The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Damn it!

This is a spiritual war without any physical combat!

When the war situation was about to be lost, Bai Lian used the tactics of "heart to heart".

Obviously, An Lan was not ready for this move.

She froze in place.

"What… what?!"

Her lips trembled slightly.

Her original dignified image created with great effort collapsed instantly.

An Lan's stunned expression made Bai Lian understand that her guess was correct.

Her Shifu's character is really as twisted as in the game.

Obviously, she was extremely concerned about her, but she only said those cold words to her.

Then everything is easy to deal with!

At this moment, the smile on Bai Lian's face became more natural.

She remembered the plot of the game.

Most of the time, An Lan was "Lofty".

But in a few storylines, after she was forced to remove her disguise, she showed her unspeakable loveliness.

Some people said that it was the appeal of a "bad girl".

Others said that it was the forbidden pleasure brought by bullying the master.

There were many different versions.

But for Bai Lian, she likes the Shifu storyline because it is full of pure innocent hope!

Although the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in those storylines sometimes expressed the idea of "checking the bodies of her Martial Sisters", she never really did - if she did, she would jump to the other storylines.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" was so devoted to her Shifu that even when she was brought back to the Duxian sect by An Lan, she made a great wish to "Marry An Lan".

The most special storyline of her Shifu can only be unlocked after all the other 107 other game lines were unlocked.

Many players thought they could finally enter the hidden happy ending when they first entered this storyline.

No way out.

Because this storyline is a pure love storyline.

The warm story makes people forget the danger of the world itself.

Perhaps this is the last hope they could see!


How sweet it is in this storyline, how bitter it is when it comes to the end.

No matter how strong "Martial Sister Bai Lian" is, even if you use a cheat in the game, when facing the sudden arrival of the final BOSS, "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" will still die silently in Master An Lan's arms, and finally turn into white starlights all over the sky.

No solution.

In the selection of the most hated ending and the most favorite ending, this ending tops the list.

The reason why An Lan was the most popular heroine was because of this unique ending.

If it wasn't for this ending, Bai Lian wouldn’t know that An Lan's personal history was so rich.

The Heavenly Lord?

In fact, she was more like an invincible child who could do whatever she wanted.

After discovering that the master's "defenses" were broken, Bai Lian had to drive straight to the core.

She said, "Shifu, I could see the Death Words on my body before I met you."

An Lan's mouth opened slightly, and she couldn't say a word.

Was there such a thing?

Bai Lian shared the story she just made up with An Lan, "It happened when I was very young. That day, I got up as usual, and with the glimmer of light from the window, I found a black Death Word on my heart."

Her eyes gradually turned to the hole.

It seemed a little deep, but also a little bit more difficult to understand.

It's very tiring to make up stories. Especially to lie in front of An Lan. Once she was found that she was lying, An Lan would probably break her legs.

An Lan followed Bai Lian's sight.

The light shone on the hole.

That day, was the sky as dark as this moment?

An Lan's mind slowly constructed the appearance of the little Bai Lian.

First, reduce the body, then shrink the size of the chest and buttocks, then the face, add a touch of pink on it, add some baby fat on it, and finally comb the hair into the appearance of a child.

It's really cute!

"At that time, I didn't know what word it was, but I was still scared." Bai Lian said.

After all, no one wants to see something strange on themself.

A new scene emerged in An Lan's mind.

As little Bai Lian sat on the bed, she rubbed her bleary eyes and pulled her white feet out of the quilt.

In the process, she was shocked to find that there was something strange on her chest.

Then she stretched out her round fingers to poke, and the Death Word still didn't disappear after being poked around.

Fear flooded in, and little Bai Lian got up from the bed in a panic.

"There's something strange about me!"

She said so to her relatives.

But no one could see the Death Word except her. No one believed what she said, no matter what she said.

At that time, how lonely she must feel!

An Lan seemed to see little Bai Lian huddled in the corner crying.

If she were with little Bai Lian at that time.


An Lan was silent.

With her indifferent character, would she really embrace little Bai Lian?

"Later, someone said that I was cursed." Bai Lian said with a smile.

Then came the cultivator.


Then came the Taoist priest.


Then came the demon hunter.

It was still useless.

Little Bai Lian could only watch more and more Death Words emerging on her body.

In the process, she learned to hide.

She stopped discussing the Death Words and then the family held a banquet celebrating the disappearance of the evil spirits on her body.

An Lan could not help clenching her fist.

Was Bai Lian ten years old at that time?

She shouldered all her fears alone!

The most incomprehensible thing for An Lan was why Bai Lian could tell this painful past with a smile?

Bai Lian said, "Life always goes on…"

Little Bai Lian slowly learned to ignore it.

Fifteen years old.

At that time, Bai Lian had just lost her whole family.

All that she cherished in the past disappeared when her eyes closed and opened.

She was confused, she was at a loss.

