The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 28 Part 1

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Chapter 28: Now Let Me Guard You! (1)

What the hell!

Bai Lian stopped.

"Why must everyone make me into a cunning manipulator?"

She is obviously just an innocent nineteen-year-old girl!

It's hard to take care of her younger Martial Sisters every day. She doesn't have so much free time as to think so much about them.

Bai Lian was puzzled.

She only thought Tao Hui was too bad!

Angry, Bai Lian pointed the Dirt Free Sword at the source of the sound——

The altar!

Bai Lian felt that something was coming out of there.

One second.

Two seconds.

A roar came from the ground.


Bai Lian's eyes widened.

The stone altar suddenly split open and boundless black qi gushed out.

The Qi flow was as strong as a river spring tide, and the whole royal city was shrouded in a mere moment.

The starry night disappeared.

The thick dark night made everyone feel a little discontent.

"Ha ha ha ↑"


Crazy laughter came from all directions.

Bai Lian recognized Tao Huai's voice.

She tried to find the figure of Tao Hui, but what appeared in front of her was a… tauren?


Bai Lian took a closer look.

In fact, it was just a Dharma Body that looked like a tauren, with clawed hands and feet.

Where is Tao Hui's real body?

Bai Lian was puzzled. The tauren-like Dharma Body opened its scarlet eyes and stared at her.

The only thing in those eyes was violent killing intent.


Bai Lian didn’t like this.

One emperor plus one Tao Hui, she can't fight them at the same time!

She was preparing to run.

Tao Hua grinned and said, "Bai Lian, you are a reincarnated Star Lord, and maybe I'm just a small particle of dust in front of you."

Bai Lian became angry.

Fuck you!

How dare you come out and just spread rumors!

"I'll repeat it!" Bai Lian said, "I'm not a Star…"

But Tao Hui interrupted her in the middle of speaking.

In fact, no one listened to Bai Lian's explanation, and everyone's attention was attracted to Tao Hui who came out from the shadows.

Tao Hui said, "It doesn't matter if you look down on me. It doesn't matter if you say I'm a villain. I never wanted to be a good man."

Bai Lian clenched her fist.


Tao Hui continued, "Bai Lian, humans have limits after all!"

Bai Lian, "…"

So what are you trying to say?!

"You used to be a Star Lord in the Immortal World, but that time has passed. Before you ascend again and become immortal, you can't control everything in this world."

At that moment, Tao Hui's voice became very firm.

He took a deep look at Ling Yue on the ground, frightening the little girl.


Stupid woman.

Tao Hui took his eyes back.

A villain can also have a dream, and his dream was to pursue longevity at all costs.

But now, Bai Lian had shattered his dream.


Since Bai Lian could kill the evil idea, she must have also prepared the means to kill him.

He won't survive till dawn!

Tao Hui felt like he was going mad with frustration.

But before he lost all his sense, he would kill everyone in front of him!

Bai Lian!

Tao Huai's Dharma Body's face also quickly twisted, "I know I can't live through today, but today, although I am already dead, I will make you feel endless pain!"

This was the beginning.

At the next moment, the Dharma Body of Tao Hui suddenly ignited in black flame.

He opened his mouth as if to spew death.

"The Black Sky Divine Flame!"

The sound blasted away like a bullet.

From the dark sky, black mucus suddenly started falling.

Some mucus landed on the royal city, and some mucus fell on Nanwang City below. Even the magic arrays around the royal city could not stop it.

The emperor's face suddenly changed.

He understood.

From the moment he stepped out, Tao Hui never planned on fighting Bai Lian. He wanted to burn himself and let the whole of Nanwang City burn with him.

What a wicked mind!

The emperor struggled hard.

He still couldn't move.

Although the evil idea was dead, the mark it left on him couldn’t be removed immediately.

"Damn it!"

The emperor was very anxious.

As Tao Hui said, humans have limitations!

After all, Bai Lian is not a Star Lord. Her cultivation base should be at the later stage of the Soul Changing Stage. She can kill Tao Hua, but she cannot stop his suicide attack.

What should I do?

By the time he removed the mark on his body, it would be too late.

Bai Lian also realized this.

If the black mucus rain drenches the city, Nanwang City will be destroyed!

The smiling faces she had seen in Nanwang City not long ago flashed through her mind.

"Damn it, you are so malicious!"

Bai Lian was furious.

She sent sword qi to sweep away the black mucus, but it was far from enough. There was too much of the black mucus.

It was impossible to save everyone this way. She must kill Tao Hui as soon as possible to prevent the situation from escalating.

"You are anxious, you are anxious!"

The flame on Tao Huai's Dharma Body was burning bigger and bigger, his vitality draining rapidly, but his laughter grew happier and happier.

Bai Lian's expression remained unchanged.

Fortunately, she had the Innocent Heart, so she didn't lose her temper from being mocked by Tao Huai.



On the ground, the residents of Nanwang City looked at one another.

It was too dark.

This made them feel uneasy.

At a certain moment, a blob of black mucus was about to hit the roof. Zhao Haiya shot his lance out and blew it to the sand dozens of miles away.

A terrible scene followed.

The yellow sand touched by the mucus quickly blackened, and the surrounding land was also polluted.

After several twists, the blackened sand grains turned into black smoke and dissipated, leaving a huge pit.

Zhao Haiya’s face became tense.

If the mucus fell all over Nanwang City, at least half of the residents would die.

If it hit him, he would also be injured.

What worried him more was that the attack he just shot could break even a top-grade Magic Tool, but it didn't damage the black mucus at all.

What the hell was that?

Zhao Haiya had a headache.