The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 28 Part 2

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Chapter 28: Now Let Me Guard You! (2)

He saw more black mucus fall, and it was too late to evacuate the people.

"Escape the city!"

A ray of light flashed in Zhao Haiya's eyes.

At this time, he could never take the lead in escaping.


His momentum rose to the sky.

Zhao Haiya opened his spirit Qi to weave a net over his head. He hoped that it would stop the black mucus even for a moment.

Just as he was about to move ahead, a white fat figure suddenly stood in front of him.

"Let me do it."

Wen Su said.


Zhao Haiya frowned.

He didn't know that Wen Su was the father of Ling Yue and the last emperor of Nanwang Country. To his knowledge, Wen Su was an ordinary cultivator at the Golden Core Stage.

"Let me do it." Zhao Haiya said, "You should take others away quickly. Take as many as you can."

Wen Su shook his head. His eyes were full of firmness and he said in a confident tone, "There is no time to explain. This is my country. The people here are my people. I should have guarded them!"


Zhao Haiya was stunned.

Isn't the emperor of Nanwang Country Ling Yue?

This guy…

Somehow, when looking at Wen Su, a little part of him believed his words.

Wen Su's body suddenly emitted a green light.

He floated slowly into the air.

This vision attracted everyone's attention.

Wen Su overlooked Nanwang City at his feet.

Despair, hope, family, friendship, love…

It is so colorful, it is so beautiful.

Nanwang City is still the one he is familiar with!

He thought of the past.

After his death, his soul didn't disappear, but inadvertently integrated with the Spirit Tool hidden under Nanwang City, and obtained power.

At that time, he felt that there was something unusual in another Spirit Tool hidden under the royal city.

But his power was limited.

He discovered the plot of Tao Hui and the evil idea, but he could not change anything.

He didn't even dare to show himself, because as soon as he was discovered, he would be wiped out by Tao Hui.

It was Bai Lian's sudden arrival that changed all this and gave him hope.

He thanked Bai Lian, Zhao Haiya, and everyone who gave their own strength to protect Nanwang City.

Without them, Nanwang City would have been destroyed by these bad people.

Now it's up to him to end all this.

This is his destiny. Otherwise, why would he have been integrated with that Spirit Tool?

It is time.

Wen Su's soul burned.

The green light became more dazzling, and under the shadow of the green light, Wen Su's body also changed.

He became older.

He also grew more dignified.

He again became the emperor who once led the people of Nanwang.


The earth trembled, and a green shield appeared in the sky above Nanwang City.

Out, out.

Wen Su was delighted.

But his smile seemed to be one of pain.

He clenched his fists tightly. Not yet, he had to hold on until the black mucus was gone.

However, his strength is still too weak after all. He was just a human.

His consciousness grew faint. Is this my limit?

Zhao Haiya stared at everything in front of him.

Is he really a cultivator at the Golden Core Stage?

Suddenly, he heard a cry of surprise.

"Hey… isn't that the old emperor?"

He looked away and saw a wounded veteran shouting.

The cries of the veteran attracted many people's attention.

They tried to see it.

That figure, no mistake!

"Old emperor, he is really our old emperor!"

"The old emperor is back!"

"Nanwang City is saved!"

The shout grew louder and louder until it finally converged into a monstrous roar.

The old emperor, the old emperor…

Wen Su heard it.

That emotional call made him find a trace of clarity in his weakened state.

He seemed to have heard many stories being told. Some people told of how they fought together with the old emperor.

Some people spoke of the old emperor donating money to help the poor.

Others said…

Oh, the people of Nanwang still remember him.

In spite of the pain, Wen Su only felt that there was infinite power in his body.

In the past, people from Nanwang City were guarding him, but now he could finally hold his head high and say that he was the one guarding Nanwang City.


With the hysterical roar, Wen Su's body showed more brilliant green light.

He did his best.

He kept driving the shield to expand.


At that moment, the shield rose towards the sky at an incredible speed, and then hit the thick night. No matter how hard the black mucus struggled, it could not get through.


Tao Hui's Dharma Body was stunned.

He had no idea what had happened.

What the hell is this!

He was about to collapse. Was this also part of Bai Lian's plan?

Then all he did became a joke!

He thought his "hard work" would at least make Bai Lian a little anxious. In the end, was he just an insignificant insect in Bai Lian's eyes?


Tao Hui roared from the bottom of his heart.

Then a figure in white appeared in front of him.

Followed by a cold voice.

"It seems that you have no other moves."

"No, no, no…"

Tao Huai's Dharma Body shook its head vigorously.

It couldn't be, it couldn't be!

Tao Hui was completely engulfed in flames.

But Bai Lian's anger blazed fiercer.


The Dirt Free Sword descended on Tao Hui's shoulder with cold light.

"Now I will let you taste despair!"