The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1: Bai Lian Is Terrible! We Must Get Rid of Her! (2)

The middle-aged man inside the house suddenly looked surprised.

It seems like his disciple has changed a little.

Very calm and composed.

He appeared somewhat uncultured, yet on the brink of ascending to the Immortal World.

What happened?

The middle-aged man said, "Oh, I heard that you recently visited Nanwang Country."

"Master, I have just returned from Nanwang City," Zhao Haiya replied.

"Oh?" The middle-aged man asked, "So you must be aware of the real situation there."

Zhao Haiya nodded and proceeded to explain to the middle-aged man what had occurred in Nanwang City.

As he listened, the middle-aged man nodded in understanding.

He approached Zhao Haiya to verify whether the rumors regarding Bai Lian were true or not.

"Did you actually hear that man claim that Bai Lian is the reincarnation of a Star Lord?"

"That is correct."

The middle-aged man furrowed his brow slightly.

Upon checking the history books, he discovered that three thousand years ago, the strength of Nanwang Country was incredibly potent, possibly even comparable to the four major sects and far superior to the current Tianji sect.

Given that this statement came from the emperor of the Nanwang Country, it must be accurate!

Star Lord.


The Duxian sect is very fortunate!

The middle-aged man repeated, "Can you truly perceive Bai Lian's strength?"

Zhao Haiya shook his head in confusion. He was unable to comprehend it.

"When I stood beside Fairy Bai Lian, I felt as if she were a towering mountain, far out of my reach. But when I distanced myself from her, it seemed like she was a trench that went too deep for me to fathom its end."


"However, there is one thing I can confirm."


"Fairy Bai Lian has become a master of the [Field]!"

Zhao Haiya remembered the stars that lit up the night sky of Nanwang City.


No mistake.

He had seen his master's field, which was as impressive as the stars in the night sky.

The middle-aged man's expression turned very serious.

He made a mental note that Bai Lian's strength seemed to have broken through to the Transcendency Stage and secretly believed that she was the reincarnation of a Star Lord.

He burst out laughing again.

In fact, it's nothing he needs to worry about.

The Tianji sect and the Duxian sect have a good relationship.

Xia Qingqing, his daughter, always mentioned how kind Bai Lian was to her and how much she cared about her.

Those who should really be worried are the people who have become enemies with the Duxian sect.

"I see," the middle-aged man said with a smile, "You must be exhausted from your travels. Why don't you go rest for a while."

"Yes, Master."

Zhao Haiya walked towards the door, and as he reached it, he turned around suddenly.

"Master, my Yin Fire Disaster is approaching."

"Is that so?"

The middle-aged man's eyes lit up with excitement.

Zhao Haiya is his most cherished disciple, and he once believed that Zhao Haiya would become the Tianji sect's youngest Soul Changing Stage cultivator. However, to his dismay, despite breaking through to the Nascent Soul Stage, Zhao Haiya's cultivation base has not increased in size for the last 20 years.

Zhao Haiya nodded vigorously.


The middle-aged man burst into hearty laughter.

Happiness can come unexpectedly.

He hadn't laughed that joyfully in a while, and he gave Zhao Haiya a pat on the shoulder.

Pa pa pa.

Bai Lian? Star Lord? Never mind!

This news isn't nearly as important as the fact that his most cherished disciple is about to reach the Soul Changing Stage!


The middle-aged man smiled and called out Zhao Haiya's name.

Good luck comes after hard work.

He believed that Zhao Haiya would soar to new heights after this ordeal.

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Zhao Haiya also shouted affectionately, "Master!"

The middle-aged man shouted again, "Haiya, you can always come to me if you need anything. Just be fully prepared, because Yin Fire Disaster isn't easy to get through."

Yin Fire doesn't burn people's bodies, but it burns their hearts.

Zhao Haiya nodded and replied, "Master, I'm ready."


The middle-aged man ran his hand over his beard.

Pretty good!

He is truly deserving of being my disciple, Xia Guiyuan.

"But…" Zhao Haiya suddenly scratched his head. "Master, the reason I was able to have this insight is that I saw another approach through Fairy Bai Lian."


A sudden sense of unease washed over Xia Guiyuan.

"I have decided to leave the Tianji sect after the Yin Fire Disaster," Zhao Haiya said.

Xia Guiyuan pointed angrily at Zhao Haiya and accused, "Are you planning to betray our sect and join the Duxian sect, you rebel?"

"I would never do that. Please, Master, allow me to explain," Zhao Haiya said hastily, shaking his head.

He explained to Xia Guiyuan about his new dream --

He originated from the mortal world and now he is returning to it!

"I may not have the abilities of Fairy Bai Lian, but I do have something I'm capable of doing!"

Assist those who are in need.

Enable a wider audience to hear Bai Lian's message.

At the thought of what he would do next, his face lit up with a smile of delight.

Xia Guiyuan's shuddering body came to a halt.

He noticed that his most cherished disciple was being earnest.

Zhao Haiya said, "Master, I don't intend to leave the Tianji sect, I merely wish to discover my true self."

The essence of cultivation lies in discovering one's true self.

Xia Guiyuan's lips twitched for a while before he let out a sigh, "You must decide for yourself."

The sun's rays shone on his face through the window.

He remembered his daughter who used to talk about Bai Lian every day.

It looks identical!

What's wrong with Bai Lian that she can deeply affect everyone who comes in contact with her?

Xia Guiyuan gnashed his teeth and could only feel the intense green of the tree outside the window.

After a while, he heard Zhao Haiya leaving the bamboo house.

"Master, I will visit you often."

"Don't be so particular, just go!"

Xia Guiyuan impatiently waved his hands.


The door softly closed.

Xia Guiyuan rubbed his eyes tiredly.

He is surely convinced that one day, Zhao Haiya's name shall be inscribed in the annals of the Tianji sect!


Suddenly, faint blue flames lit up in an unknown cave in the East Divine Land.

A sound emanated from the brightest blue flame.

"Did you receive the message?"

He was referring to the news about Nanwang City.

The remaining blue flames quivered.


"I received it yesterday."

"What's your opinion?"

"Bai Lian is causing a lot of trouble. We need to take action before it becomes worse in the future."

"She has reached the Transcendency Stage. If she manages to fully awaken the power of her past life…"

"I agree!"

The brightest blue fire flickered for a moment before the voice spoke, "Seems like we share the same opinion."

"When should we eliminate her?" inquired the blue flame.

"Let's wait until Bai Lian is alone next time."


As laughter filled the cave, the blue flames lost their brightness once more.

Only the participants themselves know what happened here.

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