The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 27 Part 2

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Chapter 27: Bai Lian, You Set Me Up! (2)

The internal demon went up against the evil idea, and spoke to it coldly.

Then the sword in her hand turned into thousand black silk threads, and one by one they pierced the evil idea's body.

The evil idea finally understood, this is the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

She escaped from the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl with great difficulty. Why was the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl in Su Youwei's hands?

Her arrogance turned into fear.

Trap, this must be a trap left by Bai Lian on purpose.

She was too careless!

The evil idea wanted to run, but she could not even walk. Since she could not walk, she would crawl!

But even crawling had become difficult.

Due to the attack of the internal demon, more and more toxins accumulated in her body.

When the toxin accumulated sufficiently, an explosive and corrosive energy burst forth.

This was a force of destruction that even Celestial Immortals also feared!


The evil idea screamed again.

She felt her body melting.

She can't die. She doesn't want to die. Her wish has not been achieved yet!

But her roaring could not stop the burning of the black fire, and after a moment, calm returned to the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

The internal demon stood silently where she was, as her slightly heaving chest stilled.

Then the internal demon inclined her head, if Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian saw her fierce look, would she hate her?


Dozens of seconds had passed.

"What happened?"

Su Youwei looked at the internal demon that suddenly appeared beside her.

Her body was covered in a faint aura of death.

The internal demon said calmly, "It was an evil idea."

"The one just now?"

The internal demon nodded, "It should be an evil idea from a fragment of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl."

She raised her hand, and in her palm was a blue round ball, somewhat similar to the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

Su Youwei was surprised.

The last fragment of the Pearl ? Was it so easy to get?

"Way too easy, right? It feels unreal."

She was a little dizzy.

The internal demon bulged her cheeks, "Easy? You… Hum! If it wasn't for me just now, it would have taken control over you!"


Su Youwei hurriedly said, "Thank you, thank you! We are the same person. Why focus so much on specifying who did what?”

"Ha!", the internal demon sneered.

Some will need to be specified. I can't give you all the benefits, I want some too!

Su Youwei landed on the ground quietly.

The thumping sound attracted Zhao Haiya's attention.

Is Su Youwei fine? Didn't she get hurt?

He opened his mouth slightly.

At this time, he heard a soft voice, "Big brother."

Zhao Haiya quickly stepped aside.

What appeared in front of him was the child he met during the day. The puppy was also there.

The child asked anxiously, "Are you all right, big brother? I… I don't have any medicine, only this…"

As he spoke, he loosened his grip. In the palm of his hand was a candy.

"Aww Aww–“, the puppy also walked up to Zhao Haiya and licked his hand with its tongue.

Wet and slippery, but warm.

Zhao Haiya didn't know how to describe this feeling.

He just felt his heart pumping.

It was moved.

Zhao Haiya unconsciously took the candy from the child and put it into his mouth.

"I'm fine."

The child asked in a low voice, "Big brother, how does it taste?"

Zhao Haiya smiled, "Very sweet, the sweetest candy I have ever eaten!"

He nodded his head vigorously.

The child laughed merrily.

When Su Youwei walked away quickly, Zhao Haiya sighed, "I finally understand why Fairy Bai Lian smiled so happily when she was helping others."

That is the heart of a Saint!

Zhao Haiya wiped off the "正" characters on his wrist. He doesn't need to record any good deed in this form anymore.

Su Youwei stared at him blankly.

It was strange, but she felt that Zhao Haiya was different from before.


From the moment the evil idea entered into Su Youwei's body, Tao Huai walked around anxiously.

"Why isn’t it done already?"

He had recited this sentence more than ten times.

He suddenly raised his head while murmuring.


In the sky, the emperor who was fighting Bai Lian suddenly stopped.

Pa pa pa.

The emperor was immediately attacked by Bai Lian several times, but he didn't give any response.

Tao Huai's face changed greatly.

Something's wrong!

He immediately felt at it and found that the emperor had been disconnected from the evil idea.

It is impossible for the evil idea to do so of her own will.

Then there is only one possibility. The evil idea is dead!

How is that possible?

The evil idea from the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl disappeared without a ripple after entering Su Youwei's body.

Tao Huai froze in place.

It shouldn't be so. Su Youwei's strength was not enough, neither was Zhao Haiya’s. The only one who could do it was Bai Lian.

At this moment, Tao Huai suddenly thought of something and became frightened.

He understood.

"Bai Lian, you set me up! It was a trap!"

A hissing sound burst out from under the altar, which was mixed with countless negative emotions.

There was resentment, fear, pain and despair…

The people around Nanwang City heard it clearly.

Bai Lian, who was beating the emperor with all her strength, paused.

What's that Tao Huai going crazy about?

Tao Huai was really going crazy.

He laughed and cried.

He was really stupid. With the wisdom of Bai Lian, how could she leave her younger Martial Sister alone?

It was obviously a trap!

Funny, he and the evil idea didn't suspect it at all.

Now the evil idea died, and the emperor would soon be completely out of control. He had entered a dead end.

"Bai Lian, you are so cruel!"

Natural Saint? The reincarnation of a Star Lord?

Tao Huai's face twisted.

He waited for more than ten years to take everything from the emperor, but Bai Lian ruined all his plans as soon as she appeared.

Since he couldn't get it, he could at least destroy it!

Tao Huai flew out from the altar with boundless hatred.

The emperor, who was being beaten by Bai Lian, realized what happened after hearing the roar of Tao Huai.

I see.

The evil idea, which had controlled him for more than ten years, was easily trapped and eliminated by Bai Lian. She is really worthy of being the reincarnation of a Star Lord!

I was not mistaken about you, Bai Lian, you really are the strongest person I have ever seen!