The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 13 Part 1

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Chapter 13: I'm About to Die! (1)

The ending is a happy one.

Marquis Wu'an smiled and nodded at Xia Guiyuan and the others.

"As the crisis has been successfully weathered by the Duxian sect, I will take my leave."

Yu Xinghan gave a nod.

Although he desired to remain, he couldn't as Jue Yunzi was the only person in the Duxian sect who knew him well, and Jue Yunzi wasn't present.

After exchanging a few words with Elder Gaoyi, Marquis Wu'an and Yu Xinghan left one after another.

Marquis Wu'an, in particular.

He appeared to be quite skilled in such matters.

He withdrew the Shadow Guards from the Blood Tree Patriarch's Field and left without uttering a word.

He needed to hurry back to discuss countermeasures with the emperor.

Relying solely on the country's cultivators is insufficient to deal with Bai Lian.

They can only deal with Bai Lian by constructing the Gate of All Beings as soon as possible.

Heluo Country will become the supreme power of the entire world with this legendary immortal weapon!

"So I…"

Xia Guiyuan was saying goodbye to Gaoyi, when suddenly Xia Qingqing emerged from the Tianshu shuttle and grabbed his sleeve.

Not very powerful.

Xia Guiyuan effortlessly freed himself.

After all, this is his favorite daughter.

At that moment, Xia Qingqing stared at him in silence.



Ok, ok, I won't leave.

Xia Guiyuan appeared to be worried.

Look how much the daughter has grown up!

To be honest,

A few days ago, Xia Guiyuan had talked with his wife about Xia Qingqing and Bai Lian.

Generally, they have no objections to Xia Qingqing staying with Bai Lian, as she is the first person to "conquer" Xia Qingqing.

That's great!

However, the downside is…

Does Bai Lian truly have feelings for Xia Qingqing?

Will Bai Lian come to accept Xia Qingqing?


Xia Guiyuan shook his head in sorrow.

Having experienced the agony of love himself, he worried about whether his daughter could withstand the same pain.

Zhao Haiya was also attracted to Bai Lian, but Xia Guiyuan was not concerned about him.

Zhao Haiya was pursuing the Great Tao, not emotions.

While Xia Guiyuan was also impressed by Bai Lian's attainment of the Transparency Stage at a young age, he was even more amazed by her temperament, which set her apart from others.

A person who upholds justice garners a lot of support.

Power fades with time, but the Tao endures forever.

To his knowledge, not even Heavenly Lords could achieve immortality.

An Lan approached Bai Lian.

She had stowed away the lance.

She had much to tell Bai Lian.

She might scold Bai Lian, saying "Why didn't you take shelter in my cave? You acted so foolishly!"

But eventually, she had a change of heart.

"I will address those who managed to escape first."

"Yes, Master."

Bai Lian felt a slight relief in her tight chest.

Shifu is fine.

Upon checking the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, she discovered that the internal demon was also in good condition.


An Lan turned around and exited.

However, after taking a few steps, she found herself face to face with the eldest princess once again.

During that time, the eldest princess was engaged in a conversation with the people of Xingluo Fortress.

A woman wearing a golden crown shouted, "Do you even realize what you are doing?"


"Of course," replied the eldest princess.

An Lan narrowed her eyes.

Gaoyi had revealed the truth to her.

After deciding to accept Yu Ying as her disciple, she conducted a secret investigation into Yu Ying's background. She discovered that Yu Ying was born in Canglong Garden, which Marquis Wu'an and the Emperor of Heluo were also aware of.


An Lan lifted her head slightly.

She was a head shorter than the eldest princess and appeared significantly younger.

However, upon meeting the calm gaze of the young woman, the eldest princess tensed up.

Be careful!

The eldest princess had the sensation of being watched by a primordial beast.

Her blood ran cold and the fire in her soul slowly extinguished.

"Are you from Heluo too?"

The eldest princess replied with difficulty, "Yes."

You are being honest.

And those who deceive me will be punished!

An Lan flew off from the eldest princess.

When the eldest princess charged towards Bai Lian, she sensed no killing intention, otherwise, she would have exterminated the eldest princess on the spot.

"The eldest princess? You mean the one who…"

After a few attempts, the eldest princess came back to her senses.

Her chest rose and fell rapidly.

A moment ago, she thought she had died.

