The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3: Tonight, An Lan Joins the Hunt (2)

After a short ruckus, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's class began.

"Outsiders say that our master is a very indifferent person. This view is very wrong…"

Master An Lan's cold outside and hot inside!

Bai Lian sighed, "This is not me speaking nonsense."

You can't see anything when you are far away. Only by approaching close can you feel the warmth of Master An Lan.

Bai Lian took the relationship between An Lan and the former sect leader as an example.

Just because she was grateful to the former sect leader for bringing her out of her confusion, An Lan stayed in the Duxian sect.

Others don't know, but Bai Lian knows.

"Every year on the deathday of the former sect leader, our master would secretly go to pay respect to him. Can you say that our master is an indifferent person?"

Xiao Jinse took the lead in shaking her head.


"Our master, she just doesn't like to show her feelings in public!"

Bai Lian said directly, "Master Yan Yue was afraid of being lonely when she was young, so our master specially found the Blood Tree Patriarch and brought him from outside, asking him to play with Master Yan Yue."

"Once when the former sect leader went out for a trial, he was almost killed by a monster. It was our master who quietly saved him and killed the monster."



Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei lowered their heads.

They used to be slightly critical of An Lan, but Bai Lian's words made them suddenly "wake up".

If it wasn't for Master An Lan, they wouldn't have the chance to join the Duxian sect, let alone meet Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Another kind of life.

Su Youwei thought of her past life, which was full of blood and killing.

That was a world she didn't want to go back to. She was afraid that she would wake up and find that all of this was just her dream.

In the future, I must pay homage to our master!

Su Youwei clenched her fist.

The jade rabbit was particularly touched.

"Haw haw(Indeed)!"

Although she always scolds An Lan as a bad woman, without that bad woman, she would have died.

If she was dead, how could she meet Bai Lian?

Thanks to the warmth hidden under the cold appearance of the "bad woman", she can still fight and have a dream.

Bai Lian clapped her hands and said with a smile, "This is the end of the course tonight. You should go back to rest early."

"Yes, Elder Martial Sister."

Everyone stood up one after another.

Yu Ying asked shyly, "Bai Lian… Elder Martial Sister, where do I sleep tonight?"

This is a very serious question!

The Second Younger Martial Sister and the Third Younger Martial Sister looked at each other.

One thing that must be guaranteed is that this fourth Martial Sister must not be allowed to spend the night in Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's room, even if she is turned into a sword and hung on the wall!

Who knew if she was just pretending to be an honest person?

The jade rabbit is right in front of them. They will not make the same mistake again.

At this time, the jade rabbit stood out and said, "Haw haw!"

She held her ears high.

Bai Lian understood her meaning. She wanted the fourth Martial Sister to live with her.

"Younger Martial Sister Yu, do you mind?"

Yu Ying immediately said, "I don’t."

"Let's do that."

Bai Lian was pleased to send the younger Martial Sisters out.


It seems all the Martial Sisters welcome Yu Ying. Then she only needs to persuade Master An Lan!

For this, Bai Lian was ready to get her ass beaten.

She returned to the dresser and instead of rushing to put on her socks, she stared at her feet in the moonlight for a long time.


It's really beautiful!

She wondered what her master was doing at this time.


Outside the East Sea, there are huge ravines, and below is a bottomless valley called the Return Ruins.

An Lan traveled eastward and finally found the dark blue bottomless deep valley behind the sky-supporting column.

The reason why An Lan came here was that the Library Elder told her that there was a turtle that was nearly one yuan old (yuan: A period of 129,600 years in Chinese).

Some time ago, she had a "Friendly exchange" with the people of the Taixuan Taoist Sect and Taiqing Taoist Sect, but those old guys only knew how to survive under the heavenly thunder. She was disappointed to discover they couldn't give Bai Lian any valuable suggestions on how to eliminate the Death words on her body.

Now An Lan could only place her hope on the 100,000-year-old turtle living in the Return Ruins.

This turtle is so old. He must know a lot about how to avoid death.

"Xuangui, come out quickly!"

An Lan held the lance with no expression on her face.

With this soft shout, it completely froze in place the ocean near the Return Ruins, and no water fell to the Return Ruins for a while.

The turtle, who wanted to pretend to not be at home, could not sit still.

It has enough reason to believe that if it doesn't show up soon, the petite woman will tear the Return Ruins apart.

An Lan had the ability, which could be seen from the terrible temperament she emitted.

A dark body floated up from the depths of the Return Ruins.

After a dozen breaths, a giant turtle, comparable in size to an island, appeared in front of An Lan.

"What can I do for you?"

At the moment of seeing the turtle, An Lan's pupils suddenly shrank.

On the back of the black turtle lay a group of strangely shaped kelp, which was continuously absorbing its vitality.

An Lan asked, "There is a person whose body is covered by Death words. Do you know the reason?"

The turtle replied, "It must be because the person is contaminated by too many karmas."

An Lan nodded, "How to solve it?"

The turtle pointed to the kelp on its back and said, "Similar to this, no one can solve it."


The answer is still disappointing.


An Lan raised the long lance in her hand, and without hesitation, stabbed the turtle called Xuangui.

White light fell like a meteor and wrapped the turtle in an instant.

When the world calmed down, the turtle was shocked to find that the kelp on its back had been killed, but it was not damaged.

If the kelp can be solved, so can the Death words on Bai Lian's body!

With such faith, An Lan embarked on the journey back to the Duxian sect.

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