The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Martial Sister An Lan

After the light vanished, the stagnant Return Ruins returned to normal.

A strong wind sprang up.

The water floating in the air started falling in a sputter then turning into a heavy torrential rainstorm.

The current surged. In the dark waves, the sea water flooded into the bottomless pit from all directions.

The turtle floated quietly around the Return Ruins.

It felt rebirth from this apocalyptic scene.

The air was so sweet.

The sound of the waves was so sweet.

The rain felt so gentle on his back.

Ah, praise the sun!

The turtle raised his front paw high and looked at the figure that was drifting away. It was engraved into its memory.

When it was just a small turtle floating on the bottom of the sea, it was startled by the kelp that came from nowhere.

The kelp deeply penetrated its "tentacles" into its body, torturing its spirit and will, and absorbing its vitality to strengthen itself.

The turtle knew that the kelp wanted to turn it into a puppet.

How could a young turtle like him bear such anger?

"This turtle will never be a slave!"

It then launched a counterattack against the kelp.

It ground the kelp hard. After grinding till it was bleeding, the kelp was still unharmed.

It also went around to provoke those evil sea monsters, but they were crushed as soon as they met the kelp.

The turtle failed again and again, but it never gave up.

In this process, it ushered its growth.

In fact, it was not a commendable story. It just learned to "compromise".

To be a turtle, patience is the most important thing!

The reason why the turtle chose to settle in the Return Ruins is that the Return Ruins has a torrent that never stops. The torrent can help relieve its pain when it washes over its back.

In its tens of thousands of years of life, the biggest achievement of the turtle is that it has found this special health-preserving method. With this method, it has lived from the beginning of this world to now, becoming a dreaded old turtle.

But that was the limit.

The turtle is proficient in divination. It has calculated the fate of the kelp countless times, this way also spying on its future.

Before the end of this world, it will eventually die in the hands of the kelp, helping the kelp to ascend to the Immortal World!

"That is destiny."

He couldn’t do a thing but sigh.

Every world has its own life. Humans use years to record their lives, and the world uses yuan to record its life. One yuan is equal to one hundred twenty-nine thousand six hundred years.

It only needs a few hundreds of years more to see the start of the next yuan.

It's a pity.

Or it should have been.


For some reason.

That strange woman came, asked two strange questions, and then casually attacked.

A burst of white light!

The turtle could still remember the kelp's final attempt to use the turtle as shield.

But the lance, that seemed to be self-consciousness, perfectly avoided the turtle and hit the kelp, sending it into the abyss of death.

No trace left!

Is this destiny?

It's quite funny.

Is there really the so-called unchangeable destiny in this world? After all, it seems it was only because it is not strong enough.

At this time, the black turtle's eyes were shining with deep light.

"What a kind person. Let me do a divination for you!"

Its body was covered in a white light.

Countless mysterious lines appeared on its back.

Divination with the turtle shell is the unique skill of the black turtle!

In a trance, the turtle saw it.

It's white…


After a crisp sound, the turtle retreated from the vision.

There was blood flowing down the corners of its mouth, and what scared it most was that its shell had cracked!

What the fuck…

Forget it, the divination will not work.

The turtle's face looked constipated, but he vaguely understood something.

It is precisely because that strange woman's fate is as unpredictable as a fog that the "destiny" it predicted could be broken by her.

Now he could only pray for her good fortune.

The turtle shook his paw.

"Thank you, stranger!"

A moment later it sank back to the bottom of the sea.


In fact, there are several places listed by the Library Elder that An Lan has not visited.

But after talking with Xuangui, she lost her interest in wandering around.

If she can become a Heavenly Lord again, why should she be afraid of some Death words?

If the so-called karmas can't be cut off with her lance, then she will just keep cutting until the karmas are completely ripped apart!

But this is bound to be a road full of thorns.

Only by returning to the Immortal World can she recover everything she has lost.

But how to smoothly return to the Immortal World?

She is able to ascend to the Immortal World even right now, but then she will be found by her foe.

"No, I can't do it now!"

An Lan shook her head.

She remembered her three disciples.

The pearl hidden in Su Youwei's body is a very high-quality artifact.

Theoretically, the immortal who died in the Sand Region could not bring it to this mortal world.

"Maybe there is a special channel that is not restricted by the laws of the Great Tao!"

An Lan was excited at the thought.

For hundreds of years, she has never been so full of fighting spirit.

This is not only for Bai Lian, but also for herself. It is impossible to just wait in place for miracles.

An Lan took out the jade slip.

After many days, she finally saw the words sent by Bai Lian.

[I'll be right back…]

In the middle of the sentence, An Lan deleted all the words.

Anyway, it doesn't take much time for her to return to the Duxian sect, and it doesn't make much difference if she doesn't send Bai Lian a message first. Let's just give Bai Lian a "surprise"!

An Lan showed the shadow of a smile.

As their Shifu, I should spoil my disciples occasionally.

During the flight, her body suddenly turned into countless streams of light. When the streams disappeared completely, she had already reached the offshore area.

