The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 11 Part 1

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Chapter 11: Showing Off! (1)

It's quite sudden!

At that time, the people in the sky and in the cave were anxious.

Mu Yisheng too was immersed in the joy of the forthcoming success.

However, at this moment, Bai Lian, who was evidently under the control of the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror, abruptly moved.

She grasped the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror, as though flicking on a distinct switch abruptly.

Initially, there was an invisible gas.


The motionless bamboo grove briefly swayed like a sprite.

As the cold silence brimmed with malice, the world abruptly burst into life.

Suddenly, a blinding white light emanated from Bai Lian.

The white light column was more powerful than even that of the Qiongming Peak.

The light pierced through the green shield, the magical mountain protection array, and even the clouds, before finally penetrating the sky.

The bamboo forest was moist with fresh air, while the white light seemed to connect with the void above.

At that moment, even Mu Yisheng, whose head had been smashed, lifted his gaze upward.

Despite the absence of the sun in the sky, it didn't matter as Bai Lian radiated enough light to replace it. Though not as brilliant as the sun, it was still enough to bewilder everyone present.

"It's the light of the Natural Saint!"

Yu Xinghan uttered the sentence at first with a shuddering voice.

He was unsure of it, which made him tremble.

But soon, others came to an agreement with him.

It wasn't just a beam of light, but a ladder to the other side of liberation; it was the hope arising after the prolonged darkness, and it was the gratitude of all the women mutilated by Mu Yisheng and the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror towards Bai Lian.

Si Yunshang felt as if she had been transported back to the moment when she had bid farewell to Bai Lian in the forest.

Bai Lian, you are my light!

The eldest princess appeared as if she had witnessed an entire galaxy.

She emerged from Bai Lian's [Field], which she christened "Bai Lian's Star River," and drifted into the Ancient Starry Sky Road that the forefathers of Xingluo Dock had envisioned.

Qiong Zhi noticed that Yaoguang Star Lord was heading back to the Flying Fog and gestured to her warmly from beneath the laurel tree.

Zhao Haiya saw himself strolling through the countryside with people around him sporting contented smiles.

Xia Qingqing envisioned herself embracing Bai Lian and tenderly pressing their bodies against each other.

Xia Guiyuan saw…

Everyone saw what they wished to perceive.

It feels like a dream crafted by the Saint.

The first individual to leave was Marquis Wu'an.

Despite his cold expression, his heart was deeply shaken.

If he fails to eliminate Bai Lian on this occasion…

The ramifications are beyond imagination.

Then Mu Yisheng broke free from the dream.


Mu Yisheng regained full consciousness as the mirror fell.


It's too painful.

On that day, he remembered his fear of being controlled by Yan Xiyi's Seal Array.

He was repeatedly stabbed.


He didn't want to go through such a tragedy again.

Mu Yisheng gathered the spirit Qi in his body with desperation.

Kill Bai Lian.

We must kill Bai Lian as soon as possible.

However, he found himself surrounded by a strong white light, which made it impossible for him to locate Bai Lian.


Mu Yisheng didn't have any time to contemplate what had happened as he heard laughter ringing in his ears.

It's very noisy!

Then his body was engulfed by a white flame.


The fire was so intense that it left him bald in the blink of an eye.

"Go away! Get away from me!"

Mu Yisheng flailed his arms desperately.

He could see a woman clearly lying at his feet.

The eyes resembled tranquil winter water.

However, upon gazing at them for some time, he realized that their hatred was unconcealable.

"Ah ah -"

Mu Yisheng forcefully kicked the woman.

As he attempted to flee, he discovered that a woman with a deep abdominal wound had grasped his hand.

The face appeared familiar, but it held no significance.

He had a desire to flee.

He was eager to swiftly break free from the surrounding area.

He struck the woman down with a single blow and sprinted through the darkest section of the bright light.

Because many of the women were missing limbs, they were unable to impede him.

After a brief moment,

Mu Yisheng caught sight of a hole.

That is the way out.


As the white light faded, Mu Yisheng was surprised to find himself once again in the bamboo forest.

However, his happiness was short-lived.

Although the bamboo forest remained, all the mountains and caves had vanished.

Before him stood Bai Lian, enveloped in white flames, with countless "sparks" drifting behind her.

Is this the power of a Natural Saint?

Mu Yisheng took a step back involuntarily.

"It's impossible to kill me!" he screamed.

Five hundred years ago, Yan Xiyi couldn't kill him, and five hundred years later, neither could Bai Lian!

He looked hysterical, like a crazed hyena.

"The Immortal Mirror of Yin Yuan!"

Mu Yisheng raised his hand and called out.

Surprisingly, the mirror around his neck didn't budge.

What is happening?

Mu Yisheng gripped the mirror frame tightly with both hands, but despite his efforts, he couldn't remove the broken mirror for a long time.

At this moment, his Magic Tool turned into an inanimate collar.


Bai Lian let out a snort.

She thought Mu Yisheng was like a dog but refrained from saying it, as she believed it would be an insult to dogs.

Don't dogs look cute?

At least, dogs won't lose their humanity through cultivation like Mu Yisheng would!

"You know what?" Bai Lian spoke in a cold voice, "Those souls are pure mirrors. They reflect what kind of person we are. If we are ugly on the inside, the reflection will be ugly. Our feelings of hate and fear are all a reflection of ourselves."

Mu Yisheng was heavily panting.

Continuing on, Bai Lian stated, "The process of cultivation is also known as 'finding your true self'. If this is what you truly are, it might be best to abandon the search altogether!"

Mu Yisheng let out a laugh.


Nothing can restrain him, for he is an evil cultivator!

Amidst thousands of cultivation methods in the world, he yearns only for the one that can grant him immortality.

To him, nothing holds value unless it can bestow immortality upon him.

He gazed fearlessly at Bai Lian.

No problem.

"I can kill you even without the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror!"