The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 30 Part 1

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Chapter 30: Bai Lian, My Natural Saint, My Light! (1)

For people, including Bai Lian, this was definitely an unimaginable outcome!

At first, Bai Lian came to Nanwang to help the Third Younger Martial Sister in collecting fragments of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

Even after uncovering Tao Hui's plot, she only wanted to eliminate Tao Hui at the side, in a attempt to prevent Nanwang City's fated destruction of turning into ruins buried under the yellow sand.

She never even considered changing the status quo of the whole Sand Region.

It's not that she didn’t want to help, she knew she couldn't.

She is merely a little cultivator at the Nascent Soul Stage. How can she have the ability to undo the actions of the Immortal who once controlled the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl?

However, an accident occurred.

Due to the emperor's actions, the long drought ruling the land was broken by many sweet flowing springs.

What came with the springs was happiness.

It was a long lost happiness.

It was also the most primitive and simple happiness.

What are you doing? Enjoy!

Therefore, the people of Nanwang Country standing around the riverway began to dance.


They clapped their hands excitedly.


They bumped their hips excitedly.


They buried their heads deep in the surging tide.

The smile on their faces were more charming than the swaying flowers of the oasis.

What an exciting scene!

Even Ling Yue, who was full of gloom in her heart, smiled.

Nanwang Country didn't immediately turn into fertile land.

But with the big river across the Sand Region, soon Nanwang Country will be covered by beautiful greenery, and other countries nearby will benefit from it.

There will be a lot of trouble, but Ling Yue believes that as long as they have hope, they could keep moving forward!

The current perception of Bai Lian was…

"It was sudden!"

A man beside the tree squatted on the ground and wrote Bai Lian's name over and over again.

An old lady nearby put her hands together and murmured that Bai Lian was a star descending from the sky.

Children held hands together and shouted "Bai Lian, Bai Lian".

Two people were laughing wildly on a stone heap.

A stonemason raised his hands and praised Bai Lian, saying that he would build a stone sculpture for her.

Human beings have different joys and sorrows. Bai Lian just wants to cry.


This should not be the case.

Emotionally, she had no objection to the emperor's transformation of Nanwang.

Because it is a good thing that helps the present and benefits the future.

But before you do this, can you give a speech to all the citizens of Nanwang Country to let them know who is the real hero?

The people's praises made Bai Lian panic.

She could already foresee the difficulties she would face next.

People who like her——

"Bai Lian, Bai Lian, when will you become a real Star Lord?"

"Go away!"

People who hate her——

"This woman is so terrible. We must kill her before she grows up!"

"Go away!"

Bai Lian felt that she should scold the emperor. Look at the terrible things he had done to her!


Due to all the sand in the wind, Bai Lian reached out to wipe her eyes.

This movement attracted Ling Yue’s attention.

The girl was shocked.

Bai Lian cried?

She didn't think Bai Lian cried because she was sad, so there was only one possibility. Seeing the changes in Nanwang, Bai Lian cried with joy!

Ling Yue was deeply moved.

Compared with her, Bai Lian is more like the queen of Nanwang Country.

"Bai Lian, you…"

Bai Lian explained, "There was sand in my eyes."

Ling Yue didn't believe it.

Sand in her eyes?

Come on, this excuse is much too outdated.

Ling Yue suddenly jumped into Bai Lian's arms.

She came suddenly and forcefully, almost knocking Bai Lian over.

What the hell?

Bai Lian was stunned, she didn't know where to put her hands to preserve propriety.

Although Ling Yue and Su Youwei were both white-haired, Ling Yue looked more mature.

She twisted a little in Bai Lian's arms, and four "squashed balls" began to tumble around.


Bai Lian saw new task options.

Task 1 is to study the "friction" between girls with Ling Yue on the emperor's chariot.

The reward is a secret medicine [Windless Mirror on the Pool].

This is not an ordinary secret medicine!

Bai Lian was shocked after reading the rating given by the system.

"Is this worth an inferior Spirit Tool?"

Doesn't it mean that if she lets a cultivator at the Soul Changing Stage eat it, the cultivator will also become a slave of desire?

I don't dare to choose it. Pass.

Bai Lian resolutely chose Task 2, Soft Skill+1. Just hug her.

After a long time, Ling Yue suddenly apologized, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Bai Lian was a little surprised.

Ling Yue whispered, "Didn't you say when you brought me out of the nightmare that if you proved you were right, I should apologize?"

Bai Lian nodded. She remembered that she did say something like that, but she forgot all about it.

Forget it.

This kind of thing is not important. The important thing is to dispel the rumors as soon as possible.

Bai Lian said, "The deeds of a hero should not be forgotten. When you return to Nanwang City, tell everyone the one deserving praise is your ancestor. He was the one who brought peace to Nanwang City, and the one who made Nanwang Country green…"


Ling Yue suddenly interrupted Bai Lian.

Bai Lian, "?"

The picture of being with Bai Lian flashed in Ling Yue's mind.

Before meeting Bai Lian, it was as if she was walking in a dark desert.

There was no sun in her sky, it was always night, and the only light was the moon dyed blood red.

But Bai Lian appeared.

Bai Lian appeared in Nanwang with the tenderness of a Natural Saint.

She could have ignored the crisis that Nanwang was facing, just like other cultivators, but she reached out her hand.

Ling Yue clearly remembered every detail of what happened after Bai Lian broke into her desert.

Bai Lian was tough, but also very considerate.

After her fear and fierce resistance, she unconsciously accepted Bai Lian.

Why? It was because of Bai Lian's eyes.

It was a pair of clear eyes that should not have appeared in that bloody desert.

Ling Yue was fascinated.

Being watched by this pair of eyes, she felt warm.

She wanted it!

If it were her eyes, the world she saw would be full of green.

So she followed Bai Lian in ignorance.

It was also proved that she was right.

Where Bai Lian comes, hope will come. When Bai Lian comes, Nanwang City will be peaceful.

Ling Yue stared at Bai Lian, and her voice became more and more firm as she said.

"It is you who stopped the conspiracy of Tao Hui, saved the ancestor who was controlled by Tao Hui, and made the impossible possible. Without you, there would be no Nanwang Country. You are the real hero, and your deeds cannot be forgotten!"


Ling Yue added, "I think everyone in Nanwang thinks so."

Bai Lian wanted to cry even more.

Please forgive me!

I really don't want to be a Natural Saint, and I'm not a reincarnation of any Star Lord. My biggest dream is to live peacefully with my Shifu and Martial Sisters.

Why is this dream so hard to realize?

Bai Lian stopped talking.

Ling Yue felt that she had successfully persuaded Bai Lian.

She hugged Bai Lian's waist tightly, and then shouted in a very excited voice.

"Tomorrow will be better!"



The voice drifted out.

At this time, the emperor's chariot was on the way back to Nanwang City after the last inspection.

The sun rose early.

The sun shone far and wide.

A new day had officially started.

Not long after, the chariot finally returned to Nanwang City.