The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 30 Part 2

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Chapter 30: Bai Lian, My Natural Saint, My Light! (2)

When Bai Lian and Ling Yue stepped on the city wall, the chariot that completed its final mission turned into a streak of light shooting into the sky to the sound of cheers, and finally slowly dissipated.

They didn't rush to the ground.

Because Wen Su was floating in front of them.

The white fat cultivator had already recovered. He looked a little old, but his waist was still straight.

However, because he used too much energy to control the Spirit Tool before, his figure looked very unreal, as if he would disappear at any time.


Ling Yue took a step forward to hold Wen Su, but she went straight through Wen Su's body.

"Silly child."

Wen Su reached out to touch Ling Yue's head, but failed.

After sighing, he continued, "I will leave soon, just like our ancestor."


Ling Yue's voice seemed to have been cut apart, and all her previous excitement had disappeared at this moment.

"There is no need to be sad." Wen Su said, "Humans will die sooner or later, not to mention that I have already died once. I feel happy to know that you can continue to guard Nanwang for me after my death."

Ling Yue shook her head vigorously.


This is different.

At that time, she didn't feel the love of her father. She was sad, but she was sad because "a person died", so she forced a few tears at the funeral.

It was different now.

Although she met Wen Su after his death for the first time, thanks to Bai Lian, she now understood Wen Su's love for her.

"Only you don't understand your father's love for you!"


At that time, she didn't understand at all.

But Wen Su would now leave after she understood.

Why did it happen like this?

Ling Yue begged, "Father, can you not leave?"

Wen Su didn't say anything.

As the leader of a country, why are you crying?

He wanted to scold Ling Yue with some choice words, but then remembered that this was a farewell. He would never have the opportunity to educate his daughter again.

Forget it.

Wen Su closed his eyes tightly and opened them after a long time, "You can only rely on yourself in the future."

Ling Yue squatted on the ground and shrank into a ball, "Father."

Wen Su said, "I have been watching you for years. In fact, you have done very well. Even if I am not with you, you will be able to lead Nanwang so it continues to advance."

Ling Yue cried so hard that she could not speak.

Wen Su shook his head, and he turned to Bai Lian again, "Fairy Bai Lian, after I have left, according to the agreement, the Spirit Tool buried under Nanwang City will be yours."

Bai Lian nodded silently.

This is a transaction.

It's almost time.

A smile appeared on Wen Su's face.

He could hardly stand it. At the last moment, he wanted to give Bai Lian a big gift.

How can a mere Spirit Tool express his gratitude to Bai Lian for saving his daughter and Nanwang?

Fairy Bai Lian, a person like you will become the brightest star in the sky of East Divine Land one day.

I don't have any magic power. I can only make you ascend a little faster!

The soul of Wen Su slowly floated up.

The soft white light enveloped him.

This change attracted Ling Yue's attention. The girl got up from the ground, ran to Wen Su, and then stretched out her right hand.


She wanted to grab something.

But no matter how she stretched at it, she couldn't touch it.

She could only miss Wen Su over and over again, and the big one and the small one couldn't hold each other.

Ling Yue's eyes flashed in confusion and pain, and tears had already covered her face.

This is the last chance!

Even if I could only hold his hand one last time!

Why, why, why…

After seeing that Ling Yue could not reach Wen Su even when she stood on tiptoe, Bai Lian quickly walked over and held Ling Yue's waist.

"Sigh. I give in to you!"

Bai Lian flew up with Ling Yue.

After reaching Wen Su, she took out the Three Turn Soul Coagulation Pill awarded previously by the internal demon task.

This is a very rare Medical Pill, but she herself… doesn't need it, does she?

"Just regard it as an exchange for that Spirit Tool."

She put the Medical Pill into Wen Su's body.

Suddenly, the white light on Wen Su became more brilliant, and the illusory body suddenly became solid.

That moment.

Ling Yue was shocked to find that her hand was held.

She looked up.

Bai Lian loosened her waist, and her hands were tightly clasped by Wen Su.

Ling Yue, "…"

Wen Su, "…"

Unprecedented warmth.

Maybe this is familial love.

Wen Su smiled kindly, "Silly girl, you have always been my pride."

Ling Yue broke down in tears.

Their hands finally parted.

Wen Su flew higher and higher until he finally turned into light, illuminating the four directions.

There were cries and cheers from Nanwang City.

But all the voices were covered by the sentence "Thank you, Fairy Bai Lian" from above.


Bai Lian shook her head slightly.

She looked at Ling Yue, who was sobbing.

Although the empire is no longer here, people will continue to move forward with the will of their predecessors.

So it is.

Bai Lian felt a strong emotion.

She felt that she used the Three Turn Soul Coagulation Pill in the right way.

She put her hand on Ling Yue's shoulder and said, "Let's go and put down the royal city that floats in the sky."

Ling Yue continued to cry and hugged Bai Lian.

Su Youwei, "!"

I give in to you.

Let you cry a little longer.

Bai Lian thought so, but now a new vision appeared in the sky.

"What is that?"

Zhao Haiya raised his head.

It's light!

The light shone on the earth.

Then, one star after another appeared in the soft white light, and all the stars fell on the Yaoguang Special Effect that appeared by itself behind Bai Lian.

It was too sudden.

When everyone turned, Bai Lian's Yaoguang Special Effect projected a fascinating watercolor painting on the dawn sky.

"Natural Saint!"

"Ah ah ah, Star Lord!"

"Fairy Bai Lian!"

Even some cultivators cheered along with the residents of Nanwang City.

From this moment on, they became firm supporters of Bai Lian.

Bai Lian was full of questions in her head.

[Hard Skill+25]

[Soft Skill+24]

[Light Skill+28]

[Focus +21]

Her cultivation base had also broken through to the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

Her strength had been greatly improved, and all her basic skills had reached more than 400 points. Even without using any spirit Qi, she could end in a draw with any cultivator at the Soul Changing Stage.


Bai Lian was pissed off. She was trembling all over and her hands and feet turned cold.

She felt a trace of the Three Turn Soul Coagulation Pill, that is to say, all this was caused by Wen Su.

The emperor, Wen Su…

You are really a family!


Why do you want to persecute me, a 19-year-old girl?

In the sky.

Wen Su looked at the emperor who was not far away in shock.


"Let's go together."

After all, he had said that they would leave together.

The emperor smiled. He had been looking at Bai Lian and Ling Yue. He was relieved to see that they were so harmonious.

Wen Su nodded, "Let's go together."

When he left, he kept looking back at Bai Lian.

May you always be as bright as the moon.

Bai Lian, my Natural Saint, my light!