The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 10 Part 2

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Chapter 10: Our Outburst of Fury! (2)

"It appears to be quite effective."

Mu Yisheng sneered outside the mirror.

He intended to increase his efforts further, so he targeted Xiao Jinse and others inside the cave.

"Just take…"

Mu Yisheng's eyes quickly scanned and eventually settled on the red-eyed internal demon.

Are you still angry?

In that case, I will kill you first!

He harnessed the power of the mirror to shatter the magic array that encased the entrance.

At that moment, a sudden noise from outside the Duxian sect caught the attention of Mu Yisheng and Gaoyi.

"Please move out of my way!"

The voice belonged to a woman, with a chillingly cold tone.

What's going on?

Mu Yisheng promptly released his Divine Sense.

Under the blue sky.

A young woman dressed in purple had a firm hold on the neck of the intruder who belonged to the Soul Changing Stage.

One by one, the other invaders who were previously beating the Blood Tree Patriarch came to a halt.

Although the pause in the beating gave the Blood Tree Patriarch a chance to catch his breath, he still didn't trust Si Yunshang enough to lift the blockade.

"Do you want to see Bai Lian die at the hands of these people?" Si Yunshang shouted with anger. "Let me in!"


Hesitating for a moment, the Blood Tree Patriarch asked, "What is your relationship with Bai Lian?"

"Can't I like Bai Lian?"


The Blood Tree Patriarch was stunned and rendered speechless.

As the intruder struggled for breath under Si Yunshang's grip, a purple light flickered in her eyes. In an instant, the intruder was sliced into thousands of pieces by sharp, purple light blades, shattering his soul with no chance of escape.

Si Yunshang spoke up, "I happen to know a female disciple from your sect, He Yurou."

"You… go inside."

The Blood Tree Patriarch allowed Si Yunshang to enter after He Yurou confirmed her identity.

Si Yunshang shot towards the Qiongming Peak with the speed of a gale.

Before she could regain her balance, Marquis Wu'an and Xia Guiyuan arrived in quick succession.

The invaders looked panicked as they saw them.

Damn it!

Luckily, the urgency to save Bai Lian compelled those people to hurry, otherwise, they might not have been able to escape now.

Above the forbidden area located at Qiongming Peak.

Si Yunshang appeared out of nowhere and cast a cold stare at Mu Yisheng who was standing below.

"Release Bai Lian!"


Mu Yisheng's heart rate slowed by half a beat.

He didn't expect someone to arrive and assist the Duxian sect so quickly.

He smiled slightly and watched as Si Yunshang, Marquis Wu'an, and Xia Guiyuan appeared one after the other.

Including Gaoyi, there are four people.

But there's no need to be afraid.

He won't be afraid of them as long as he can control Bai Lian.

While still in the Tiangui shuttle, Xia Qingqing urged her father to step forward. Xia Guiyuan had no choice but to step forward and said, "I am the sect leader of the Tianji sect. If you release Bai Lian now, I can guarantee your safe departure."

Would you release Bai Lian?

Do I appear foolish to you?

"If anyone dares to step forward, I will kill Bai Lian instantly."

Mu Yisheng held his knife against Bai Lian's neck.


If the skin is not punctured, there will be no bleeding.

Never mind. It's not significant.

Mu Yisheng fixed his gaze on Marquis Wu'an and asked, "May I know who you are?"

With a smile, Marquis Wu'an clasped his hands and introduced himself, "My name is Marquis Wu'an, hailing from Heluo."

This sentence caught the attention of Yu Ying.

The girl peeked out from behind the internal demon, only to be met with Marquis Wu'an's murderous gaze.

Yu Ying recoiled in terror, her palms slick with sweat.

"He didn't come here to assist Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

The internal demon nodded silently.

No matter who you are, if anything happens to Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, she will instantly trigger the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, and nobody here will survive!

Heluo Country?

It is also a major force.

Mu Yisheng was lost in thought when he suddenly received a confidential message from Marquis Wu'an.

"I'm here to assist you."


Marquis Wu'an fell silent.

He waited for chaos to ensue, so that he could discreetly eliminate Bai Lian and Yu Ying.

