The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 14 Part 1

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Chapter 14: My Daughter Is All Grown Up (1)

Thirty minutes ago.

A turbulent void filled with strange scenes all around.

Marquis Wu'an's eyes reflected various strange symbols from the light of the Space-time Compass hanging in front of the carriage.

It seemed he had already distanced himself from the Duxian sect.

Marquis Wu'an breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon his face regained its composure.

With the destruction of Canglong Garden, there is no scope for any resolution in his conflict with Bai Lian and Yu Ying.

Marquis Wu'an asked himself inwardly, "Do I regret it?"

He shook his head.

There's nothing to regret.

As long as they keep moving forward and their path is expanding, they'll inevitably attract all kinds of people.

Bai Lian is not the first nor the last.

This situation is actually good because now he knows who his opponent is.

This world is irrational. For instance, while walking on the road, he could come across a group of people who might appear out of nowhere and kill him.

It could happen and he wouldn't have had anyone to complain to.

Marquis Wu'an's only regret was that even after occupying Canglong Garden for over ten years, they still could not procure the blood of the black dragon, which prevented their "Saint Casting Plan" from making significant progress.

"Why haven't we reached our destination yet?"

Marquis Wu'an was surprised when he looked up.

Very quiet.

It was extremely silent to the point where he couldn't hear his own heartbeat.

As he looked around, he noticed that the space turbulence had ceased to twist, resembling a still painting drenched in color ink. Except for himself, there was no one to be seen within the turbulence.

What happened to the Shadow Guards who accompanied him?

Marquis Wu'an had a sense of foreboding.

"They have all perished."

Suddenly, a woman's voice resonated in his ears.

Immediately, Marquis Wu'an turned to his left.

But just as he was about to get a clear view of the scene, a sharp and cold white light suddenly came from nowhere and hit him hard on the waist.


The skin was torn and blood splattered everywhere.

The white light passed through the wound, penetrating both kidneys and leaving the intestine in a mangled mess before vanishing.

The sudden impact sent Marquis Wu'an flying out of the carriage.

As he writhed in pain, he realized that if he continued to engage with that woman, it would surely lead to his demise.

There's no time for hesitation.

In an instant, Marquis Wu'an produced thousands of seal characters and scattered them in all directions.

Under the hot red light, he used his bare hands and blood to rip open a tear in the fabric of space and hurriedly scurried inside like a fleeing mouse.

"It's extremely fast."

An Lan appeared suddenly.

She was tempted to say something cruel.

However, Marquis Wu'an ran too quickly.

That gesture…

He must have practiced a lot.

An Lan pouted.

She didn't plan to continue pursuing Marquis Wu'an; it would be better to let her foolish fourth disciple do it in person.

At that moment, thousands of seal characters exploded simultaneously, creating a grand display of fireworks in the turbulent flow.

An Lan arrived at the carriage amidst the turbulent flow.

This car is unattractive.

After forcefully removing the most valuable Space-time Compass, she immediately crushed the carriage into a heap of scrap metal.

"Please hand over this compass to Bai Lian."

After a few seconds, An Lan happily returned to the Duxian sect.

At the entrance of the mountain gate.

The Blood Tree Patriarch, who had enlarged several times in size, was venting his anger without restraint.

His cane, colored in blood, lashed the intruders repeatedly like a shooting tentacle.

This is not a regular hit or puncture.

After layering the toxins, those people felt as if tens of thousands of ants were crawling all over their bodies, making it unbearable for them.

"I, I'm going to… to faint!"

Is it painful? Yes, it is.

This is your punishment!

Anger filled the Blood Tree Patriarch.

Without any reinforcements, it would be destroyed by now.

Filled with anger, the Blood Tree Patriarch came across An Lan passing by quietly.

As An Lan was about to enter the mountain, the Blood Tree Patriarch called out to her.

"What is it?"

The Blood Tree Patriarch hesitated before saying, "It's actually about Bai Lian."

Bai Lian?

An Lan immediately perked up her ears.

"Bai Lian shouldn't have told you," said The Blood Tree Patriarch, recounting his conversation with Si Yunshang to An Lan. "It seems that girl practices a form of demon cultivation, but her caring for Bai Lian is admirable."

In the end, he let out a sigh, murmuring, "Bai Lian has grown."


An Lan was about to say something but eventually decided to hold back.

Well, well!

It was not a surprise that she found Si Yunshang's gaze towards Bai Lian quite peculiar.

This woman seemed to be seriously preoccupied with Bai Lian.

No way.

She firmly disagreed!

Bai Lian is…

… is my eldest disciple and she's like my daughter to me.

My daughter has just grown up and I won't give her away to anyone!

An Lan bid a quick farewell to the Blood Tree Patriarch.

She released her Divine Sense and located Bai Lian and Si Yunshang engaged in a silent conversation within the woods.

Is it a sneak attack?

I am really furious!