The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Chapter 5: Refuse? (2)

She had never thought that the master would be so angry. Maybe her master would kill her with one blow.

Is it because my actions provoked my master?

That's right.

The tiger's butt is untouchable, and An Lan is such a tiger.

You should know that Master An Lan was once the Immortal Heavenly Lord.

How dare a mere Bai Lian make a decision for the Immortal Heavenly Lord!

With this in mind, new options emerged in front of Bai Lian.

[Task 1: Sneak away when your master isn't paying attention (Reward: Taigu Yiqi Kong-fu)]

[Task 2: Do nothing. (Reward: The drawing of the Ten Unique Array)]

[Task 3: Tell her what you have done in Heluo. (Reward: Hard Skill+3)]

The appearance of the task calmed Bai Lian down.

[Hard Skill+3]

There is always a way out!

It seems that as long as she takes the initiative to admit her mistake, her Shifu still loves her!

Choose Task 3.

Choose the safest.

At this time, Bai Lian didn't dare to play tricks in front of An Lan.

"Shifu, I was wrong!"

Bai Lian talked about the experience between herself and Yu Ying.

Of course, she didn't say anything about the system.

"I shouldn't have taken Yu Ying back to the Qiongming Peak without consulting with Shifu. Shifu, if you want to punish me, you can punish me. I submit to you!"

Bai Lian had a strong look on her face.

She also consciously turned half a circle and showed her hips.

After all, she did do this before asking for her master's opinion. Even if she was beaten to death by An Lan, she asked for it.

She only hoped that her master would not vent her anger on Yu Ying.

When Bai Lian stopped talking, there was a dead silence in the cave.

The wind had died down.

The ticking sound disappeared.

Even the heartbeat disappeared.

Is this the calm before the storm?

Bai Lian twisted uneasily twice.

She silently cut off all the confused thoughts in her mind, just waiting for the rainstorm to hit.


An Lan, who had just regained consciousness, was lost again.

She only heard the second half of Bai Lian's words, but that was enough for her to find out what had happened.

The Fourth Younger Martial Sister?

What a surprise!

It turned out that she was not mistaken. The Death Words on Bai Lian didn’t grow by themselves but were closely related to Karma.

After she stopped accepting disciples, the reason why the word of death became more and more was that Bai Lian secretly arranged a new disciple for her.

An Lan stared at Bai Lian viciously and said, "The woman talking to that Yaoguang Rabbit is who you call the Fourth Younger Martial Sister?"

She emphasized the words "Fourth Younger Martial Sister".


Bai Lian quickly nodded.

You really are!

An Lan patted the stone bed heavily.

"You, you…"

She reached out and pointed to Bai Lian, unable to say a complete word.

Do you know how worried I was about you?

Do you know that I was just thinking about going to the Immortal World to find a way to eliminate the Death Words for you?

You know…

An Lan's chest heaved violently, and she could not say these words after all.

"You traitor!"

She cursed, raised her right hand, and landed on Bai Lian's buttocks.


The voice was clear, and this was just the beginning.

After all, the rainstorm is falling.

Bai Lian said nothing.

An Lan didn't pity Bai Lian.

She was so angry that her head was going to release steam.

If she doesn't teach Bai Lian a lesson, she may go too far next time!

So she can't be soft hearted this time. She will not simply beat her, but beat her with a ruler!

After the ruler was broken, An Lan returned to the bed panting and glaring at Bai Lian with angry eyes.

"Do you understand it was wrong?"

Bai Lian replied, "I understand it was wrong."

An Lan waved her hand in a distracted way, "Go back. Next time, if you dare to make such a mistake again, I will break your leg and lock you in the cave. It would be useless for anyone to plead."

Bai Lian should not continue to provoke An Lan at this time, but she still wanted to say something, "Master, what about Yu Ying?"

"Send her away quickly."

Bai Lian had to say, "Shifu, in fact, I think you can take Yu Ying as your disciple. There are only four of us on the Qiongming Peak, which is too shabby compared with the other main peaks. Yu Ying's talent is not inferior to that of the second and third Martial Sisters, and I think she is very congenial to Shifu."

"Nonsense, why?" An Lan said coldly.

Sigh. It seems that my master won't accept Yu Ying after all.

Bai Lian shook her head secretly and decided to ask Master Yan Yue for help.

She said, "Ok, master, I will send Yu Ying to Master Yan Yue."

"You go… wait!" An Lan stopped Bai Lian and said, "Where do you want to send her?"

Bai Lian respectfully replied, "Master Yan Yue."

"No, she can't stay in the Duxian sect." An Lan said firmly.

Bai Lian hurriedly said, "Shifu?"

An Lan angrily said, "Don't talk nonsense, I said no, no!"

Bai Lian was a little confused.

Could it be said that she irritated the master, which made the master dislike the Fourth Younger Martial Sister?

An Lan said with great sincerity, "I do it for your own good. You will understand later."

For my good?

Bai Lian's body suddenly shook.

She thought of a possibility, but she was not very sure, because it was too incredible for her.

She asked tentatively, "I don't quite understand what Shifu means."

An Lan stared at Bai Lian.

She read the firmness in Bai Lian's eyes.

She said coldly, "If I take Yu Ying as my disciple, you may die. Knowing this, do you still want to keep Yu Ying?"


Bai Lian didn't speak.

Shifu really cares about her because she has more Death Words on her body!

A warm current welled up in her heart.

She doesn't know when the estrangement between her and An Lan has disappeared, but that's a very good thing after all.

An Lan sighed, "It seems that you have made a choice. Go ahead and send Yu Ying away."

Bai Lian shook her head.

So far, there is nothing to hide.

Let me take this as my last fight!

She smiled and said, "Shifu, actually I can see the Death Words on me."

"What did you say?"

An Lan stared, wondering if she had heard something wrong.

The cave fell into dead silence.