The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 12 Part 1

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Chapter 12: "Is all of this worth it?" (1)

Qiongming Peak appeared to have transformed into a realm of immortality.

The white light, resembling a rushing spring, instantaneously submerged the tall and straight mountains.


As Mu Yisheng's screams of "It hurts, get away!" faded, they were succeeded by a low, melodious voice akin to that of fairy music.

Merely hearing that voice had the power to dissipate all fatigue from one's body.

Great, full of energy!

However, the enchantment of Qiongming Peak extends beyond that.

As the singing ceased, the ascending beam of light suddenly erupted in a rapid expansion.


The white light showered the sky like rain.

The rain of white light covered both the Duxian sect and the town outside.

The first to sense the mystery was the Blood Tree Patriarch.


The Patriarch looked down at his injured torso.

The light rain slipped through the gap.

It was a bit chilly initially.

Then suddenly, a burning sense of life broke out!


However, it doesn't matter.

"So much energy… it's overwhelming!"

The Blood Tree Patriarch was astonished to discover that his injuries had miraculously healed at an astonishing pace.

The discomfort that caused him to frown a moment ago appeared to be nothing more than a nightmare from the previous night, and his body radiated with unprecedented youthfulness under the warm glow of the sun.


The Blood Tree Patriarch tilted his head slightly and caught a glimpse of the towering Qiongming peak.

Although it couldn't see Bai Lian, it was aware that Bai Lian was the one who brought everything.

Such warmth…

It's no surprise that many female disciples referred to Bai Lian as their mom in secret.

Those female disciples expressed their greatest desire was to rest their heads between Bai Lian's "twin peaks" when sleeping.

Therefore, it was not due to their perverse nature!

The Blood Tree Patriarch glanced back at the Duxian sect's gate, which had been shattered during the battle.

As the light column sprinkled its "rain and dew," a blade of grass tenaciously pushed aside the gravel atop it, swaying gently in the breeze.

It signified the weak yet growing hope.

Bai Lian represents the hope of the Duxian sect.

"I am unable to perceive it."

The Patriarch gently shook his branch.

How powerful is Bai Lian?

The Soul Changing Stage?

She should be stronger than that.

If she is only at the Soul Changing Stage, it will not be easy to heal his injuries.

It appears that Bai Lian has unconsciously regained her strength at the Transcendency Stage.

What's the reason for him saying "recover"?

That's because Bai Lian is the reincarnation of a Star Lord!

Besides An Lan, those who remained on Qiongming Peak shared similar ideas with the Blood Tree Patriarch.

"Bai Lian must have transcended to the next stage!"

Marquis Wu'an gazed at Bai Lian in silence as he reached down to pick up the fallen Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

He couldn't spare any attention for other visions as he was solely focused on Bai Lian's strength.

The Transcendent Stage?

This alone is insufficient to shake Heluo Country, the dominant power in the northwest corner of the East Divine Land.

However, it should be made clear that Bai Lian is the reincarnation of a Star Lord.

Considering her current cultivation speed, she will break through to the Disaster Passing Stage within a few years.

Once that happens, not even all of Heluo Country would dare to continue provoking Bai Lian.

After all, Bai Lian's cultivation can improve as easily as eating and drinking.

Damn it!

Marquis Wu'an was feeling very down.

Because he was worried about this, he intended to sneakily kill Bai Lian and Yu Ying.

Who would have thought that so many people were willing to save Bai Lian.

He dared not to attack Bai Lian sneakily at this time.

I'll leave for now, and come up with a new plan later.

Marquis Wu'an turned around to find that the eldest princess was also looking at him.


Marquis Wu'an let out a deep sigh of frustration. He vowed to exact a painful revenge on this woman someday.

Marquis Wu'an turned his head back around.

A dark shadow passed through his field of vision.


Marquis Wu'an's eyes grew wide.

Something major happened!

A black shadow suddenly appeared in the shattered mirror and pierced towards Bai Lian's chest like a lance.

"Watch out!"

Si Yunshang was the first one to rush down.

She emitted a surge of purple light like an electric shock.

She moved quickly in front of Bai Lian, attempting to shield her from the sudden attack with her own plump body.

In that moment, she disregarded her own safety entirely.


It wouldn't be something to be sad about if she were to die in Bai Lian's arms.

Regardless, Bai Lian saved her life, so she considers every moment a precious gift from heaven.

Furthermore, if she were to die protecting Bai Lian, she would be forever remembered in her heart.

Although the space may be limited, no one can displace her from Bai Lian's heart.

Can this be considered as her taking Bai Lian as her own?

From a distance, Si Yunshang's mouth held an almost imperceptible smile, adding to her delicate beauty.

"Oh, this woman!"

Suddenly, the eldest princess's face underwent a change.

Arriving after Si Yunshang, she missed what was said to the Blood Tree Patriarch, but deep down, she knew that Si Yunshang was her biggest rival.

As for An Lan and Xiao Jinse, well…

Then don't worry.

Bai Lian, with a heart as pure as a Saint, wouldn't have any knowledge of them.


The eldest princess transformed into a radiant star in an attempt to stop Si Yunshang.

She had the desire to save Bai Lian and leave a positive impression on her master and fellow Martial Sisters.

At that moment, An Lan, who had been surreptitiously observing Si Yunshang, the eldest princess, and Xia Qingqing, regained consciousness.

How dare the item spirit of the broken mirror attempt to launch a surprise attack on Bai Lian in such an audacious manner!

In an instant, her divine sense enveloped the area surrounding Bai Lian.


The eldest princess was taken aback.