The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 15 Part 2

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Chapter 15: What Are You Doing, Master? (2)

Bai Lian swiftly removed the star eardrop that was covering her Tao Halo. Instantly, numerous dim flickers of Tao Halo commenced swaying in the dark cave.

"What should I do?"

Bai Lian puckered her lips.

She lacked the ability to control the Tao Halos, and it was evident that she could not incorporate them into Shifu's body using conventional methods.


Bai Lian removed her shoes and socks.

Tao Halos emerged from her feet, and she wondered if touching Shifu at zero distance with her feet would have a miraculous effect.

Don't be afraid.

Now that Shifu is asleep, she can try it bravely.

Even if she failed, it wouldn't have any impact. But if she succeeded, she wouldn't have to worry about Shifu falling into her declining period.

Bai Lian summoned up her courage, got up from the stool, and carefully climbed onto An Lan's bed.

Because it was a wooden bed, she had to prevent it from shaking and making creaking sounds.

At that moment, An Lan was stunned.

An Lan's ears are very sensitive, and when she took off her socks, she sensed that something was wrong.


Why did Bai Lian take off her clothes? And why did she climb directly into my bed afterward?

Don't do anything suspicious, or I'll push you away even if I have to pretend to be injured.

An Lan's feet involuntarily straightened.

Bai Lian, who was nervous at the time, didn't notice the slight movement.

She was standing beside An Lan.

After taking a deep breath, she slowly lifted her feet, which were whiter than plain cloth.

She was feeling cold.

Her round and pearly toes were writhing uneasily.

Despite swinging back and forth several times, Bai Lian kept her foot gently pressed against An Lan's calf.

The fragrance permeated throughout the entire cave.

The traces of Tao Halo floating in the air danced like fairies.

Bai Lian's body became frozen.

Please calm down!

She did something even more offensive in the game recently, she took Shifu's first kiss not long ago.

"Oh, this?!"

An Lan, who was pretending to be unconscious, was startled.

Why did Bai Lian step on her?

Is she expressing her dissatisfaction towards me?

Why did Bai Lian say those words earlier?

An Lan was confused.

She was eager to confront Bai Lian, but she held back and waited to see what Bai Lian would do next.

She had to admit that Bai Lian had soft feet.

After about twenty or thirty seconds, An Lan noticed that Bai Lian had returned her feet back and sat on the stool again.


Bai Lian felt very disappointed.


The Tao Halo doesn't intend to enter An Lan's body.

As it turns out, she was overthinking.


Bai Lian went on ranting about her self-reproach.

"It's all my fault."

"If I had absolute power, could things have ended up differently?"

She took out the medical pills that Qiong Zhi had given her and held them for a long time.

"Master, please take the medicine first."

She put the medical pills into An Lan's mouth and helped her digest them using her spirit Qi.

Subconsciously, she poked An Lan's cheek after removing her hand from her lips.

(╬ ̄皿 ̄)

An Lan almost threw a punch.

Fortunately, Bai Lian didn't make any further moves and instead, she shrank back and stared at An Lan.

"It will be better," she said.

Bai Lian laid down on the edge of the bed and whispered.

She was extremely exhausted.

Her spirit and body were both exhausted and drained.

Go to sleep and perhaps it will all seem like a dream when you wake up.

The cave fell silent as a grave.

An Lan took her time getting up.

After waiting for a quarter of an hour and noticing that Bai Lian's breathing had stabilized, she slowly opened her eyes.

Whenever Bai Lian was around, time seemed to move slowly, but she didn't mind the feeling of being taken care of.

If An Lan didn't want to see Bai Lian's face at the moment, she could have slept soundly until the following morning.

She turned slightly and suppressed all the sounds.

In that moment, a sense of familiarity suddenly stirred before her eyes.


An Lan's eyes grew wide.

Tao Halo.

So many Tao Halos.

This was a lot more than what she normally saw outside Bai Lian's room.

When her gaze drifted downwards and landed on Bai Lian's exposed calf, she understood the distinction.

Earlier, Bai Lian had Tao Halos only under her feet, but now their range has increased several times.

An Lan squirmed forward like a silkworm.

Once close to Bai Lian, she reached out her hand and measured Bai Lian's leg.


The Tao Halo nearly reached the base of Bai Lian's thigh!

Speaking of this, An Lan suddenly froze while gripping Bai Lian's skirt.

The color had washed out.

Bai Lian had fewer lifeless words on her body than she had seen the day before!

Though only a few "Death" words vanished, their overall count had reduced.


An Lan was taken aback by an unexplainable surprise.

This is the first time ever!

Previously, she couldn't find a way to eliminate the notion of death. However, now…

Somehow, An Lan was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to cry.

"It's really not much, honestly."

The sound woke Bai Lian from her deep slumber.

The girl rubbed her sleepy eyes and found An Lan tugging at her skirt to peek inside.


After a moment.

"Shifu, what are you doing?"

The screams reverberated through the cave.