It wasn't Bai Lian's master, but a mountain so high it reached the clouds and vanished from sight.

"Are you okay?"

The eldest princess shook her head, biting her white lips as she said, "Let's head back."

The lady wearing the golden crown exclaimed in surprise, "Go back now?"

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Why don't you take this opportunity to get closer to Bai Lian?

"Let's go back."

The eldest princess spoke with firmness.


The eldest princess stopped seeking advice from others and made her way out of the bamboo forest. As she emerged, she witnessed Qiong Zhi's fall onto the ground amidst a group of rabbits.

"Haw haw haw! (Hey Princess Yaoye!)"

The rabbits cried out in joy and excitement, quickly gathering around one of their own emerging from the cave.

The eldest princess grew increasingly perplexed.

What had brought her here? Was it Bai Lian, the enchanting Ancient Starry Sky Road, or perhaps something entirely different?

"Thank you."

Just then, Bai Lian's voice echoed in the mind of the eldest princess.

She stopped her raised right foot.


Let it go.

She was exhausted from trying to make sense of too many things, but now all she craved was a worry-free slumber.

The eldest princess didn't look back and hopped onto the warship, soaring towards Heluo without waiting for the people of Xingluo Fortress to catch up.

Bai Lian lowered her hand, indicating that she no longer had time to attend to the eldest princess.

Xia Qingqing approached her timidly, just as she had the first time they had met.

"Bai Lian, I'm happy to see that you're alright."

"Thank you."

Bai Lian felt that Xia Guiyuan's help was unnecessary, and suspected that it was probably related to Xia Qingqing.

She felt a twinge of embarrassment.

In reality, she didn't do much except scold Xia Qingqing all through the night. She hoped that by doing so, Xia Qingqing would not hold a grudge against her.

Xia Qingqing took an amulet from her waist and passed it to Bai Lian.

"My mother made this amulet for me. It is believed to ward off ghosts and evil spirits," Xia Qingqing explained, handing it over to Bai Lian.


Would you like to give it to me?

Bai Lian said, "Since your mother gave it to you…"


Xia Qingqing placed the amulet in Bai Lian's hands and stared at her directly.


Xia Qingqing's heart was pounding.

She had to mentally prepare herself before she could dare to do it.

After all, her father was standing right behind her.


Darn it, woman!

Xia Qingqing fearlessly stared at Si Yunshang.

Just because you're stronger than me, don't think you can dominate Bai Lian. One day, I will surpass you.

Si Yunshang stared back defiantly.

How dare a little girl like you be so arrogant in front of me?!

Xia Qingqing blatantly ignored Si Yunshang.

"Bai Lian, I'll make it up to you next time with something even better!"

Hey there!

Xia Guiyuan's expression changed.

Do you really want to give away my Tianshu shuttle?

Bai Lian smiled wryly.

I am unable to speak.

She felt several pairs of eyes on her behind.

And she was presented with new tasks.

The first task was to retrieve the amulet.

The second task was to politely decline Xia Qingqing's kindness.

The difference in rewards between the two tasks was minimal. Bai Lian hesitated for a moment before ultimately choosing to accept the amulet.

She wasn't motivated by the reward of Light Skill +2 for the task, but rather by the starry gleam she saw in Xia Qingqing's eyes.

If she decided to decline, it was likely that the radiance would vanish.

Xia Qingqing took her leave from Bai Lian in high spirits, bouncing as she walked away.

In that moment, Bai Lian felt like a villain.

"Elder Martial Sister!" she exclaimed.

Shortly after, Xiao Jinse, Su Youwei, and Yu Ying - who had been pushed out of the group of Yaoguang Rabbits - hurried over to Bai Lian.

They encircled Si Yunshang, attempting to force her out. And in that moment, Qiongming peak had an unparalleled solidarity.

Su Youwei took charge and asked, "Is she okay?"

Bai Lian was aware that she referred to the internal demon.

Bai Lian shook her head and replied, "She's fine, but she seems a bit down."

She handed the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl to Su Youwei, who clutching it tightly to her chest.

That was the closest position to the heart.

Xiao Jinse hung her head low and chastised herself, "Elder Martial Sister, it's entirely my fault. If only I were stronger…"

"No, you're not in the wrong," Bai Lian quickly affirmed.

It is as lively as ever, but there is one more person standing beside Bai Lian now.