The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 10 Part 1

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Chapter 10: Our Outburst of Fury! (1)

Facts have repeatedly shown that elevating your buttocks is an undesirable behavior.

This will reveal your vulnerabilities!

Bai Lian regretted it now.

"Stay away from here!"

When she pretended to be weak and shook her body arrogantly, it seemed to completely infuriate those dark female ghosts.

She was initially targeted by a black "tentacle", which multiplied into seven after she provocatively shook her hips at them.


The world reflected by the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror was shrouded in surging black fog.

One after another, "tentacles" emerged from the black fog and relentlessly whipped Bai Lian's body.


Bai Lian was afraid of the perseverance.

Although her glass Heart can protect her from being hurt by these ghosts, she didn't know if there was a limit to its power. If it were to reach that limit, then she…

"Fall into evil" (also known as "evilize" or "Akuochi" in Japanese).

No way!


Bai Lian took a step back.

Female ghosts, fight me one at a time!

The ghosts responded with a horrible "Jie Jie Jie" laughter.

Mu Yisheng also smiled outside the mirror.


It seems that Bai Lian's heart has been shaken. Soon, those violent female ghosts will pierce through her body one after another, driving her to madness.

"What have you done to Bai Lian, you bastard?"

Gaoyi shouted at Mu Yisheng from the sky.

At that moment, he noticed that Bai Lian couldn't stand still all of a sudden.


Mu Yisheng let out a cold grunt.

He had a short knife in his hand, as thin as a butterfly's wing and he placed it gently on Bai Lian's neck.

Why shout? Once Bai Lian is under my control, you'll be the first to go!

Mu Yisheng cursed silently before turning his attention to Bai Lian.


Bai Lian's soul in the mirror fell to the ground as if she had lost her mind suddenly.

The girl propped herself up with her right elbow and felt like crying.


Mu Yisheng's eyes lit up.

Come on, Bai Lian can't hold on!

"Do more!"

Mu Yisheng quickly infused the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror with more spirit Qi to maintain control.

It goes without saying that the spirit of the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror felt the same way.

The female ghosts grouped together, resembling a massive tidal wave.

Bai Lian glanced upward.

It's finished.

The recent attack left her weak and now with the arrival of so many female ghosts, how could she possibly survive?

At that moment, even if An Lan had come, she would only have been able to hold her lifeless body and weep uncontrollably.

Isn't it exactly like the bad ending from some of the game storylines?

I won't pretend.

Hurry up and climb up!

Right now, I don't have time to worry about my behavior as the Elder Martial Sister.

Bai Lian turned over and made a plan to escape from the swarm of female ghosts chasing her.

However, before she could do anything else, she started feeling dizzy and realized that her body was too fatigued.

Bai Lian recalled the experience from this morning.

She also felt very tired this morning. Is it happening again?

She could no longer determine the exact cause. Amidst the squeals of laughter, the ghostly waves gathered on her back and submerged her entirely.


Bai Lian was seated on the ground.

It is quite dark.

It is too dark to see anything.

Occasionally, the phantom swayed, making her feel like she was lost in a thick, dark forest.

I wish there was some light.

As she thought this, a blue flame suddenly appeared in front of her.

If she wasn't mistaken, the flame was coming from the middle finger of her right hand.

What the hell?

Bai Lian reached out and poked into the darkness.


The sudden explosion burned the female ghosts around her into a wisp of black smoke.

Bai Lian was shocked to find that more and more flames were coming out of her body when she regained consciousness.

Damn it!

"It's on fire!"

Not only was she on fire, but also the floating female ghosts and even the space within the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror were ablaze.

"Here you go."

After experiencing a sensation of emptiness and tingling deep within her heart, and witnessing a series of bizarre images that materialized before her, Bai Lian suddenly came to a realization.

"So, I am about to go through my Yin Fire Disaster!"

This way, all the issues can be resolved.

The Yin Fire Disaster differs from the Sky Thunder Disaster.

The Sky Thunder Disaster occurs when lightning strikes a cultivator's body, while the Yin Fire Disaster is when a fire flares up from the cultivator's heart.

Bai Lian was feeling weak simply because her Yin Fire Disaster was approaching.

If she survived this disaster, her soul would be unimpeded and able to connect with the heaven and earth.

If she failed, her internal organs would be burnt to ashes, leaving her unable to cultivate any further.

Bai Lian's face bore a helpless expression.

It shouldn't have happened this quickly. Most likely, her mood fluctuations after the attack were too extreme, causing the Yin Fire Disaster.

This disaster struck her when she was already in trouble!


Bai Lian was filled with fury.

Had it not been for the man with the mirror, she would have been ill-equipped to face the Yin Fire Disaster.

It's too risky. Even though her soul's power has advanced to the Soul Changing Stage, suppressing the Yin Fire won't be a walk in the park.

She could get easily ignited if she's a little careless.

Bai Lian swiftly focused on managing the increasing Yin fire within her body.


At that moment, Mu Yisheng gazed outside the mirror.

How is this even possible?

It was quite evident that Bai Lian had reached a dead end and his plan was on the brink of success. However, to everyone's surprise, Bai Lian revived in no time and burned a hole through the ghosts with a blue flame.

The flame…

Mu Yisheng had a slight suspicion that the fire was akin to the Yin fire of the Yin fire disaster.

Oh, a Natural Saint!

She could even control the Yin Fire!

Mu Yisheng gritted his teeth and his eyes turned bloodshot.

"I won't allow you to succeed!"

He howled.

Yin Fire? Who cares? His Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror is more powerful than any ordinary top-grade Magic Tool!

"Go, go!"

Mu Yisheng didn't care about the ghosts in the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror anymore. He just needed to successfully control Bai Lian. With her under his control, he could have as many women as he wanted. After all, women were not scarce commodities in the vast East Divine Land.

As a result, the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror commanded the hundreds of thousands of detained ghosts to rush forward fearlessly towards Bai Lian.

One female ghost fell, followed by another, and another…


Bai Lian was at a loss for words.

The Yin Fire in her body ceased to burn her; instead, it entangled with those female ghosts.


Is the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror assisting her?

Bai Lian was even more surprised to discover that not all female ghosts were reduced to ashes. Though the Yin Fire burned away the filth on their bodies, those who survived drifted through the air in a state of confusion.

They are lightweight.

They are clean white lights.

A small white light might seem unnoticeable, but when multiple ones connect, even the darkest of worlds become enchanting.

Just like a luminous stream of stars.

Bai Lian felt her body slowly floating.

She bobbed up and down in the starry sea, and had forgotten that she was undergoing the Yin Fire Disaster.

Those purified souls were as comforting as a winter fire.

Five hundred years ago,

Miss Ying and the man she had an affection for had planned to spend the rest of their lives in another country.

At the time, Miss Ying had already chosen a name for her future child.

However, when Miss Ying was on her way to meet her lover with excitement at the wharf, she was kidnapped by Mu Yisheng.

The rain that day was a reflection of her mood.

Five hundred years ago.

Miss He waited patiently at the intersection for her childhood sweetheart to come back.

She even heard the clatter of horses' hooves, but when the horses came rushing around the corner, Mu Yisheng, who happened to be passing by, caught her.

When her childhood sweetheart returned, he found nothing but a small red flower with numerous petals shattered at the intersection.

Five hundred years ago…

Every white beam of light was narrating a tale of rain to Bai Lian.

She was quiet for a while.

She felt the intensity of her flame increasing continuously.

However, it wasn't the Yin Fire that burned her; it was the purest and warmest flame of the soul.

"Are their flames spreading to me?"

Bai Lian softly holds a white light.

I accept your flame, and I will avenge you!