The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Your Emperor Is Back!

The snow was getting heavier and heavier, before she knew it, Tao Huai

found herself covered by a thin blanket of snow.

The snow was bitter cold.

Her head was freezing.

Even though she tried very hard to tense her body, she still trembled involuntarily.

From top to bottom.

From the inside out.

Tao Huai's cheeks felt frigid and were flushed red.

She felt as if an icy monster was running around inside her.


Tao Huai sighed slightly.

This body is still too sensitive and weak after all, it can't even endure cold of this degree.

After all, she is an ordinary person.

But she had done her job.

If this accident didn't happen, she would have been able to complete her task!

Tao Huai stared straight at Bai Lian, "I've been waiting for more than ten years, do you know how I've spent these ten years? No, you don't know!"

I wasn't going to ask that, was I?

Bai Lian was a little depressed.

Tao Huai still sneered at her.

Ten years of planning must not be destroyed today!

Her face gradually twisted, and the slow, sardonic smile that emerged scared Ling Yue into shrinking behind Bai Lian.

Tao Huai shouted, "I heard that your cultivation base is close to the Transcendency Stage. Yes, as such you are indeed qualified to look down on me, because even if I put my life on the line, I would not be able to win against you!"


Bai Lian became even more depressed.

When did my strength reach the Transcendency Stage?

Damn it!

Who spread such an exaggerated rumor?

Bai Lian was a little flustered, but she didn't display anything unusual on her face.

Partly because she's used to it, and partly because a new task has popped out in front of her eyes.

[Task 1: Immediately attack Tao Huai. (Reward: Vacuum Immeasurable Sutra)]

[Task 2: Shout, "Stop talking nonsense. Come on, face me!" (Reward: The spell - Nine Layers of Thunder)

[Task 3: Observe Tao Huai quietly. (Reward: Soft Skill +10)]

Bai Lian took a quick sweep around.

It seems the battle is unavoidable.

None of those three tasks is easy.

The rewards of Task 1 and Task 2 are worth more than a middle-grade Spirit Tool.

Although the reward for Task 3 is not good, considering the reward for her last fight with Nishang was 8 points of Hard Skill, 10 points of Soft Skill means that the opponent she will face is likely to be in the later stage of the Soul Changing Stage.


The later stage of Soul Changing!

Bai Lian glanced at Ling Yue, who was hiding behind her.

She felt a twinge of uncertainty..

But she had to stand strong.

She can't run even if she wants to.

Even if she could run, she would not run. What she would lose is not only her face, but also her Master's face.

"Is that it? An Lan, the leader of the Qiongming Peak, has such a cowardly disciple? How unfortunate!"

To hell with that! My Master must not be sneered at because of me!

However, Bai Lian still chose Task 3, which is the safest.

After all, it takes time for others to come.

If she was killed before help came, everything would be in vain.

After making her choice, Bai Lian just calmly looked at Tao Huai.

You go on!

But everything looks completely different to Tao Huai.

There is a saying that goes like this -

[Bai Lian's smile is equal to an invitation from the King of Yama.]

Pretty scary.

But this at least shows that Bai Lian is getting serious.

If she doesn't smile.

Doesn't it mean that she looks down on me?

Tao Huai's expression was as cold as ice.

Bai Lian in front of her was calm, so calm that she seemed to be saying: [You're right, I'm strong, stronger than you, a rat who scuttles about in the dark!]

This woman…

Tao Huai felt her heart stung deeply by something.

I can't stand it, I can't stand it!

You are a Natural Saint, hum? Can Natural Saints do whatever they want?

Evil people also have their rights!


The sudden hissing sound cut through the long night, and Tao Huai's eyes flashed a blinding red light.

Stupid woman!

In this world, only strong people can live to the end, not some bullshit good people!

"Ah, why?"

Bai Lian was slightly stunned.

What's going on? Why did Tao Huai smile?

Tao Huai smiled with her teeth showing.

