The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 26 Part 1

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Chapter 26: Is Bai Lian the Reincarnation of the Star Lord?! (1)

The sword shocked everyone in Nanwang City.

Even the sand soldiers who were rushing towards the city stopped.

After a short pause, people on the ground raised their heads one after another.

"There is light!"

White light and white rain, accompanied by Bai Lian's sword, descended upon the emperor and his chariot in an overwhelming barrage.

A tide of light and white fog was unleashed!

And anyone could see this was no ordinary fog.

"This is…"

Zhao Haiya, Wen Su and the others stared in awe.

They saw a graceful silhouette weaving and swaying behind the veil of white.

Each movement imbued with profound charm, as of an enchanting dancer hidden behind a curtain, stirring the hearts of all.

Fluid, yet powerful.

The tempo shifted from graceful and measured to urgent and sharp.

A cultivator couldn't help but cry out in awe.

"Show yourself!"


It was no wonder they were making all kinds of strange noises.

At the moment when the white veil was pulled down, a storm like rain fell drenching everything and everyone.

This was a rain Nanwang has never experienced before.

But the rain came and went quickly, lasting mere moments.

After the rain and the veil vanished, the emerging night sky was no longer a monotonous black.

The sky was dense with stars and a perfectly round full moon.

Even in Xingluo Fortress, which is said to be the closest to the starry sky, one can't observe such a captivating night sky.

Of course, the most fascinating thing is the sword Qi under the stars.

Bai Lian's sword momentum had grown more powerful since the night on the Flying Fog.

It was like a never ending lightning, but also like the Milky Way that divided the starry sky into two. More like a realm that only exists in fantasy.

Zhao Haiya was entranced by this beautiful scene.

"What an incredible power!"

A field!

Only in the field of one in the Transcendency Stage can there be such terrible momentum!

Soon he realized his thoughts were too simple.

Above the sky.

Bai Lian, holding the Dirt Free Sword horizontally, looked like an immortal from a painting.

She looked coldly at the space where the emperor had just stood.

The chariot was gone.

The emperor was gone.

Bai Lian knew that the emperor was not dead yet, and the fight would continue.

Her move just now was to seize the upper hand, but it was not enough. She had to press on while she had the advantage.

You damn emperor, don't look down on me!

Bai Lian said softly, "You have come from three thousand years ago, and my sword also carries a faith that has stood for five thousand years!"

She didn't lie.

Yaoguang Star Lord was a strong demon five thousand years ago.

This sword was loaded with the Yaoguang Special Effect, so it also contained the belief in Yaoguang Star Lord crossing 5000 years.


The emperor who reappeared from nothingness was momentarily stunned bursting out in laughter, "Ha ha ha, I didn't guess wrong!"


Bai Lian has personally admitted that she was the reincarnation of the Star Lord.


This Star Lord is really extraordinary!

The emperor's smile faded away.

He is the emperor, both a ruler and a warrior, and Bai Lian clearly recognized that.

Her words and actions conveyed earnestness and esteem.

He never thought he would be respected by a Star Lord!

What a delightful event this is.


Let's forget all the unhappiness and fight openly!

The emperor ignited his fighting spirit, condensed into essence, forcefully creating a piece of space below the Special Effect of stars and moon that Bai Lian had created.

He clenched his fist and said, "Master Star Lord from 5000 years ago, let me see how strong you are!"


After a loud noise, his chariot charged toward Bai Lian like a charging bull.


Master Star Lord?

Bai Lian wanted to say something more, but the spirit Qi from the chariot was about to hit her.

Damn it!

Bai Lian rushed forward with her sword.

Ice Land!

This was a simple and a most brutal way of fighting. Light and shadow clashed repeatedly, intermingling, the shockwaves spreading for hundreds of miles.

Yet Zhao Haiya's attention was not on the fight.

The emperor's voice was so loud that people could hear it even dozens of miles away.

Ordinary people or those with low strength may not know what the "Star Lord" title means, but a genius cultivator of the Tianji sect does.

Generally speaking, there are five kinds of Immortals.

Ghost Immortals, Human Immortals, Earth Immortals, God Immortals, and Celestial Immortals, among which, Ghost Immortals are special. Cultivators will typically be directly promoted to Human Immortals after ascending to the Immortal World.

Above the Celestial Immortals, an immortal who has learned a great way of Tao will be called an "Immortal Emperor".

"Star Lord" and "Heavenly Lord" are not kinds of Immortals, they are limited titles.

Only a Celestial Immortal who has mastered the Great Tao of Stars can be called a "Star Lord".

The strength of a Star Lord is far better than any ordinary Celestial Immortal, but it is still inferior to an Immortal Emperor, because their way is different.

The Heavenly Lord is even more special. Only those Immortal Emperors who have mastered multiple ways of Great Tao can be called "Heavenly Lord".

Zhao Haiya was shocked after hearing what the emperor said.

Is Fairy Bai Lian a Star Lord from 5000 years ago?



Zhao Haiya slammed his right fist into the palm of his left hand.

If what the emperor said is true, then….

“Doesn’t this make everything seeming unreasonable, reasonable?”

Zhao Haiya thought to himself.

Why did Bai Lian's cultivation base grow so fast?

She was a Star Lord in her previous life.

Why did Bai Lian's body often shine?

She was a Star Lord in her previous life.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😋)

Why is Bai Lian's surname Bai?

She was a Star Lord in her previous life.

Bai Lian…

As for Bai Lian's Natural Saint identity.


Can a Star Lord not be a Natural Saint?

"Come on."

Zhao Haiya shook his head, his previous decision being reinforced.

Don't falter. Maybe he can't become a Saint, but as long as he studies Bai Lian's behavior, he will be able to grow and improve.

Su Youwei's response was much warmer.

Although she had been cultivated alone in her previous life, the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl shared much knowledge with her.

"A Star Lord, my Elder Martial Sister is a reincarnated Star Lord, incredible…"

Su Youwei was immediately convinced.

She also believed that the way of the Great Tao in Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's body must be the warmest Way of Stars in the world!

With this in mind, she held the shoulder of the internal demon and shook it vigorously.

Almost vigorously enough to break her neck.

Damn it!

The internal demon's anger flared up instantly, and she also shook Su Youwei's shoulder vigorously.

"Young people nowadays…."

Wen Su looked at them and sighed.

In fact, he was very envious.

He hoped his daughter could be as energetic as them.

In summary, considering Bai Lian is a reincarnated Star Lord, it appears that all will be well.

"Ling Yue is saved, Nanwang City is saved!"

Wen Su wiped his eyes.

He realized there was no time to relax.