The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 17 Part 1

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Chapter 17: I Can't Believe You Are Like This, Bai Lian! (1)

That's unfortunate.

As Si Yunshang gazed upon the Duxian sect, a sudden thought crossed her mind.

If Bai Lian's master arrives later, perhaps they can place a "seal" on her.

However, her journey was not entirely fruitless; at the very least, she discovered that Bai Lian had feelings for her.

"What is this?"

Si Yunshang removed all of the bottles and jars from Bai Lian.

In her hand remained only the bottle with the clear liquid.

Bai Lian claimed that it was alchemical waste resulting from a failed experiment, but since she chose to retain it, it must have a practical use.


Even Miss Chen Lu cannot use poison.

Si Yunshang placed the glass bottle in front of herself.

The early autumn sunshine filtered through the bottle.

The liquid was transparent, but Si Yunshang felt as though she was seeing bright stars within it.

This is a very beautiful object.


Suddenly, a surprised exclamation came from ahead.

Yunshang removed the bottle and saw Nishang flying towards her with a fiery red sword.

Anxiously, Nishang said to Yunshang, "We need to go to the Duxian sect quickly!"

Yunshang shook her head.

Nishang said, "If we arrive late, perhaps Bai Lian will already have…"

"It's over," Yunshang said.


Nishang was taken aback.

Her face showed surprise as she asked, "It's over? Is it really over?"

Si Yunshang said, "Bai Lian is safe and sound. I have just returned from the Duxian sect."


Nishang's pale face flushed red.

She had promised to fight alongside Master Yunshang and left a good impression on Bai Lian, but unfortunately, she was late!

Ah ah ah…

(╬ ̄皿 ̄)=○

Nishang was feeling so sad that she wanted to pull her hair out.

After calming down, she asked Sister Yunshang, "Did Bai Lian tell you anything?"

Si Yunshang smiled and said, "She gave me something!"

She shook the glass bottle she was holding in her hand.

As she shook the bottle, it flickered with colorful light.

Si Yunshang was what made Nishang feel more radiant.

It was the first time she had seen Master Yunshang so happy. Did she often speak about happiness like this?

Women empower other women!


Nishang was feeling very happy.

This is a gift from Bai Lian! It seems that Master Yunshang has left a lasting impression on Bai Lian this time.

She deserves to be my Master Yunshang!

When she is serious, she can easily break through any barriers in front of her!

"Sister Yunshang, may I ask what this is?" Nishang asked politely.

"It is…"

Si Yunshang's voice gradually trailed off.

Can it be said that she has stolen the waste of alchemy?

Her brain was working at full capacity.

"It is a magical liquid that can give the skin a shining color."

That's right!

Si Yunshang solemnly said to Nishang.


Nishang's eyes were shining. It seemed that what she had thought was too simple.

The fact that Bai Lian even sent out skin care products shows that her heart has been captured by Master Yunshang!

So, why haven't they gotten together yet?

It's all because of the differences between the good sects and the evil sects!

However, this…

Nishang secretly shook her head.

This is not easy to overcome.

Bai Lian is a Natural Saint; it is highly improbable for her to abandon Duaixnsect - the good sect - and join Lingxu sect - the evil sect.

Shall we have Master Yunshang propose to the Duxian sect for marriage?

It won't work.

If the people in the Duxian sect found out that Master Yunshang was from the Lingxu sect, they would never approve of their marriage.

"Why is it so difficult?"

Nishang, who was following Si Yunshang, gripped her sword tightly.

Master Yunshang must be concerned about it.

Perhaps she can only assist them in becoming a couple once she attains invincibility in the world.

"Sister Yunshang, why don't you try this Fantastical Color liquid now?" Nishang asked suddenly.

If this thing is actually poisonous…

That would not be good.

Si Yunshang said quickly, "Let's discuss it later."

She remembered to send a message to ask Bai Lian.

Si Yunshang felt helpless because Nishang was unwilling to give up.

She wanted to gauge how much Bai Lian liked Master Yunshang!


In the valley where Si Yushang used to plant flowers.

Si Yunshang gave Nishang a strange look and asked, "Won't your Shifu scold you if you don't go back?"

"I'm not afraid," Nishang shook her head.

But I'm afraid!

Si Yunshang didn't dare to use the bottle of transparent liquid.

Who would she blame if she had been poisoned?

However, Nishang's continuous stare made her uncomfortable.

Why do you want to see the effect of this "skin care product"? Please leave!

Luckily, Bai Lian responded to her.

[It's non-toxic, but please don't drink it or share it with others. And don't forget to return it to me next time.]

That's okay.

With a sigh of relief, Si Yunshang said, "It's just a little!"

She opened the bottle in front of Nishang and poured a few drops onto the back of her hand.

It was slightly chilly.

This was Si Yunshang's first impression.

She wiped away the thick, slick, transparent liquid.


Nishang was surprised, her eyes widening.

Master Yunshang's skin started to shine and a peculiar blush appeared on her cheeks.

Master Yunshang appears to be very happy!

"The effect… is pretty good."

Si Yunshang smiled and finally released Nishang.

As Nishang was leaving, she suddenly fell to the ground.

It's scorching hot.

Although she had only used a little, she felt like her body was set ablaze.

"Bai, Bai Lian…"

Si Yunshang's body felt tense.

She comprehended.

Bai Lian! She actually stored this peculiar thing in her pendant!

"Is that you showing concern for me? That's really kind of you."

If Bai Lian is in front of her, she must make her pay a price!

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Si Yunshang had something in mind that she wanted to do.

However, due to her tenacious will and the fact that she had applied only a small amount of the strange liquid on the back of her hand, she was able to overcome the strange sensation.