The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 12 Part 2

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Chapter 12: "Is all of this worth it?" (2)

She felt as if she had been dragged into the mud all of a sudden. Even with her eight gates of cultivation base opened, she was still as slow as a snail.

Aren't they doing this to make Si Yunshang the successor?

Darn it!

She was sweating due to anxiety.

She could only watch helplessly as the dark shadow flew towards Si Yunshang's neck.

When the head was severed, blood would spray high in the air.

A strange idea crossed the mind of the eldest princess.

To her surprise, the shadow suddenly turned.

It came with a 45-degree angular shift.

At the beginning, it was very slow. However, after lighting the second half, it quickly overtook Si Yunshang.

Bai Lian was still the goal!

Si Yunshang exclaimed, "!".

The eldest princess exclaimed, "!".

An Lan's face also went extremely pale.

No matter how much she has mastered spells, her abilities are still limited as long as she is not an Immortal.

"Sharpness of the Immortal!"

An Lan's soft shout sent a chill like a lance falling from the sky.

The sky, which was clear moments ago, was now overcast.

The lightning flashed, the flames billowed, and the wind blew, creating an apocalyptic scene.

"Is there someone who wants to overcome their disaster?"

Xia Guiyuan gazed at the unusual sight in the sky with amazement.

An Lan had indeed anticipated the worst.

She intended to reach Bai Lian with the aid of the "Thousands of Flowers" spell, but it was too sluggish.

There is no alternative.

If her Immortal Sharpness fails to intercept the mirror spirit, she would have no other choice but to release the seal on her body immediately.

By then, she would have attained the Human Immortal Stage, thereby enabling her to slay the mirror spirit with just a single glance.

Regarding the consequences…

An Lan didn't overthink the situation.

She did it unconsciously.

She can't just stand there and watch Bai Lian die in front of her.

What the fuck!

Bai Lian was also taken aback.

She didn't expect the mirror spirit to be so crafty.

However, the mirror spirit was a bit careless.

As a mirror spirit born from countless ghosts, it was essentially the same as those malevolent beings and spirits.

If it were at its peak, Bai Lian would be concerned that her Innocent Heart technique might not be effective.

However, at present, it had fallen into disrepair.

Want to possess my body?

Come on.

I'll just stand here and let you come in!

But Bai Lian was surprised by what happened next.

Her mouth was gaping.

First, Si Yunshang rushed to her, but before she could reach out to pull her, the Elder Princess arrived.

What was most frightening was Shifu's behavior.

Summoning the sealed Heavenly Lord's lance should be enough. Why do you suddenly want to attempt to overcome your disaster?

Several scenes from the game raced through her mind.

She understood the consequences that would arise if An Lan followed through.


There were no exemptions.

In the game, if An Lan removed the seal and regained her true strength, there would only be one outcome--

She was pulverized by the abrupt appearance of a wheel, leaving only a drop of her blood on the ground.

Even if An Lan was brought back to life through her blood, the resulting "resurrected An Lan" would be a new individual who resembled the original.

Bai Lian refuses to accept this outcome, especially if it was a result of her actions!

She swiftly reassured An Lan with the words, "Shifu, I'm okay!"

She had reacted quicker than ever before.

After shouting, she hurled herself towards An Lan with all her might.

Jump on her and disrupt her rhythm!

Just as Bai Lian stepped out, another small black figure forced its way in.

It's the inner demon!

The inner demon pays more attention to Bai Lian than anyone else.

Therefore, when the mirror spirit appeared from the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror, she hurried out of the cave with the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

Bai Lian, the elder Martial Sister, saved her.

Bai Lian, the elder Martial Sister, gave her the faith to keep living.

Thanks to Bai Lian, the elder Martial Sister, she was able to fulfill her wishes.

Anyone who seeks to harm Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian becomes her enemy, regardless of who they are, even Su Youwei.

Although not particularly fast, she successfully managed to block the mirror spirit for Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.


The mirror spirit collided with the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, striking its head.

Numerous black ripples trembled/vibrated.

The red-eyed inner demon seized the mirror spirit by the neck.

She forgot her surroundings and only focused on the fact that this guy was attempting to steal Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's body.

Then, there's no need to conceal her intention to kill.

The internal demon held a bloody blade formed from her intent to kill.

"I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'll kill you…"

She repeatedly stabbed the mirror spirit's body with it.

Her eyes were glazed over with a veil of blood.

Everyone around was struck with awe.

An Lan also ceased removing the seal, and the clouds in the sky vanished without a sound, but no one took notice of it.

The mirror spirit had shattered, and the inner demon was still endlessly repeating the same action.

Bai Lian gazed at the scene in a daze.

Is it really worth it?

Master, there's Si Yunshang, the third junior sister…

She didn't pay much, did she?

She glanced down at her hands.

Finally, Bai Lian stepped forward and held the inner demon tightly from behind.

"Younger Martial Sister, calm down, I'm okay, truly, I'm okay."

The inner demon gradually ceased its activity.

Her yelling ended and the blood cleared from her eyes.

Afterward, she transformed into a stream of energy and returned to the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

Bai Lian took great care in holding the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.


In this moment, she could feel warmth returning to her body.