord of the Underworld."

"What is it?"

The man opened his eyes.

The black phantom reported that a very pure Ghost Spirit Qi had been found in the Duxian sect.

The man was stunned and asked, "Has anyone been to the Duxian sect recently?"

The black phantom shook her head and replied, "No."

After a short silence, the man suddenly trembled.

In this world, only those who have a direct blood relationship with him can possess the pure Ghost Spirit Qi.

As no one from Hades Hall has visited the Duxian sect lately, there is only one possibility-

That was his long-lost illegitimate daughter!

She can activate her Ghost Spirit Qi even without starting the Secret Cultivation Method of the Hades Hall. This is a sign of a super genius!

The Lord of the Hades Hall was breathing heavily.

Only a genius of that caliber can lead the Hades Hall to become the overlord of the Snow Sea!

"Go and bring her back!"


The phantom, upon receiving the command, vanished before the Lord of the Hades Hall.

The Lord of the Hades Hall closed his fist tightly.

Although he may not be able to conquer the Snow Sea, he can train an exceptional Empress to make this dream a reality for him!