The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 16 Part 1

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Chapter 16: The Sinful Woman Within Me! (1)

The scene was horrific.

In Bai Lian's opinion, at least, it was so.

Upon awakening, she discovered that her Master was opening her skirt to examine the contents within.


There has to be something wrong with this world!

Ah, even though this world is based on an R18 game, there's still something wrong with it!

Darn it!

How could An Lan, who is naturally proud, peek at her disciple's pants while they sleep?

That's impossible.

Bai Lian doesn't believe it anyway. Even though she was "captured" in the game, An Lan restrained herself and never took the lead to do anything.

Bai Lian became calm.

Take a moment to calm down.

If this is a dream, then…

I'll keep quiet.

Then I'll fight back immediately to showcase my growth, and gently massage her thigh while smiling at her.

"You've seen my legs, now it's your turn to show me yours!"

Unfortunately, this isn't a dream and there are quite a few people gathered outside the cave.

Bia Lian isn't sure if her screams have been heard. If someone rushes in and catches them, both she and Shifu will be ostracized.

This is impossible!

Bai Lian coughed gently, intending to convince Shifu to stay sober.

Thus, she intentionally pulled her stool back, allowing her skirt to break free from An Lan's grasp.

However, An Lan's soft response was very cold.

"Please don't move."

Bai Lian remained silent.

At that moment, An Lan was extremely dissatisfied.

She was watching intently when Bai Lian's movement almost blinded her.

She has a disciple who lacks observation skills.

Despite a few moments of silence, An Lan proceeded to loosen Bai Lian's skirt.

As the hem of the skirt dropped, a gentle breeze rustled through the air.

Despite the warmth of the cave, Bai Lian felt chilly.

Luckily, the error has finally been corrected!

However, Bai Lian remained confused.

She even began to question whether Shifu was truly injured, as An Lan appeared to be full of energy now.

Was it all a dream that occurred after I unintentionally took away Master's first kiss?

Well, perhaps it is true after all?

Perhaps Shifu gave her a strong punch that caused her to lose consciousness.


Bai Lian touched her own body.

She quickly dismissed this possibility as her cultivation had advanced to the early stage of the Soul Changing Stage.

She fixed her gaze on An Lan, who emerged from under the quilt and sat on the bed with her white legs crossed.


"Be quiet!"


Bai Lian looked confused.

Today's Shifu looks unexpectedly fierce!

An Lan was deep in thought, holding her chin with her hands.

It's a mess.

But she always had a feeling that something was going to pop out.

She was trying to grasp that thing, so she couldn't afford to pay attention to Bai Lian's feelings at that critical moment.

Think deeply.

She and Bai Lian have never encountered this before.

She appeared to be overwhelmed by the wave of happiness.

Overall, An Lan is a very level-headed person. She understands that she cannot let her guard down and that indulging in temporary happiness is not the right path.

We can truly emerge victorious only when we discover the real essence of happiness!

"To begin with, the number has decreased."

"Next, the color is slightly lighter, not as dark as it used to be."

An Lan nodded gently in agreement.

What are the reasons for the change?

An Lan raised her head and her gaze met Bai Lian's with intensity.


Bai Lian's face and gaze were sharp.


I am as pale as milk!

An Lan directly asked, "What have you been up to while I was away?"

Bai Lian didn't answer right away, instead asking, "Shifu, how is your injury? Should you lie down and rest?"

An Lan shook her head and said, "Let's cut to the chase."

I'm serious!

However, since An Lan is a "patient", Bai Lian temporarily complies with her requests.

"I didn't do anything…"

Apart from taking routine walks, Bai Lian has been spending all of her time lately on cultivating her base, painting, and making clothes.

Is that really all?

An Lan was feeling confused.

She had been secretly observing every move of Bai Lian for a long time.

Comparing Bai Lian's recent experiences with her past, the only thing she hadn't done before was make clothes.

Bai Lian had taken her measurements a few days ago, so this dress should be tailored to fit her.

Is it possible that the "Death" words on Bai Lian's body will decrease as long as she shows me respect?

If that's the case, then how disrespectful was Bai Lian to me?!

It's obvious that the "Death" words can't be related to this. Therefore, they must be related to the old man named Mu Yisheng.


"Killing intent."

An Lan was feeling confused.

Does this mean that people all over the world hold a grudge against Bai Lian?

After all, Mu Yisheng is dead, and there is less than a one in ten thousand chance that Bai Lian is responsible for his death.

The mere thought of this made An Lan restless.

She got up from the bed and slowly knelt down beside Bai Lian.


To be honest, Bai Lian still didn't understand what An Lan was doing all this time.

She opened her mouth to speak, but An Lan interrupted with a firm command, "Don't move".

As she sat up, An Lan reached out and delicately placed her hand on her head.


Pure spirit Qi was flowing in from overhead.

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