If opportunity doesn't present itself, he will have to resort to using force to eliminate them.


It's not significant.

Mu Yisheng surreptitiously averted his eyes from Marquis Wu'an.

He doesn't bother about the veracity of Marquis Wu'an's words.

As long as he can manipulate Bai Lian, he will be secure.

The situation has reached a stalemate.

However, the situation was short-lived.

As the invaders hesitated about further clashes with Blood Tree Patriarch, a brightly illuminated warship suddenly appeared.

The eldest princess has arrived.

After a few seconds had passed.

As the stars twinkled, the people of Xingluo Fortress emerged and arranged themselves into the Seven Star Sword Array.

A further dozen seconds elapsed.

A transmission array materialized in the sky, and with it came Qiong Zhi and a group of rabbits.

The Blood Tree Patriarch scratched his battered bark.

Just as it was about to speak, the space was torn apart once again, and Yu Xinghan emerged from the void.

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"Who dares to attack Bai Lian?" he questioned aloud.


The Blood Tree Patriarch hurriedly opened a crack to allow Yu Xinghan to enter.

"Bai Lian is located in Qiongming Peak, and there is someone who intends to harm her!"

As he spoke, the eldest princess and her companions rushed in.

The invaders merely looked at them, not daring to utter a single word.

They even considered themselves lucky that these individuals showed no interest in them.

"Mu Yisheng, you can only rely on yourself from now on. We're leaving!"

Someone left promptly.

The other intruders hesitated and exchanged glances.

Mu Yisheng's mental state was on the verge of collapse.

He mentioned that he only wanted to control Bai Lian to ensure his safety and had no intention of fighting so many people!

Are these people insane? They have utilized various rare items just to rescue Bai Lian on time.

Qiong Zhi exclaimed, "Release Bai Lian!"

Yu Xinghan remarked, "I believe you're asking for trouble!"

The eldest princess threatened, "If you're eager to meet your end, I can aid you in that right away!"

Marquis Wu'an remained silent.

Mu Yisheng heard the intimidating words.


Mu Yisheng knew that if he couldn't control Bai Lian, he would face certain death today.

Then he had no need to have any scruples.

The most terrible people are those who are crazy.

He is going to turn into a maniac now!

Mu Yisheng once again pressed the knife against Bai Lian's neck.

He sneered and turned his back to Bai Lian.

"I have Bai Lian in my hands now. If anyone utters another word, I will slit her throat!"


Everyone, except for Marquis Wu'an and the Shadow Guards, glared at Mu Yisheng.

Do you want to kill me?

Mu Yisheng laughed like a crazy demon with his eyes turned red.

"Who has the audacity to eliminate me?"

No one spoke.

They lacked the confidence to rescue Bai Lian prior to Mu Yisheng harming her.


Mu Yisheng's laughter grew increasingly maniacal.

Morality and emotions can be quite burdensome.

Bai Lian is, and those who wish to rescue her are as well.

Mu Yisheng's wicked laughter reverberated through the bamboo forest, casting a pall over everyone's countenances.

"Ha ha ha…"


Mu Yisheng assumed that Bai Lian must have been subjected to the control of his Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror by now.

He sends a message to the spirit of the mirror.

"How is Bai Lian doing?"

However, there was no response.


Mu Yisheng was taken aback.

The item spirit of that mirror was crazed, but it wouldn't completely disregard his orders.

As he turned to assess the situation, a sudden white light appeared, dazzling his eyes.

That's likely where Bai Lian is.


Mu Yisheng realized the danger but he had no time to evade.

Bai Lian opens her eyes suddenly in the bright light.

She caught on fire.

A white flame rose from the sky, illuminating the Qiongming Peak and even the surrounding sky.

At that moment, Bai Lian was protected by countless pure souls as she seized the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror that was floating in the sky. With unmatched momentum, she then struck Mu Yisheng's head heavily with the mirror.


As the mirror's surface shattered, its frame landed directly on Mu Yisheng's neck.

Mu Yisheng's ears were filled with Bai Lian's roaring voice.

"You son of a bitch, I will avenge all the women you murdered!"