The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 31 Part 2

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Chapter 31: She Is No Longer Alone! (2)

"Fairy Bai Lian, are you going to leave?"

Bai Lian nodded, "There is still a lot to do."

She was going to recycle the best-grade Spirit Tool under Nanwang City.

In addition, although she knew that the Third Younger Martial Sister was fine, she couldn't wait to meet her.

Ling Yue looked a little gloomy, but she soon got back on her feet.

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She said, "It was here that we met last time."

Is that so?

Bai Lian was a little surprised.

Ling Yue said, "You have seen all of me, both past and present."


Bai Lian was shocked.

Girl, don't talk nonsense!

Although I am a pervert, in essence, I will never snoop on others or use force.

Thinking this, Bai Lian looked very guileless.

Ling Yue suddenly sighed. She pressed her left chest and said, "Fairy Bai Lian, you have lived here."

Bai Lian, "…"

She had a bad feeling.

This reminds her of the day when she said goodbye to Si Yunshang.

Would that also happen to Ling Yue?

Ling Yue pointed to the moon in the sky.

The evening wind suddenly blew.

When she was young.

The moon was just the moon.

It was beautiful, but it didn't make her dream.

When she grew up.

The moon became Tao Hui.

It accompanied her for a long time, but unconsciously turned into blood.


"The moon has finally become Fairy Bai Lian."

How beautiful.

Sadness disappeared from Ling Yue's face and she provoked a happy smile at the corners of her mouth.

"I think I will never forget what happened last night in my life, nor the happiness you brought to me, Fairy Bai Lian."


Bai Lian shook her head secretly.

She realized that Ling Yue and Si Yunshang were completely different.

Although they were betrayed by their closest friends, Si Yunshang accepted everything in the past frankly, while Ling Yue was trying to overcome the past.

Which is better?

Bai Lian doesn't know.

She only knows that these two girls are trouble makers!

"Fairy Bai Lian!" Ling Yue clenched her hands and said, "I know I can't have you stay in Nanwang, but can you meet my small wish before you leave?"

If it's not too much, it's OK.

Bai Lian doesn't mind being temporarily used as a wishing machine.

"What wish?" she asked

Ling Yue said, "Fairy Bai Lian, you have known me well, and I want to know you better."


Is my heart still pure?

"Fairy Bai Lian, can you show me your heart?"

Ling Yue put her hands together, and her big eyes were full of anticipation, which made Bai Lian think of a poor kitten.


If only this, well, ok.

Bai Lian nodded.

"Come with me."

Her heart was not all empty.

She led Ling Yue into a dark place where they couldn't even see their fingers.

Dazed for a moment, Ling Yue found herself in a busy town.

This is the town at the foot of the Duxian sect.

It was still New Year's Eve.

Ling Yue looked curiously at the red lanterns hanging beside the road. She grew up in the Sand Region. It was the first time she saw such a scene.

"Is this the place where Fairy Bai Lian lives?"

Bai Lian nodded and shook her head, "Not exactly."

This is her regret and her greatest expectation.

Ling Yue didn't quite understand Bai Lian's words.

She followed Bai Lian.

She looked at Hua Huo.

She watched the swimming fish.

In the end, it began to rain heavily, and the people on the street fled.

Ling Yue and Bai Lian hid under the eaves.

The fire in the lantern was still burning.

There was a figure moving in the rainy alley.

Ling Yue's eyes widened as she observed the figure.

The first thing that appeared under the dim light was the oil paper umbrella, under which stood a girl in white.

By the way, that's Bai Lian!

The "Bai Lian" with an umbrella walked slowly from the end of the alley alone, looking very lonely.

Ling Yue looked at Bai Lian beside her, and then at that "Bai Lian".

"Fairy Bai Lian…"

Ling Yue stopped what she was about to say.

She saw someone darting into the alley.

It was a slightly petite young woman in a pale yellow dress.

The woman ran and muttered, "Damn, it's raining suddenly, Bai Lian, wait for me."

She just squeezed under the umbrella of "Bai Lian".

"That's my Shifu, An Lan."

Bai Lian murmured the name An Lan repeatedly.

A smile gradually appeared on her face.

The same scene, the same dream. Like Ling Yue was changing, she was changing too.

Now she is no longer alone.

The excitement belongs to others and her.

"I see."

Ling Yue murmured.

This is Bai Lian's heart! This is the person in her heart!

But after all, the "war" is not over, is it?

Who knows who will be the one laughing in the end?


Bai Lian nodded happily.

It seems that Ling Yue is not as persistent as Si Yunshang, which is really good news.

"Let's go out."


Ling Yue followed Bai Lian closely.

Before leaving, she couldn't help looking back.

The umbrella of "Bai Lian" is quite roomy!