The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: As Expected, Master Still Loves Me!

After coming out of the cave, Bai Lian didn't rush back to her room.

She stood beside the bamboo forest, looking at the bright moon through the swaying shadow.

That's ridiculous!

Bai Lian clenched her fist.

At that time, the atmosphere was obviously very harmonious.

Why did An Lan suddenly fall into a frenzy and push her to the bed?

She even doubted if An Lan had eaten the Anger Mixture!

Bai Lian rubbed the place where she was beaten.

In fact, it isn’t painful anymore. Her physical strength is excellent. Even if she doesn't use magic to heal it, she can recover quickly.

But her meridians suffered too much.

The angry An Lan didn't control her strength, which made Bai Lian bear pain that she shouldn't bear.

The strong spirit Qi had been tossing in her body for a long time, and it had almost widened her meridians.

It seems that she would need at least half a month to recover.

Unless she eats Medical Pills.


Bai Lian was stunned.

A warm breath rushed through her body.

When she looked closely, she saw tiny white flowers blooming in her meridians

It's the spell "Thousands of Flowers"!

After a few seconds, Bai Lian found that her meridians had returned to normal, even stronger than before.


She hurriedly looked back.

The evening wind was blowing coldly.

There was no one at the cave entrance.

Bai Lian knew that those flowers must have been conjured up by Shifu.

What a twisted person!

Sure enough, my Shifu still loves me!

This was a brand new experience that the younger Martial Sisters had never experienced.

Bai Lian's smile was vague.

If she was sober at that time, she probably could not hold An Lan actively.

How silly!

When Bai Lian came to the exit of the forbidden array, she suddenly stopped and stared at her right hand.

This hand that was as warm as jade…

What flashed in her mind was the scene when she and An Lan were holding each other.

"Now I understand!"

Bai Lian's eyes were bent like two crescent moons.

No wonder the feeling in her hand became elastic.

Her relationship with Shifu just grew closer!

Considering that Shifu had also accepted the fourth Martial Sister, Bai Lian immediately felt that all the beatings she had received were worth it.

By the way, she had to hurry to bring the fourth younger Martial Sister over before the master repented.

Bai Lian walked briskly towards the top of the mountain.


Everything was merged into the spring wind.


Bai Lian found the fourth Martial Sister learning to plant spiritual herbs with the jade rabbit near the cold pool.

"Younger Martial Sister, Shifu wants to see you. Come with me."


Yu Ying stood up in a panic.

She was not ready to meet An Lan at all, but at this time, she could only go.

In fact, the process was much smoother than Bai Lian and Yu Ying imagined.

Although An Lan faintly felt that something was wrong, she was always a trustworthy person.

"Go back to cultivate. If you don't understand anything, ask me or your Elder Martial Sister."

An Lan submitted the cultivation method of the Qiongming peak to Yu Ying.

Yu Ying bowed respectfully to the ground.

Her heart welled with infinite emotion.

When she felt dejected in that small world, she didn't think that she would meet such kind people one day.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is very good, the jade rabbit is very good, and the master is also very good.

Although she is just a little Martial Sister who has just come to the Duxian sect for less than a day, she will do her best to repay the love of her Elder Martial Sisters and master!

"Bai Lian, you stay."

Bai Lian was stopped by An Lan when she came to the cave entrance.

She looked at the expressionless An Lan nervously.

No, no!

I've been here twice tonight. Is it possible that An Lan is not satisfied and wants to do that for the third time?

An Lan didn't notice Bai Lian's expression. She said, "Take your sword out."


Bai Lian was puzzled, but she still took out the Dirt Free Sword as she was told.

An Lan raised her right hand. As she gently waved, the Dirt Free Sword flew over to her hand.

She held the sword hilt of the Dirt Free Sword for a long time.

Bai Lian hesitated.

She could still withstand the spanking with the ruler, but she couldn't bear to be beaten by the Dirt Free Sword!


If I knew it, I would have pulled out a soft sword!

While Bai Lian was thinking, two square stones, one white and one purple, suddenly appeared in front of An Lan.

The white stone is the Ice Soul from Elder Xu.

It is cold and pure, like a lonely flower on a cliff.

The purple is a Phaseless Thunder Crystal.

It's mysterious and it makes people want to observe it carefully.

An Lan first summoned a ball of Sky Flame, and then temporarily weaved a furnace with her spirit Qi in the air.

The dampness in the cave faded away, and Bai Lian felt that she had come to a greenhouse.

She saw An Lan throw the Dirt Free Sword, the Ice Soul and the Phaseless Thunder Crystal into the furnace.

After a dazzling operation, the transparent Dirt Free Sword disappeared and was replaced by a white one that seemed to be cast by frost and snow.

A middle-grade Spirit Tool!

Feeling the mighty aura from the sword body, Bai Lian couldn't help but stare.

"Take it."

An Lan pushed the new Dirt Free Sword to Bai Lian.

The upgraded Dirt Free Sword is harder, longer and stronger.

It can freely switch between the two different states of "Thunder" and "Snow". It can control thunder and lightning, and can freeze thousands of miles. It can also let the opponent experience the "Happiness" of ice and fire.

The mystery of the change cannot be explained in a word or two.

Bai Lian took over the upgraded Dirt Free Sword.

Happiness comes too suddenly.

With this sword, she even dares to face some weak cultivators at the Soul Changing Stage!

Bai Lian exclaimed in her heart!

She was ready for the third "storm", but what she got was a big sweet "candy" from her master.

If she can get a middle-grade Spirit Tool after each beating, she would raise her hips and let An Lan beat her until she was bankrupt!

"I'm a little tired. Get out."

An Lan turned her head aside and waved her hand.

"Thank you, master!"

Bai Lian bowed.

After the sound of footsteps completely disappeared in the cave, An Lan turned back.

"There should be nothing left."

She thought for a moment. The things that should be sent have been sent out, and the people who should be taught have also been taught.

Now there is only one problem before her——

Where can I find a way to help Bai Lian remove the Death Words?

Although Bai Lian said she didn't want to put this burden on her shoulders, who is she? She is the Immortal Heavenly Lord!

Will a Heavenly Lord listen to every word her disciple says? Of course she won't!

So she decided to continue trying to find a solution.

"But where should I go?"

An Lan lies down on the bed. In the face of difficulty, she decided to sleep first.

She wrapped herself in the quilt into a roll and then rolled to the edge and from the edge to the wall.


The flickering candles in the cave died out without wind, and the cave fell into darkness.

An Lan closed her eyes and breathed slowly.

After this situation lasted for more than ten seconds, she suddenly jerked like a salted fish.

Something's wrong!

An Lan frowned.

After sitting in bed for a long time, she lay down again.

This time the quilt was still wrapped into a roll, but she was outside the quilt.

She lay on her side, holding the quilt in her hands, and her legs clamped the quilt tightly like pincers.

An Lan felt a pleasant sense of fulfillment.

That's right.

She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

There, she was full of dignity, and Bai Lian was a good disciple who respected her Shifu very much!