The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 6 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: I Will Take Her Away Today!

Bai Lian left with Ling Yue.

They passed through the main gate.

She knew someone would jump out and stop her.

But what made her feel helpless was——

"This is too fast!"

Bai Lian had just left the bedroom and reached the open air, when she spotted a person.

Under a tree, stood a woman.

A young woman in purple.

Her body looked very thin, and there was no spirit Qi in her body. It seemed she could be pushed down just by a gentle touch.

However, Bai Lian didn't relax her vigilance.

Since this woman dared to stand out, she must have something to rely on.

The shadows of the trees swayed in the evening wind.

In the noise from the distance, the young woman suddenly sighed, "A pity, we were only one step away."


Bai Lian agreed.

This woman succeeded both in the third Martial Sister's past life and in the game.


Demon Woman, times have changed, and now Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is here!

Bai Lian's cold eyes stared at her, and the temperature of the surrounding air dropped rapidly.

Hundreds of Flying Swords shot out of Bai Lian's chest.

The sword light was as bright as Hua Huo. Bai Lian and Ling Yue were protected by the Tianshu Sword Array in the twinkling of an eye.

The young woman seemed unaware of the change.

Her eyes fell on Ling Yue and she said very firmly, "Ling Yue, you can't leave."


Ling Yue opened her mouth.

Her mind was in a mess. She hadn't figured out what happened.

But she knew one thing.

She didn't want to see this person, a person she most wanted to see, at this time.


Ling Yue's hand trembled slightly, and her face suddenly became extremely pale, as if she had just lost a lot of blood.

Bai Lian noticed the abnormality of Ling Yue.

Her heart was enlightened.

"Is she someone who has a good relationship with you?"

Ling Yue nodded, "Yes."

She seemed to go back to the summer when she was seven.

When she woke up from the endless darkness, and opened her eyes, she found herself in a strange room.

She felt a flame burning in her throat.

Then a woman standing by stood up.

She said, "Come, drink some water."

Her white clothes floated in her air.

And the woman wore the warmest smile in the world.

This was probably the feeling of rebirth, wasn't it?

"Princess, my name is Tao Huai, and I am the maid who will take care of you."

From then on, Ling Yue kept the name in her heart.

When she wanted to cry, it was Tao Huai who talked with her.

When she quarreled with her father, it was Tao Huai who tried to make her laugh.

When she was schemed against, it was Tao Huai who helped her respond.

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"You are a princess, and you are also the future king of Nanwang Country. Only by showing your majesty can you lead the people of Nanwang Country forward."

Ling Yue firmly believed in what she said.

Many things happened later.

Once she was knocked unconscious by a mob and stuffed into a wooden box.

When she regained consciousness, she could see nothing but only hear the rustling sound of a spade digging.

Darkness, loneliness, fear…

All the negative emotions rushed up and completely overwhelmed her, who was only nine years old.

She had gradually forgotten the dream related to the bloody desert.

But in the black box, she felt that her life was ending, and she returned to that world again.

If she died in the desert when she was seven years old, there wouldn't be so many things later.

Ling Yue lay on the sand.

Her empty eyes looked gloomy.

She quietly waited for the sand to completely cover her.

That moment didn't come.

It was Tao Huai who came with people and dug her out of the wooden box.

Ling Yue forgot to cry when she was held in her arms by Tao Huai.

She managed to squeeze out a smile.

"I'm fine."

In fact, she was not fine, because from that day on, she was afraid to close her eyes and even more so to sleep.

But she also remembered Tao Huai deeper.

Tao Huai is not her maid, but her friend, her teacher and her benefactor.

Later, she became the king of Nanwang, and Tao Huai became the priest of the country's religion.

They walked at a distance and talked politely, but their past closeness was not forgotten.


Why would it be Tao Huai that stopped her?

If what Bai Lian said is true, and if it is a conspiracy, what role does Tao Huai play in it?

Ling Yue looked at Tao Huai for a long time, and her eyes were agitated.

