The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 26 Part 2

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Chapter 26: Is Bai Lian the Reincarnation of the Star Lord?! (2)

Bai Lian stopped his ancestor, but he still had to deal with the sand soldiers controlled by the ancestor.

Fortunately, Bai Lian also limited the power of his ancestor.

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The sand soldiers often rushed for a while and then stopped, like someone pressed the pause button.

That was the opportunity for them to fight back!

No matter how strong the sand soldiers are, if they can't move, they are not frightening at all.

Wen Su stood out, raised his right fist and shouted:

"The spirit of Nanwang Country will never die, and it will be handed down through fire!"

He rushed towards the sand soldiers on his own.

He had no power, but he can borrow the power of the Spirit Tool, even if that power will tear his body apart.

Although the land under his feet was broken, it eventually nurtured him.

The people behind him were also the people he wanted to protect.

"That figure…"

On the other side, the general of Nanwang, who was organizing his subordinates to fight with the sand soldiers on the city wall, suddenly stopped.

His eyes fell on Wen Su's back.

That man looked strangely familiar.

"Is it an illusion?"

"General, those sand soldiers are moving again."

A soldier with blood on his hands ran over.

Never mind, I must be getting too emotional.

The general raised his long sword and shouted, "Brothers, don't let those sand soldiers rush into the city!"


The battle in the sky was actually more fierce, but it was far less bloody than the one on the ground.

This was mainly because Bai Lian's body was too "hard"!


After another parry of the Dirt Free Sword, the emperor promptly distanced himself from Bai Lian and frowned.

The emperor hit Bai Lian over 80 times, and even rolled his chariot over her face three times.

Yet Bai Lian was not injured at all, there were merely several small tears in her clothing.

"You're worthy of being Master Star Lord!"

The emperor exclaimed.

? Don't call me that!

Bai Lian was annoyed.

But there was still a faint smile on her face.

She knows well that no matter what difficulties you encounter, you should not be afraid. If you face adversity with a smile, you will conquer it!

But her smile is just a facade to hide her difficulties.

Bai Lian's hands were already numb, she would die if the fight continued this way.

She decided to call her "parents" for help!

It's not her fault.

She is only 19-year-old. She has already done her best to fight a 3000 year old monster for so long.

Bai Lian used a trace of spirit Qi to activate the jade slip.

At this moment, her heart suddenly slowed by half a beat.

Wait, why can't I send any message out?


It's over.

No wonder the task reward was so high, because the system was sure that she couldn't get any help from the outside!

If she could successfully call An Lan or Yan Yue for help, the task reward would change from Soft Skill +10 to Soft Skill +2.

Bai Lian was panicking, but the smile on her face only grew more brilliant.

[Task 1, "You damn emperor, I will behead you today!" After shouting, you fight with the emperor. (Reward: A best-grade Spirit Tool - Thoughtless Nail)]

[Task 2: Turn around and run away. (Reward: Red Rainbow Fairy Iron)]

[Task 3, "Since I am here, Nanwang will not be destroyed today!" (Reward: Hard Skill+8)]

Choose Task 3.

Bai Lian stepped forward and said firmly, "I am not the reincarnation of any Star Lord, but today…"

Hoo hoo.

As if a strong wind had blown, the emperor was stunned at that moment.

He automatically ignored the first half of the sentence.

As the former emperor of Nanwang Country, he wanted to destroy his own country, while Bai Lian, who had nothing to do with Nanwang Country, fought so hard to protect Nanwang Country.

What a spirit she has!

The emperor felt his heart was cut deeply by Bai Lian's resolute eyes.

A tearing pain.

Although his will was as inconspicuous as a flame, he tried to fight against the evil idea with his own will.

The black tide began to bite back at him, and his body shook violently.

Ling Yue, who had been cowering in the encirclement, was also moved.

Seeing Bai Lian take the upper hand, she was relieved.

Seeing Bai Lian retreat, her heart beat fast.

Seeing Bai Lian fall into a dilemma, her heart felt painful.

But after hearing Bai Lian's words, she suddenly let herself go.

She didn't understand.

It should be her responsibility to protect Nanwang Country, but why was Bai Lian standing there?

Was it for her?

Or for the people below?

Ling Yue was confused. She felt only endless emptiness.

If she couldn't do anything, what was she for?

Bai Lian resumed fighting the emperor, but everyone's mood had already changed.

"Waste, this waste!"

Under the altar, Tao Huai kicked the stone tablet beside him impatiently.

He's had enough!

The emperor was still trying to resist the evil idea. This emperor was really unreliable.

If this continues, the emperor will die.

Obviously, it's going to happen soon.

Blame Bai Lian.

At that moment, Tao Huai only wanted to destroy Bai Lian's cultivation base and throw her into a brothel.

"We can't just wait to die!" He said viciously to the evil idea standing beside him, "Let's go to help…"

But before he finished speaking, the evil idea shook her head.


??? Fuck you!

Bai Lian is the reincarnation of a Star Lord, and she is just an evil idea that has no body. If Bai Lian sets her eye on her, even escaping won’t be an option.

The evil idea said, "Go ahead. I will take Ling Yue back when the opportunity arises. Once the ceremony is completed, ten Bai Lians together will not be our opponent."


Fuck you! Why don't you go?

Tao Huai also didn't want to face Bai Lian.

He only felt that the future was bleak.

What should I do?

This time, the evil idea suddenly had a wonderful plan.

Since both the front and the back are impassable, why not take the side?

The evil idea smiled grimly, "Bai Lian attaches great importance to her younger Martial Sister."

Tao Huai nodded, "So… oh, I see!"

They shared a knowing look and grin.

The evil idea got up and said, "Let me go."

She feared Bai Lian, but Su Youwei was of no concern at all!

She remembered that Bai Lian's Martial Sister was at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

What a joke, that's too weak!

It was no different from an eight-year-old child!


Tao Huai immediately agreed.

It is more appropriate to let the evil idea do such things.

Not that the evil idea is more powerful than him, just that the evil idea knows how to manipulate people's hearts.

He could catch Su Youwei, but the evil idea could turn her into their puppet.

Seeing Su Youwei suddenly being controlled, Bai Lian will certainly panic!

A moment's panic is enough to decide the outcome.

The evil idea left the altar.

She was an evil idea from the fragment of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl. The reason she worked with Tao Huai for so long was to get a perfect body.

Ten years, she had waited for this day for more than ten years!

She won’t let Bai Lian ruin her plan!

A moment later, in an alley in Nanwang City, the evil idea found Su Youwei, who was covering the retreat of a group of young children.

"I will control you to do all kinds of things in front of Bai Lian!"


The evil idea rushed toward Su Youwei like a gust of wind.

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