The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 9 Part 2

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Chapter 9: When Can We Internal Demons Stand Up? (2)

When they returned from Yunluo Peak, Yu Ying's room was already built.

She cleaned up a little and moved in.


Yu Ying paced up and down in the room.

Influenced by the feeling of parting, she had a great sense of identity with the Duxian sect.

It was different from any place she had ever been.

In Marquis Wu'an's mansion, she saw nothing but intrigue and mutual strife.

In the small village, she saw nothing but indifference and gloom.

On the Qiongming peak, she was wrapped in warmth for the first time.

It's so comfortable!

This must be the warmth of home.

The second Elder Martial Sister, the third Elder Martial Sister and the jade rabbit are like sisters with harmonious relations, while Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is like a mother who handles housework.

As for Shifu…

"It doesn't seem right to say that Shifu is like our father."

It's not that the gender is wrong, but mainly the temperament.

Shifu is full of dignity, but if she stands with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian together, it seems more appropriate to describe Shifu as an Elder sister who doesn't like talking.

(๑• ̀ ㅂ• ́)و ✧

Yes, that's the feeling!

Yu Ying showed a light smile on her face.

Before Shifu came back safely, she had to work hard.

She decided to work hard to improve her ranking on the Jade List.

The Jade List is the strength list of the Duxian sect's young disciples.

In the process of increasing her ranking, she can accumulate combat experience and prepare for the second level of the Original Dragon's test.

In addition, Yu Ying also felt that she could not only consider herself.

She thought of those lovely Elder Martial Sisters.

The best scenario is where everyone can be happy.

"Although I'm just a novice Martial Sister, I can also help the Elder Martial Sisters."

Yu Ying first thought of the jade rabbit.

In the process of helping the jade rabbit, she found that the jade rabbit had a very bad habit.

She walked to the door of the jade rabbit's room.

When she pushed the door and walked in, the jade rabbit was eating grass on the table.

This is the fifth time today!

Yu Ying shook her head secretly.

It's not good that the Elder Martial Sister Jade Rabbit falls into desire.

You should know that there is a limit to the speed at which a cultivator can absorb spirit Qi. This uncontrolled gorging will not bring more happiness, but will only bring a lot of waste.

Yu Ying shared her opinions with the jade rabbit.

To use two words to describe it, they are "Temperance" and "Orderliness".

Although Spiritual Herbs are good, don't be greedy.

"Haw haw."

The jade rabbit nodded.

Seems to make sense?

The depression that was caused because of her grass eating being interrupted was immediately thrown out of her mind.

Yu Ying is indeed a good person.

If I can make a good relationship with her, we can compete with Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei!

The jade rabbit looked at Yu Ying more kindly.

She even offered to practice with Yu Ying to help her improve her practical skills.

This is a great help to Yu Ying. With the help of the jade rabbit, her strength increased very fast.


Another long night.

Su Youwei huddled in the quilt.

Even if she didn't listen carefully, she could hear the wind and thunder caused by the surge of spirit Qi.

The second Elder Martial Sister has officially broken through to the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

This is not the most annoying thing for her.

In the morning, she suddenly heard that the fourth Martial Sister who had just entered the sect had entered the top 30 of the Jade List.

She ran over to have a look. Well, the list shows that the fourth Martial Sister is at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage!

She is only at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage, but can enter the list of the top 30? What does this mean? This means that she is a real genius!

Su Youwei remained speechless for a long time.

A month ago, her strength was equal to that of the second Elder Martial Sister, and she even had the upper hand sometimes.

It's great now. After one night, she suddenly became the weakest one on the Qiongming Peak.

She is even weaker than the little youngest Martial Sister!

Su Youwei was very depressed.

Immediately, anger rose in her chest. No, this should not have happened!

The reason why her cultivation base is stagnant is because of that internal demon.

Although the internal demon had been suppressed by her, it had not disappeared completely.

If she carelessly promoted her cultivation base, she would probably be attacked stealthily by her internal demon when she started to break through to the Golden Core Stage.

"It can't go on like this!"

Su Youwei's eyes looked firm.

Before that, she had been seeking stability and wanted to kill the internal demon little by little.

But now it seems that she has to take some radical measures.

She didn't want to be left behind.

Thinking of this, Su Youwei closed her five senses.

She soon came to the sea of her divine sense.

Different from the first time when she faced her internal demon, the sea of her divine sense is no longer a cold prison.

Most of the areas are under the shelter of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, who was visualized by her. It is as warm as spring.

The only thing left for the ferocious internal demon was a small corner of the sea.

When Su Youwei came in, the internal demon was sitting in a lotus position, as if she was meditating.

"The internal demon!"

Su Youwei roared.

The internal demon slowly opened her eyes. Her turbid eyes glanced at Su Youwei and then moved away.

It is used to being scolded every once in a while by Su Youwei.

But today's Su Youwei is different.

After shouting, she clenched her fists and said, "My internal demon, today is your end!"

The internal demon seemed to be provoked, and it immediately stood up.


She was angry.

She trembled.

When can we internal demons stand up?

She endured over and over again, but Su Youwei only became more and more insolent!

It was clear that she had only a small corner in the sea of her divine sense.

"Well, I'll see how you kill me!"

The internal demon looked at Su Youwei without fear.