In this way, An Lan returned to the Duxian sect in a quarter of an hour.

She stood in front of the mountain, not rushing in.

Look at the green grass.

The spring is fading away and the summer is getting closer.

Look at the white clouds.

"It's a pity that no real immortal has ever been born here."

An Lan muttered and walked slowly towards the sect.

People come and go at the front door. She doesn't like it, so she always chooses the back door to go in and out.

The back road is narrow and rugged, but this is not a problem for An Lan.

Between the rocks and cliffs of Yunluo Peak, An Lan met Elder Xu Tingxue who was taking care of the medicine garden.

Elder Xu Tingxue, who was much more interested in Bai Lian because of Qing Luan, greeted An Lan as soon as she saw her.

She smiled and said, "Martial Sister An Lan really has a good disciple!"


An Lan stopped.

Why does this sound like a fault?

She clenched her fists.

Elder Xu suddenly said, "Bai Lian's performance in Heluo Country almost surpassed the ceremony of the eldest princess. I heard that the disciples of Yaochi Holy Mountain also praised Bai Lian a lot this time."

Oh, she is praising Bai Lian.

That's all right.

An Lan loosened her tight body.

Elder Xu then said, "Compared with Bai Lian, my disciples… Alas, Martial Sister An Lan, I wronged you before. You are a real teacher!"

An Lan smiled. She nodded gently and seemed unconcerned. "If only you knew!"

Elder Xu humbly bowed at An Lan, "Martial Sister An Lan, please teach me how to teach my disciples!"

Her bow was genuine.

After a long talk with Bai Lian, she decided to learn how to teach her disciples from An Lan, but she didn't find the opportunity until today.

Because An Lan likes to run outside and doesn't often stay in the sect.

An Lan, "…"

You ask me, who do I ask?

"Martial Sister An Lan?"

Elder Xu called softly.

She found that An Lan seemed reluctant.

That's right.

This may be the exclusive secret of Martial Sister An Lan. How can she say it so easily?

Elder Xu, who gradually understood everything, took a small box out of her arms.

"A small gift. It can be regarded as a congratulation for Bai Lian. Please accept it, Martial Sister An Lan."


An Lan glanced at the ten-thousand-year Ice Soul lying in the box. It was of excellent quality. It can be refined into a good weapon.

She remembered the Dirt Free Sword she gave Bai Lian.

Why is it called the Dirt Free Sword?

It is not because the sword is crystal clear and doesn't stain with any dust.

It is mainly because it has no special ability. It can't release spells, it can't increase spiritual strength, it can't…

Its only advantage is that it is hard and suitable for stabbing people.

The Dirt Free Sword was very useful to Bai Lian in the past, but after the growth in all aspects of her ability, the Dirt Free Sword can no longer meet her needs.

It's time to upgrade it!

An Lan received the Ice Soul from Elder Xu.

She smiled and said, "Let me say a few words."

Elder Xu nodded repeatedly.

Usually, when the sect leader says this sentence, she has to listen to it for at least half an hour.

An Lan slowly said, "First of all, we must realize that the disciples are people with subjective initiative."


"Our role is not to impart knowledge, but to guide and promote. You can teach them magic, but can't cultivate for them."


"The key is how to make your disciples love cultivation."


Elder Xu agreed that Qing Luan didn't like cultivation, but she mistakenly led Qing Luan to the path of cultivation, which almost led to tragedy.

It's worthy to be Martial Sister An Lan who taught Bai Lian. She really hit the nail on the head!

She pricked up her ears and prepared to continue to listen to An Lan's advice.

"That's about it. Take the rest of it and let me go."

After saying that, An Lan walked briskly towards the Qiongming Peak.


Elder Xu was stunned.

That's it? Is that all?

You really only say a few words!

"Martial Sister An Lan!" Elder Xu chased her.

After receiving the gift, An Lan looked very polite, "What else?"

Elder Xu asked, "Martial Sister An Lan, can you give me an example?"

An Lan pulled a face, "Teaching disciples in accordance with their aptitude is the key, so I can't give you any example."


Elder Xu hesitated.

Seeing that An Lan was leaving again, she hurriedly said, "Martial Sister An Lan, why don't you tell me how you plan to teach your new disciple?"

New disciple?

Su Youwei has entered the Duxian sect for almost a year. Can she still be called a new disciple?

An Lan said helplessly, "It's actually quite simple. First, I teach her the cultivation method, and then let Bai Lian guide her. Under the influence of Bai Lian, she naturally grows to like cultivation."

"Ah, this?"

Elder Xu froze in the late spring wind.

It sounds really simple.


Where can I find another Bai Lian?

When Elder Xu came to her senses, An Lan was gone.

Elder Xu looked at the empty box and suddenly fell into meditation.

Is the leader of the Qiongming peak An Lan or Bai Lian?


An Lan finally returned to the Qiongming Peak.

Looking at Bai Lian who was painting in her room, she hid her breath and walked past quickly.

Dear disciple, here comes your surprise!