She suddenly felt that Tao Huai was very strange.

The cold eyes pierced like thorns.

It hurt.

Tao Huai said coldly, "Ling Yue, how can you save Nanwang if you squander this opportunity? Do you want to watch the Nanwang people die of famine, sandstorm and……"

Bai Lian interrupted Tao Huai's words, "I discussed what you said with Ling Yue not long ago."


"I also proposed a solution."


Tao Huai suddenly found herself speechless.

Bai Lian said calmly, "Actually, it's meaningless to discuss this."

Being protected by the Tianshu Sword Array, there were water waves floating slowly from all directions.

A vision appeared.


Tao Huai laughed, but her eyes were colder.

"Indeed, you are the Natural Saint Bai Lian of the Duxian sect!"

After her voice fell, the royal city started shaking with growing intensity.

Dense cracks like cobwebs started appearing on a tower which was more than ten feet high.

With a loud noise, one building after another began to collapse.

Cries, screams…

A cacophony of sounds filled the air.

The people in and out of the royal city were all surprised.

"This is…"

Su Youwei, who was waiting for Bai Lian to return, looked up.

The internal demon, who was playing with her fingers in boredom, raised her head.

Zhao Haiya, who was reading by the window, raised his head.

The people who ran out of the houses raised their heads.

A passing cultivator who stayed for a rest raised their head.

Wen Su, who stared at the ground, also raised his head.

With the wall of the royal city as the boundary line, huge cracks divided the royal city and the rest of Nanwang city into two parts.

Then, in a violent tremor, the royal city rose into the sky!

It stuttered, but still rose into the air.


"It's a miracle!"

Damn it!

Zhao Haiya drew his lance and jumped to the roof of the inn.

A fight?

In any case, he could not wait any longer. Zhao Haiya quickly flew to the royal city.

Su Youwei also couldn't sit still, but the internal demon grabbed her.

"What are you going to do, drag Elder Martial Sister down?"


Su Youwei opened her mouth.

Although what you said is reasonable, can you be less harsh?

Ling Yue stared in horror.

What the hell is going on?

She has gone through a lot of strange things, but those things together can't be compared to the events tonight.

Ling Yue suddenly found her hand was taken.

It's cold.

Like putting your hand in cold water.

However, this sudden tug still brought her back from her panic.

It's Bai Lian!

Bai Lian held Ling Yue's hand.

The world in her eyes is naturally different from that of ordinary people.

She saw a flood of malice pouring out from the altar.

She saw a huge magic circle around the royal city.

She also saw that Tao Huai was still an ordinary person.

But it doesn't matter.

Since she already decided to do this, there is no use worrying about the difficulties encountered in the process.

She slowly raised her right hand.

The Dirt Free Sword held in her right hand began to vibrate violently as if it had been stimulated by something.

This was its roaring killing will.


See Through Vacuity!

Bai Lian pulled Ling Yue behind her, and spoke with her usual calm voice.

"I’m going to take her away today!"

If a demon wants to stop me, I will kill that demon.

If the ancestor wants to stop me, I will kill the ancestor.

If I can't beat them, I can ask for my Master's help.

Tao Huai's face suddenly changed as she heard the sound emitted by the sword.


The Dirt Free Sword, which had been readying for a long time, finally made a move.

With Bai Lian as the starting point, a dazzling white light rose into the sky, deeply penetrating the boundless dark night, and directly suppressed the blue light from the altar.

But that was not all.

When Ling Yue looked up, she saw white things falling down.

It's snow!

Ling Yue held her breath.

She had never seen snow fall in Nanwang Country.

Then she saw Bai Lian, who was only half an inch away from her.

She protected her so carefully.

Let's just say so.

Ling Yue remembered the scene when she met Tao Huai for the first time.

Tao Huai was very warm.

But Bai Lian's body is cold.

But it is Bai Lian's image that can more appropriately be called "As white as snow".

Ling Yue's heart rate suddenly became very fast.

She thought it was the most beautiful night she had ever seen!