She began to question her past. Was that muddled life real?

"I was like a passerby who didn't belong to this world."

Until she met An Lan in front of the fruit stall.

"I felt that the sun had reappeared in my sky. Because of the sun, I will not be afraid anymore. Some people say that I am like the moon, but without the sun, how can the moon shine?"

An Lan felt her heart was pierced by something.

This is the first time she knows what Bai Lian thought when she met her, which is far more powerful than those simple words of gratitude.

The sun?

Some people used to describe her as the sun, but she knew that sun was not the same as the one Bai Lian meant.

The former is a hot sun.

The latter is the warm sun in winter.

Bai Lian said, "Shifu, you can also see the Death Words on me, right?"

"That's right."

An Lan nodded gently.

At this time, she didn't want to hide any more.

She couldn't bear to hurt the "Little Bai Lian" in her heart again.

Bai Lian said, "I knew that Shifu had been secretly concerned about me."

No, I will be angry if you talk nonsense again!

Bai Lian smiled and said, "Shifu has been trying to erase the Death Words from me."

An Lan lowered her head.


At least not before!

She looked up. After seeing Bai Lian's smile without any implications, she took back what she wanted to say.

If she tells her the truth, her lofty image in Bai Lian's heart will collapse.

Is that redemption or destruction?



An Lan remembered Yan Yue's accusation against her again.

Yes, it was not Yan Yue who was wrong, it was always her.

Yan Yue was right. She is a bad woman who only cares about herself.

The cave fell into a brief silence.

When the sound of ticking water broke through the calm, Bai Lian took a step forward and did something unexpected for An Lan and herself.

She sat down beside An Lan. When she was only an inch away from An Lan, she felt the temperature of An Lan's body, and then opened her arms to embrace her.


An Lan didn't move.

By the time she responded, Bai Lian had taken hold of her.

The two hearts were so close that they were only separated by a soft mass.

An Lan's body became stiff instantly.

What happened?

She, An Lan, the Immortal Heavenly Lord, was unexpectedly embraced by someone.

Although this person is her first disciple in the world.


Bai Lian, what are you doing, Bai Lian!

In fact, Bai Lian was also a little confused.

But it's too late to turn around. It's better to take advantage of An Lan's weakness.

Bai Lian gritted her teeth and said, "Shifu, I know that you want me to break the relationship with Yu Ying because you are afraid that I will be overwhelmed by those Death Words."


An Lan's hand swung.

She suddenly realized that it was not a good thing to have a disciple who was too smart.

If Bai Lian is stupid, she won't have to work so hard now.

"But it's no use escaping." Bai Lian said, "The baby eagle will fly to the sky one day. Shifu, you can take care of me for a while, but not all my life."

An Lan stared.

Who said that?

My life is almost limitless. It's easy to take care of you all my life…

Soon An Lan's eyes darkened again.

Times have changed.

Now she has no confidence to say that.

"Shifu, I know you will say that you don't mind, but I still want to say that I don't want to put my own affairs on your shoulders."

"Last month, I said to Shifu that I hope Shifu will recognize me one day and take the initiative to tell me the difficulties you are facing. If I keep avoiding it, what can I do to win Shifu's approval?"


An Lan remembered that night.

As her master, she was repeatedly taught by Bai Lian.

An Lan remembered the conversation with Elder Xu Tingxue on the way back.

Her disciples were all actually taught and taken care of by Bai Lian.

An Lan was very guilty. She was so guilty that her mind was in a mess.

"Then……" she said with her head lowered, "Let Yu Ying stay."

"Thank you, Shifu!"

The happiness came too suddenly, and Bai Lian unconsciously hugged An Lan more tightly.

She told a lot of lies.

Only in terms of emotion, she never lied.

She was indeed afraid, but she also knew that fear couldn't solve the problem.

She could only keep moving forward, hoping to be able to say in the future, she had no regrets when she looked back.

Come on.

An Lan sighed, suddenly her authority as a master disappeared.

It's really…


An Lan suddenly stopped.

Where is Bai Lian's hand?

Isn't that her ass?

"Pervert! How dare you grope your master!"

An Lan stood up angrily.

The terrible spirit Qi rushed into Bai Lian's body in an instant like a giant dragon.

Bai Lian tried to resist, but her proud strength was not worth mentioning in front of An Lan.

The spirit Qi only turned around in her body, and she was disarmed.

The feeling of numbness spread all over the body, and Bai Lian fell down on An Lan's bed with a plop like soft noodles.

Ah, this?

Bai Lian was a little confused.

She got another spanking on her bottom without fully understanding what had happened.

"Get out!"


Bai Lian ran away.

An Lan sat on the bed with a gloomy face.


She suddenly thought of a question. "Accept Yu Ying as her fourth disciple" and "What Bai Lian said just now", what do these two things have to do with each other?

Her mind was a bit confused, so she must think about it carefully again.