She changed her mind. Originally, she wanted to join forces with the evil ideas hiding under the altar to attack Bai Lian from two directions, then taking advantage of the chaos, grab Ling Yue and throw Bai Lian to the altar.

But now…

Tao Huai laughed out loud, "Arrogance is going to cost you. You are indeed very powerful, but you shouldn't have come to the royal city! Do you think I haven't done anything in the past ten years? Haha, from now on, feel the power of the king of Nanwang Country!"

Her laugh was like a ghost's howling.

Ling Yue's body trembled.

This is not Tao Huai, or at least this is not the Tao Huai she knew.

When the laughter stopped, from the top of Tao Huai's head, a black shadow emereged to the evening air.

It was a broken soul.


Bai Lian's eyes widened.


If she is not mistaken, it is a man, right?

After all, that soul's chest was flat, its ass was also flat, and its crotch…

Bai Lian didn't look at its crotch, but it had a beard…

It's really hard to say that this is a woman.

Well, it's not totally impossible. Who says a woman can't have a beard?


Another man who pretends to be a woman!

Bai Lian remained unfazed, she naturally would not let this dark shadow leave.

The Tianshu Sword Array launched. With a flash of sword light, the black shadow was instantly torn into pieces, and Tao Huai fell onto the snow like a doll whose strings were cut.

Her body was still warm.

But there was no life left in her.

In this cold, snowy night, it won't take long for her body to freeze.

"Sister Tao Huai!"

Seeing this scene, Ling Yue, who was hiding behind Bai Lian, still couldn't help but shout out.

Not Sister Tao Huai, it is probably Brother Tao Huai.

Forget it.

That's not the point to focus on now.

Bai Lian shook her head, "She's dead, let's go."

She had a bad feeling in her heart.

For this reason, she has already prepared the call for help and could send it out at any time.

Ling Yue nodded her head silently.

After Tao Huai's insane behavior, she no longer doubted what Bai Lian said.

She didn't feel relieved.

She only felt confused. What was her past? Just a dream formed of lies?

Where does her future lead?

Bai Lian gently took Ling Yue's hand, then quickly walked towards the edge of the royal city.

The royal city hovering in the air had already recovered its stability.

Nothing appeared to stop Bai Lian along the way, and unimpeded they made their way to the walls, but that's where the issues started.

In front of her was a blue curtain of light.

This curtain burst out from the city walls and surrounded the royal city like a fence.

"The king power of Nanwang Country? Why does it sound so childish?"

Bai Lian suddenly turned back.

Ling Yue crashed headlong into her arms.



But Ling Yue hurriedly retreated as if she had been poked by something sharp.

"Sorry, I……"

Bai Lian reached out and touched Ling Yue's head.

Did you just get lost in thought?

"All in all, everything will be fine."

In fact, Bai Lian was not confident either.

There may be a moment when peace returns to Nanwang, but will Ling Yue return to normal after all this finishes?

An unfortunate childhood takes a lifetime to heal.

Bai Lian remembered her Martial Sisters, the jade rabbit, Si Yunsheng, Qing Luan, and many, many other people.

What king power? Come on! Face me!

Bai Lian raised her head and looked over Ling Yue's shoulder.

The blue curtain of light trembled, resembling a shaking beacon, followed by the floating royal city shuddering in the air.

Buildings started collapsing, the rubble joining together and the boundless sea of sand on the ground was also pulled in, as a vast flow of sand rose to the sky like a geyser.

Under the pull of an invisible force, the sand, the gravel, and the remnants of houses were all connected.

Standing up.

Something huge was standing up from under the altar!

Bai Lian saw that it was a magnificent chariot.

There was a purplish light hovering over the chariot, and Ling Yue, whose head was held down by Bai Lian, subconsciously turned around.

She saw someone come out of that light.

The man was wearing white battle armor and holding a spear. The man was not tall, but was as thick as the earth.


Ling Yue whispered the word.

Bai Lian's eyes met with that former king.

She read the meaning in his eyes.

Nanwang Country, your emperor is back!